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  1. rileybug

    Hung Bottom / Starving Artist New in San Diego, California

    Hi guys! My name is Riley and I am originally from the mid-west, but more recently moved from New York to California and now reside in San Diego. I am an artist and photographer by day (freelance currently while searching for the next full-time gig). I am passionate about fitness, bodybuilding...
  2. Y

    Okc need FWB

    Need a regular fwb in okc. Preferences below but all are welcome -latino -age 19-23 -at least 6 inches -mobile (MUST) -knows how to kiss/fuck well
  3. C

    Photos & Videos Viqih Aliefian Sambora ( @ vasambora / @ matchathanku )

    Tiktok : https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSLX3y6Rp/ ( @ vasambora ) Instagram : https://instagram.com/vasambora?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== ( @ vasambora ) Facebook : link would be updated soon Youtube : https://youtube.com/@viqihsamboraa Twitter Alter Gay ...
  4. I

    Cocksucker in Manhattan NYC looking for straight men discreet

    Hi guys. I’m a very cool lay back older guy ( 50s) who would love to find a cool regular, real man - a straight man or guy who identifies and mostly straight - who would like to have a place to go and chill for a bit. You can imagine coming over, kicking back on the sofa, sipping a drink...
  5. A

    Biggest bodybuilder ass i have ever seen!

    Look at this :) @zakgusen on instagram Probably hes not gay :/ Why straight people have big ass??? Lol He should be a bottom bodybuilder of our dreams lol but any way, we love his big ass!
  6. D

    hot bottom in west village (muscnyc on manhunt)

    Anyone remember this very hot muscle bottom in NYC? He lived in West Village and hosted some hot groups and always knew the biggest tops to play with.
  7. Tbakke92

    East Tennessee curious top

    Hello. Recently divorced and looking for someone to experiment with sexually. I’d like to explore bottoming. Looking for masculine and dominant as fuck. Retro_tim is my snap.
  8. J

    Looking for more videos of the bottom.

    Trying to find more videos of the bottom but he is also vers. I know he went by @versfucker on Twitter. The last video is of him topping but that’s all I can find; he had a ton of hot videos that seem to have been deleted...
  9. A

    what’s the bottoms name

    his so hot wow
  10. TheFinalGayBoy6990

    Flexible Bottoms

    There is nothing I love more than a flexible bottom! Who do you think are some of the best and most flexible bottoms? Or who are your favourites? A few I can think of are Ross Mark Green, Manuel Skye, Nick Floyd, Shae Reynolds, Tannor Reed, Tom Bentley, Henry Fagan, or Kingsley Kross.
  11. boyspleasure

    Video Verbal Bottoms

    Hi all! Just wanna have a thread where we can share videos of verbal bottom guys. :)
  12. A

    Photos & Videos princetae

    I’m obsessed with him and was so surprised that there was no thread on him.
  13. Benedikt21

    Late introduction

    Hi, i've been here for a while, but now i've discovered this great platform. I'm 20 years old, bi and from Germany. I have a remarkable BubbleButt and love showing off. Love getting dominated and showing myself off to others. Feel free to add me on Snapchat @roman_w2.
  14. barehole4use

    Being compared to a fleshlight

    Okay maybe this is a weird question, but i've had this now a few times & it's making me seriously thinking what are these Top men feeling. I get fucked quite a lot but sometimes, not super often but it's happened now to me around 4-5 times that the Top men after fucking me tell me, that my hole...
  15. T

    I’m 23 years old and my sexual life is a disaster.

    Good evening everyone, I am 23 years old and I am writing to you because I have a problem in my life: I am not sexually fulfilled and it frustrates me a lot. It all starts at the age of my first faith at 18, I decide to have sex with a guy of my age and I have the role of b. For the first time...
  16. G

    Help find these two guys going at it in a club

  17. F

    Gay bottom 21 years italian

    What do you think about me?
  18. H

    snap babieejessus | twitter yunggnudieee

    his shit look so fire, anybody got some files of him? if anybody wanna take one for the team this is his OF
  19. B

    Photos & Videos Caio Andrade @CaioAndB

  20. sdcbttmchub

    Calling All Southern California Big Dicked, Chub Loving Bareback Seekers

    Hey studs, Figured I'd try this out here and just see what happens. I'm a sexually experienced bottom chub looking to experience more big dick, preferably bare (we'll talk first of course), anal sessions with horny guys in my area (Southern California - San Diego to LA) looking for a regular...
  21. F

    New guy here, year in with guys

    Hey all. West coast USA area guy. Masc bottom. Love taking dick and swallowing loads
  22. D

    Newly Submissive Looking

    Hey guys. 27 year old bi guy here. Into most everything. Not many limits. Recently found myself into being submissive on cam for other guys. As long as I'm confident it is between us, I aim to please and rarely say no. Hit me up if you are interested in connecting Very nice cock here... the ass...
  23. D

    Looking in Michigan and surrounding area

    Hi 34 m gay bottom looking for NSA tops or FWB situation. I am Latino uncut total bottom. I am into Ws, Ff, group play, gangbangs, bathhouses, public sex, camming, ass play, toys, leather gear, sports gear, singlets, panties, raw sex. I don’t have a type I just prefer we are sexually compatible...
  24. H

    Happy Bottoms

    I’m looking for any porn where the bottom either 1) pulls out the top’s cock and is instantly happy and smiling etc or 2) is being fucked and you can see their happiness at a cock being inside of them. Or anything similar! Can anybody help?
  25. C


    I’m a young sexy black bottom looking for some big dick in Vegas who can host is mobile my head game is crazy but I’m very picky and I like big dicks white black and Latin guys are my favorite inbox me numbers let’s link I’m kind of well known
  26. V

    Photo Does anyone know who this is ? PLS help

    Let me know if someone knows him I’ve been trying to find him
  27. N

    Pascal muscle hunk- more info on him??

    This is one of the best muscle hunk fuck. This is old vid. The bottom guy is stunning and his name is Pascal, a pure gold. Any more info on him? Looking for it from long time..
  28. T

    Photo Who is this hairy stud with a birthmark?

    Trying to figure out who this hungry hairy bottom is?
  29. A

    Photos & Videos Alex Tanner from NDS

    Figured this hot ginger twunk/hunk deserves his own thread. He only stars in a few videos a year and is super underrated for the quality of content he puts out. Anyone know more about him?
  30. Bluebailey

    Boy David

    Sexy bottom latino. Anyone would like to share your appreciation for his work.