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    Help Me Find These Tumblr Clips

    Hey guys, Looking for two hot Tumblr clip. 1. 2 guys on bed one laying on his back and the other on his knees in front of him. Camera angled to only see guys on his knees. The guy on knees is sucking guy on back slowly saying "you deserve this""you're such a stud" then sucks him off. 2. Two...
  2. 1

    Hello from a dedicated cocksucker

    Hello LPSG! It is so good to be back here! I am a passionate and dedicated cocksucker, love to feel a hard cock balls deep in my throat. I am located in Vienna, but travel lots all over Europe. I hope I get to offer plenty of you my throat and I hope you contact me if you are in my area...
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    Blowing one guy and then kissing another

    I find videos where a girl is blowing one guy and than makes out with another guy to be incredibly hot. Most of the videos I've come across have been cuckold, which is alright. There's a few that aren't, that are more consensual bi MMF type scenes, but those are more rare. Anyone else enjoy...