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  1. str8nine9

    Considering creating an onlyfans to create content with other hung couples.

    Putting up new pics and vid’s got me and gf thinking…gotta get creative in this economy and quality content creators are at a premium. Anyone guys or couples have any financial success using OF’s here? I’ve swung in the past and had some amazing vids that is better then a lot of the stuff I am...
  2. D

    Shaking ass/twerking on face

    Does anyone have or know any videos where the bottom is shaking his ass or twerking on a guys face? Preferably while being rimmed.
  3. K

    Photo The Show (Alessio Stigliano and Alessandro Tenace)

    Anyone has more of this two italian youtubers?
  4. I


    i messed up the first thread so i'm doing this again, sorry Tiktok Instagram Twitter Onlyfans Reddit (hasn't posted in a while)
  5. Z


    Anything on this guy?
  6. M


    twitter user @leonkenndidi yall should follow him
  7. Justin Brookes

    Kyle Juszczyk (NFL Fullback)

    Alright, Kyle not having a topic is criminal and I'm going to fix that! He is a Havard alum who is currently a fullback for the San Francsico 49ers (he was on the Ravens before that) and just another pretty face to add to the huge list of studs on that team. Hot from front to back, top to...
  8. MyCellPhone

    I-D this Phat Booty Latino TikToker

    Help a G out on who this fine Mexican dude is ?! HETERO NALGON ENGAÑADO - ThisVid.com Thick latino papi - ThisVid.com
  9. Monkeydfans

    New booty here

    Like I said in my bio, new to this whole process. But hope to meet some people on here who’ll enjoy my content
  10. D

    Please ID gorgeous muscle god with handsome face, flawless body and GIGANTIC, thick, round cakes

    Never seen this guy before but WHAT an amazing combination of man parts he is flaunting - IMO it's rare to see a face that handsome coming paired with a giant, voluptous bubble butt that awe-inducing when he's going.. He gives off a straight male stripper vibe to me; never seen a fat butt more...
  11. S

    Hiiii I'm new

    Heyyy, I'm new here just looking for fun & to be myself
  12. G

    Tiktok Booty and Ass Thread

    the old tiktok booty and ass thread is now gone for some reason so here's a new one
  13. Z

    Mikey Williams

    Senior Mikey Williams
  14. Y

    Photos & Videos phatbootysaggers

    If anybody got any files from them or a dropbox/drve link PLEASE drop. im honestly begging atp since all of the content ive seen from them have only been snippets and i NEED to see the rest… theres many videos on th!sv!d but theyre all on private accs so i cant access them so PLEASE share here...
  15. D

    Big Butt Farts

    Let's post big butt farts here. Can be literally anything pics, writing, links u name it it's all good
  16. D

    hunknchunk - Gainer with a big bubble butt.

    Just found this guy on Tumblr. His body is INSANE. That gut and that ass keep growing and growing. All images taken from his public Tumblr page: Bulknboi
  17. aaliyah21

    Does anyone have his videos?

  18. E


    does anyone have any pics of Luca he had a twitter for awhile but it got taken down??
  19. D

    Xavier Jimenez

    Does anyone have anything on this model? He's everywhere from DSW to even some acting spots in Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. Insta: Login • Instagram
  20. Tremendus1_

    Photos & Videos Uri wolfboy

    OnlyFans Hello everyone this thread is to try and promote my good friends Only fans. Subscribe and I promise he will not let u down. He’s hella hot and willing to do whatever. (For the right price)
  21. Z

    Jai Moore (jaimoore05)

    Anybody have videos of this dude? He so thick PLSSS
  22. halfiejap123

    Would you sub to me ?

  23. G

    Cristao Luna Tiktok/Twitter (Papiluna21) Bubble Butt

    figured i'd make a thread for Cristao Luna since he has a really nice big bubble ass and he's posting nsfw content on his twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/Papiluna21 heres all the videos of his ass out there so far, mind you some of these used to be up on his socials but were taken down
  24. T

    Brazilian new guy here

    Hi, new guy here :) I'm Brazilian and I'm 28. You probably don't care who I am (most of the guys don't give a fuck about the men they see in social media these days) but I'm a very friendy person so feel free to hit my DM or engage in conversation here
  25. G

    Ass and Booty Jiggling GIFs

    anyone else have a thing for gifs of nice asses jiggling? lol btw the man in the white leggings is aztro69
  26. xxxdenim

    FREDDY pants/jeans lovers

    Wonder if here are any FREDDY pants/jeans lovers? I have to admit I have a weak spot on asses and Freddy's look simply stunning!
  27. J


    Twitter: https://twitter.com/jawshoeuhtee?s=21 Instagram: http://instagram.com/jawshoeuhtee Tiktok: http://tiktok.com/jawshoeuhtee Onlyfans: OnlyFans
  28. N

    Video C.Bost Tiktoker. Please some one!

    Do any still have all his ass videos from TikTok? please post them, these the only three I could find and I just want to know do anybody else have any of TikTok videos with his cakes.(please his ass is so fat!)
  29. CoolestofCool

    JermarcusTate (TikToker)

    Welcome to JTate thread post everything related to this sexy chocolate king
  30. P

    Rate my butt?

    My first post like this... I want your honest opinion.