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  1. C

    I don’t like kissing

    Hi, unsure bi here. I’m young and crazy into woman, but very open sexually, where I found anal estimation and trans porn in my teen age years very pleasurable. Now almost at my thirties, with a girlfriend, I think I want to get fucked. The problem is I don’t like men. I have a very specific...
  2. BigKHurd

    Hung older BI guy. Likes to chat and share. On SC and FB

    Liket to show it
  3. Almostaginger

    Always looking for the next rush..

    Hey all! AlmostaGinger here. Gay male with a pinch of bisexual curiosity. 8.5” cut dick. Thick. Vers switch who enjoys being exposed to new things. Always had a penchant for anonymity and kink but also love a solid cuddle. Love to goon and suck and watch porn and talk about kink. Love to stroke...
  4. M

    Deutsche Snapchat Gruppe

    Snapchat Gruppe für Leute zwischen 25 - 45. Auch für Bi und Hetero Männer.
  5. T

    How to deal with catching feelings for the first time?

    I'll try to make his as short as I can. I could definitely use all the advice I can get. I'm 23 years old and bisexual. I'm not out; I'm "in the closet". No one knows except me and of course, the guys I've done things with. I only recently started messing with guys a few months ago. Up until...
  6. T

    How to deal with catching feelings for the first time?

    I'll try to make his as short as I can. I could definitely use all the advice I can get. I'm 23 years old and bisexual. I'm not out; I'm "in the closet". No one knows except me and of course, the guys I've done things with. I only recently started messing with guys a few months ago. Up until...
  7. gossipboy_KR


    :heart: ASIAN BOYS PHOTO :heart:
  8. ThreeHFY

    My FWB ... my three holes are for you ( m / ftm )

    I love this ritual. I crave it. My friend with many benefits. One of us reaches out, sets a weekend, and sets a place. Always a hotel. Hotel sex is the best, and you agree. Discretion is required for both of us, and we rotate locations for both variety and safety. I get there first and...
  9. D

    Snapchat bi guys

    23 [M4A] uk bi with blonde gf - she sometimes joins in. She’s not here rn and not allowed to send her nudes. Send FACE pic on add, mine on story. Prefer masc. Sc: Dourtbou25
  10. C

    Can anyone identify this Frenchman in Asian porn???

    I've only seen him on Pornhub banging Asian women-usually with another guy- he's movie star handsome to me! The videos look to be about a decade old -Any help would be greatly appreciated :heart: :p Thanks so much!
  11. Tomas26

    Juan sebastian terranova jsterranova

    this bi guy’s hot af, partys his way through spain and europe. he’s @jsterranova on Tiktok and IG, needs a place on lpsg haha. hopefully we’ll see his ass and cock soon
  12. E

    Can anyone ID this couple?

    Can anyone ID this couple?
  13. E

    Video Can anyone ID this couple?

    Can anyone ID this couple. Think they are from chaturbate?
  14. U

    Jerk off and Swap GF/wife

    Drop snap below if you wanna jerk off and trade wife/GF pics. I’m 30 my gf is 26 Snap: jake239944
  15. J

    Servero sinverguenza / Servero sinvergüenza

    Anyone have more of this page? It’s a sweets shop geared toward women with a bunch of hunks. This is the only name I knew of them from Instagram, but maybe there are other names lmk below.
  16. T

    Return of the frat cock

    It has been a hot second, thought I would post something. 23 here, would love to start a groupchat on here with current/former fraternity members.
  17. MarriedScot

    My wife likes much older hung

    My wife loves much older hung guys to join us, sharing her. Bi guys is great for both but straight to share her with is good too. We’ve had a lot of fun but running out of options, so all tips welcome on where to find more guys up for it
  18. D

    Snapchat group for slim/fit men

    Hello ‼️ I wanna start another group with slim and fit men. Who are bi, gay, straight. Basically anywhere on the spectrum lol. we can even have regular conversations without getting off‼️. AMOSC: dmorris2022659 and when y’all add me from here comment below so I can know. And I would love if...
  19. T

    Dealing with horniness and post-nut clarity

    Hey you guys, I'll try to make this short. I'm mostly just looking for advice and whatnot. Sorry in advance if this story is all over the place. --------------------------------------------- I'm (25M) bisexual (Closeted) and have just started experimenting with guys for the first time in...
  20. I

    18-25 SNAPCHAT Group

    Hi. I am interested in adding as many 18-25 young fit guys to a Snapchat Group. MUST BE 18-25 MUST BE FIT (REASONABLY) MUST BE ACTIVE FINALLY, MUST BE WILLING TO SHOW OFF/CHAT/CALL or MAKE FRIENDS To Be Added: Add Joshuasmart2000
  21. tuabuela

    Men in position of power

    For MEN interested, or who’ve had sexual experiences with other men in positions of power, for example: Boss, C-Suite Executives, Police, Military, Priests, Heads of household, Politicians, etc. I’d love to hear about your experiences in detail!
  22. M

    Onlyfans Kadestone

    Love this guy. Ginger cutie.
  23. J

    snapchat group for bi/gay curious straight guys.

    This group will be for men 18-35 who can share their experiences with other men in the groupchat. No face is required but a dick pic verification will be needed to prove your a man. Once in the group you are free to do anything that goes from just talkin, sending nudes/videos of sexual stuff...
  24. gossipboy_KR

    Snapchat Trade Group | Gay,Bi | Only verified

    I will create a snapchat group for gays and bisexuals so that they can trade their naked nature:heart: Send your nickname and I'll add you) :emoji_fleur-de-lis:Group Rules:emoji_fleur-de-lis: (1)- Do not insult or humiliate the band members. (2)- Do not save photos and videos to the roll...
  25. O

    Sexual Dreams

    I’m a bi man with a long time female partner. I love sex with both men and women pretty equally, with an increasing preference for men. I’ve noticed that all my sexual dreams lately are 100% gay, whereas in the past they would vary—sometimes involving women, sometimes men, sometimes both. I’m...
  26. YHirotada

    Honest opinion should I start an OF?

    Hey guys respect your opinion OF OR NAH? Just fan sky or whatever lol.
  27. JSS.JLk

    Kevin Creekman IG,OF (2nd Thread)

    [Original Post from: @Bgpolmast on 10/25/21 where it seems that there is no place for me to respond, so I add all the info right there. The discussion was about the IG (thecreekman) guy named Kevin Creekman. The thread became locked and is 'Not open for further replies'. So here I am Starting...
  28. bigboaster

    Bisexual here jealous of guys in same-sex relationships. Anyone else?

    Right. I'm a bisexual guy from the Caribbean who has only had girlfriends but no boyfriends. I'm definitely no gay virgin lol but the most I've ever had relationship wise was friends with benefits with this one guy. But it was never official or something like a boyfriend. We were both closeted...
  29. indysubmale

    52 yr old sub m from Indiana

    Hello all! Not sure this is a group that I should have joined but here goes. Firstly, I'm not hung. 7" on a good day. I'm a married bi guy who is hoping to find a hung man who wants to be served by a willing, eager and somewhat experienced sub. Married, clean, discreet and sane. I'm very happy...
  30. Y

    Photos & Videos Help ID big dick hunk

    So I've been thinking a lot about this dude on twitter who I haven't seen for a long time. He was very buffed, didn't show his face, probably in his 20's, big pecs, and a very big and thick cock. He was kinda of a gamer, liked doing some cosplays, posting photos of his bulge on the underwear...