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  1. Marco Tony

    Hot Men In Bed

    Bring the good looking men in bed. Josh Aran Fabio di Domizio Marco Pinotti Max Dillon Leo Ledesma Yannick Machado Arad Winwin Marcos Oliveira Devin Franco Rudy Gram
  2. Marco Tony

    Muscle Butts Of Dreams

    Muscular men are known to have a nice butt. Here you can share pictures of the butts of hot muscular men. Muscle butts only.
  3. Marco Tony

    Canadian Men

    Any hot canadian men? greatcanadians
  4. Marco Tony

    The Men Of Colt

    COLT is a legendary gay porn studio that delivered awesome pictures of beautiful men through the years. Share your vintage COLT men here.
  5. Marco Tony

    Sahil Mankas Sexy Indian Fitness Man Nude

    Some claims to have naked pictures of him and his masturbation videos. Anybody have naked pictures of him or his videos?
  6. Marco Tony

    Sexy Gay Bodybuilders (instagram And Onlyfans)

    Theres already many straight bodybuilders threads. Its time to make a gay one. Here you can share your gay bodybuilders and fitness gay men pictures and videos. sebas_el_enano Joshua James Dario Tello Suso Bautista Pedro Augusto Oscar Yerushalmi Ottoniel Yañez Vagner Lima...
  7. Marco Tony

    Men With Big Balls.

    This thread is all about big balls. Share your pictures of men with big balls here. You can caress them and massage them. They are very pleasurable.
  8. G

    Marcos Juggernaut (aka Marcos Dumont)

    Anyone got anything on this Brazilian bodybuilder? Sources told me that he's recently started doing private muscle worship sessions, along with some escorting. Sooner or later, something's bound to leak.
  9. niv3003

    Links Bodybuilders & Fitness Models Français (french Only)

    Pour tous les fans de muscles en France! :emoji_muscle: Lachez les liens insta, OF ou autre quand vous ajoutez un nouveau mec, cimer! julien bréhaut (@julius_rhino_maximus) • Instagram photos and videos OnlyFans Aaron_lazzaro - Male Escort - Los Angeles, CA | Rent.Men ◽️F L O R E N T◽️...
  10. X

    Korean Fitness Models On Ig

    Korean fitness models, bodybuilders, and fitness coaches on IG
  11. C

    Photos & Videos Sean Havens (tik Tok)

    He's a tiktoker, youtuber, and bodybuilder, though his tik toks rarely show off his body. Most of them are about his italian-american family. According to his website, he's 19 (as of the end of 2019). Sean Havens Instagram: @theseanhavens Tik Tok: @seanhavens
  12. Nydegenerate

    For Those Who Love Muscle

    Check out this Instagram, it has quite the selection of beef... BuffNBeautifulTV (@buffnbeautifultv) • Instagram photos and videos
  13. Rstarr


    Was told he had dick pics. Anything on gorillaseason?
  14. 1

    Serious gym goers...

    Hey Guys! So I’m gonna start taking my gym workouts really seriously and want to get into some amazing shape. Obviously I’m gonna be working my bubble butt off & also having a really strict diet. But What kind of supplements do you guys take? And what brands etc? Testosterone Boosters...
  15. Isiahsin434

    Have anyone of you guys have sex with a professional male bodybuilder

    I want to know because some guys have sex with a professional bodybuilders How’s the sex with them ?
  16. L

    Bodybuilders in london

    hi there. I’ll keep it brief. Hoping to become a semi-regular muscle and cock worshipper of alpha bodybuilders in London. Preferably in a DL or fuck buddy-only situation as I’m in a relationship (which comes with a degree of consensual freedom).
  17. M

    Legendary men - salute to classic guys

    Hey guys, decided to start this thread to "Salute" the hottest and handsomest Muscle Guys and Bodybuilders who have proudly gotten naked for us over the years. A few names that ring out are Ryan Idol, Tyler Hill, Erik Rhodes, Billy Herrington, Samuel Colt, Alex Marte, Trent Titus, Brett Mycles...
  18. C

    Jase stevens

    Anything in this bodybuilder
  19. M

    Anthony cadrecha and other ex aag models & ig muscle guys

    Starting the ball rolling here with Anthony and his big sausage. Feel free to add any others you have found or fancied (preferably fully nude) but PLEASE LIMIT this thread to hot jocks only. Enjoy :) GayForIt - Free Gay Porn Videos - jerks off Anthony Cadrecha HOT
  20. 1

    Skype fun with muscle&

    New here! Looking for a muscular guy or bodybuilder for cam fun on Skype. I'm 22yo, slim a bit athletic, white, a nice butt! DM me if you're interested! If you want to post on here looking for a Skype friend feel free to post your own add! Good luck!
  21. 1

    Video Skype fun

    Looking for a muscular guy or bodybuilder fir cam fun on Skype. I'm 22yo, slim a bit athletic, white, a nice butt! DM me if you're interested! If you have any Skype person you're looking for feel free to post! Good luck!
  22. miggyluce

    Rate each from 1 to 10! | fitness models - actors - celebrities - random hunks

    Shay Michaels - RATE from 1 to 10! ;)