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  1. kimkardasian

    Photos & Videos Snapchat group

    Looking to create a Snapchat group for show off, cam masturbation etc. Straight/bi guys welcome. Add me: grzesiekspoko and i'll add you
  2. T

    Chubby Chasers - Gay

    Hey! this is a safe place for chubby guys and their admirers/chasers! Open to any and all sexualities (Gay, Bi, Straight/curious). Feel free to post your snap username and a description of yourself/what you’re looking for!
  3. D

    Can you identify this video? The big guy?

    Can someone identify this man and the origin of this video. I would love to see a full length version and would like to know the name of the big guy.
  4. Dirtyboi1994

    Snapchat Group For Bros

    Looking to show off, trade nudes, or just mess around with random bros? We’ll, you’re in the right place! Drop your SC name and I’ll add you to the group “Bros Before Hoes” Must be discreet and chill.
  5. Dirtyboi1994

    Photos & Videos Straight/Bi Snapchat Showoff Group

    Looking to create a Snapchat group for dudes to hang out and show off without judgement. Straight/bi guys welcome. You’ve been invited to “Bros Before Hoes ”
  6. R

    My Best Friend’s Boyfriend

    This is just a random story/fantasy i’ve thought of, hope you enjoy :)! I finally finished my all work for the night. I closed my laptop and looked at the time, 8PM. I was exhausted, My name is Nick and I’m 24. I had been working at an accounting firm for the summer while finishing up my...
  7. W

    Friends, Bromance?

    Hello I’m looking for something different but I figured there must be someone out there with a similar mindset to myself, who is honest and direct! 22 m philippines here - bi, discreet. Looking for someone I can chat with, be friends with, have some wank fun in time. Talk about anything under...
  8. W


    Hello. I’m a bi discreet guy. 22 from the Philippines. Would love to meet bros or any manly discreet guys to chat and be long time friends with. Sharing each others culture and interests would be awesome. Trading pics when horny is cool too. Add me on snapchat: flipines or u can also message me...
  9. J

    Does anyone have Luca from corbin fisher/marco from military classified's socials?

    Does anyone know if he has an onlyfans or has a twitter??? He worked for corbin fisher under luca and did videos for military classified under the name marco. if anyone knows where I can find more of him lmk, thanks
  10. G

    reproduce by budding flimflam

    Love this man and his twitter. Fucking hot and buff. Just wished I knew his name and more about him
  11. swallow.ed

    lilbriskii / LBriskii

    Haven’t seen a thread on this fine ass man, thought i’d start one, and i’m gonna start it off with a few pictures and videos, he is Lil Briskii on Pornhub, @LBriskii on twitter, and @lilbriskii on onlyfans (12.99/month). Pretty sure he’s bisexual, seen him with men and women. Haven’t looked hard...
  12. B

    Any bi or curious big dicks in Ireland?

    Im in a M/F longterm relationship but now and then love to give oral discreet to well hung guys . If anyone in Ireland is interested please let me know. Travel around with work so interested in hearing from anywhere .
  13. M

    Host In Missoula, MT.

    Host in Missoula, MT for head or handjob. Looking for straight or curious men like myself. I am fit, athletic, young, clean and discreet. let’s link up.
  14. A

    Bisexual videos

    Hi, I'm new here, and I love the videos where there are two men and a woman are fucking especially when the man are straights, If you have some hot content I would like to see it, thank you!
  15. Fromhe

    Video trio bisexual 2H1M

    Hola!! Estoy buscando hace mucho tiempo un video por o donde aparecen dos hombres y una mujer. Están en una casa y me parece que al comienzo hay una introducción en el exterior. Me acuerdo que hay un sofá y uno de los hombres (más musculoso y alto) comienza a follar al otro y la mujer arapece...
  16. eosino

    Maks (Onlyfans & Twitter) (18)

    Just discovered this guy from Ukraine, hope he’s doing well. He’s pretty cute, legal all over the world, and has a pretty rocking bod. He has an OF & Twitter and I was wondering if anyone else has heard of him or has anything else I haven’t posted yet! Pics and vids are from his Twitter.
  17. bisexualtwink

    First time here

    Hi, it's my first time here! I'm a short(170cm) 25yo bisexual from canada. If you want to know more just ask me :)
  18. A

    Dwayne Kyng

    Hes a sexy youtuber and streamer. Anything on him? I bet he is hung ;) he is quite thicc so he definitely has a fat ass. Anyone got anything?
  19. M

    California guy

    Hello everyone, i’m a 24 year old college student in the Davis/Sacramento/Bay Area part of CA. Looking to make friends, fwb, or even just hook ups. Please hit me up, drop your phone number, snapchat users or dm me. I’m a pretty fun guy!
  20. I

    Morgan Rees - Comedian

    This guy has been on my radar recently. Welsh comedian, bisexual and a confirmed top! He's super hairy and seems like a lovely guy. Some of his stand up content was about his recent first male relationship and he's experience of anal and blowjobs
  21. I

    Donte Thick

    found a few videos (what appear to be brought only fans) with Donte doing various bisexual home-made scenes and am looking for more. been on the hunt ever since but usually only find his studio gay stuff which doesn’t interest me. After checking out his twitter, he seems to do a lot of candid...
  22. D

    I am a bi guy, should I start an OF ?

  23. T

    How can I be comfortable enough with experimenting for the first time?

    Hi you guys. This might be a long read but I'll try to make it short! If you reach the end, any advice would be appreciated, thank you! I'm 22 years old and am bisexual. However, I'm not "out" yet. Thanks to several members of this board, I've come to accept my attraction to men. I've also come...
  24. cucurara

    Feeling torn between being bi, gay and neither

    So let's start from the beginning. About 5 years ago I fully accepted myself as a gay man and started hooking up with some guys, which has felt really good. But over the last 2 years I've been feeling attracted to women too, especially in sexual terms, though I have not made sex with any so far...
  25. T

    Virgins/inexperienced guys

    How do you feel about getting involved with guys who are new to M2M sex or have a limited amount of experience? Some friends and I were discussing this the other day and a couple expressed a dislike of sex with inexperienced guys, and said they would decline to get involved with virgins for a...
  26. M

    Why isn't homophobia get treated with the same tough measures as racism in football?

    Being a POC, gay, and a football fan. I realized that homophobia in football doesn't get treated with the same strict nature as racism. I was always expecting a footballer to come out in 2022 but after reading up on it and watching interviews on it, it seems like this will never happen...
  27. J

    Bi or Curious guys looking to Snap Jerk Off or Make a Group

    Hey guys new to posting around here. I’m looking for any bi, straight or curious guys who are down to cam and jerkoff in Snapchat or just be buds. No face required of course. add me if you’re fit / muscular Snap: dionyjonas
  28. gayman28

    Would you ever have sex with a gay friend?

    I got very close, a few times with my straight best friend. We have since parted ways, which is another story, entirely. But I have regretted not taking the opportunity in those instances where he heavily hinted at being mighy curious at having a roll in the hay with a trusted male friend. It...
  29. wildingyandere

    CLI.max_ or maximus9498

    Anyone have much on this cute guy?
  30. MrBsx

    Photo With o without?

    Which one do you prefer?