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black ass

  1. Danter11

    Kylan Kain @starboykylan/@kylan_kiddo

  2. Danter11

    Kaell Fernandes

  3. A

    Marc Williams (porn gay actor)

    Somebody knows about Marc Williams? I dont know if he is still making gay porn, i loved his ass.
  4. Danter11


  5. aaliyah21

    Does anyone have his videos?

  6. Danter11

    Marcel Eugene @ThroatSeeker

  7. DracoBean

    Photos & Videos XL, The Black Gay Pornstar

    So I don't know why in the world he chose a nickname like XL, it's impossible to find just his content, it's always mixed with something else. Anyways he's hot and I'd like to share him. If you have any socials of his such as Twitter or OF please post them here along with any vids you'd like to...
  8. DracoBean

    Photos & Videos Thug Butts

    Has anyone ever seen these on thisvid? I keep seeing them pop up but they're private. Basically a lot of these black guys like showing off their asses to the camera, spreading, fingering, etc.
  9. M

    Photos & Videos Kenny Iko (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter)

    Kenny Iko is this extremely hot musician known for posting photos showing off his bubble butt. He recently posted on his snapchat @kennyiko that for a week he'll be posting private nude photos and videos on a private story for $100 on Cashapp. I don't know if it's legit but if anyone gets his...
  10. B

    Mookie Jordan/slimpoke Video

    I’m seeing posts about Mookie and Slimpoke having a … not so straight video together. I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction? Otherwise- what does everyone have of Mookie and Slimpoke, or anyone else with them?
  11. Q

    Photos & Videos Black, Latino, And Asian Male Ass Fans

    I'm not as much a penis person as I am an ass man. I love Black and Latino asses in particular. Help me add to my collection!
  12. DracoBean

    Photos & Videos M A R C O (marco.obx) On Tiktok

    So I don't really have much of anything on this guy, but I have seen his vids and he likes to show his bare ass and other stuff briefly throughout his lives. Seeing if anyone has them! Here's a pic of him
  13. T

    Preesauce23/dupree Allen On Tiktok

    Pretty surprised to find out that there wasn’t anything posted on here abt this guy. He’s apparently straight but he shows off his ass a lot on TikTok.
  14. badboybryce

    Photos & Videos Black Men’s Asses

    This thread is for the lover and admirer of black men’s asses. Feel free to post photos and videos. Nudity is preferred, but not mandatory as long as we can see the ass. Please refrain from posting obviously enhanced photos — and you know what I mean. Please do not beg for names or social media...
  15. AMX


    He goes by Paulinho, paulinhoval14, Paulinho_val_ and Paulinho4490.
  16. M

    Trevor Chase Onlyfans

    I found this new OF. It only has two pics so far but the guy is delicious with some hot tats and a nice cock. Right now his subscription is only 7.50$. He said he will have more soon.
  17. D

    Photo Does Anybody Got More Pics Of This Big Booty Dude?

    I can't find him but only randomly on twitter. I think his name is Xavier and he's like an exposed fag anywho drop his pics here or where to see more if u can :p
  18. MENagerie

    Photos & Videos All Things #blackityblackblack

  19. W

    Do Y'all Know These Guys Igs?

    Hello guys, I found these sexy pictures on Tmblr and I wondered if somebody has any idea of what their IG are.
  20. B

    College Station, Texas

    I will be in college station, Texas from December 08th thru the 14th. I am seeking hung guys to cock worship. Hung guys should run and rule the world.
  21. Chadloveboy94

    Devin Trez

    This man is the definition of sex, his Twitter is @Dev_Trez...so hot.
  22. A

    Ddime 18 Big Booty Ig

    Any new videos and pics his IG: @ ddime 18 thickazzque