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  1. M

    California guy

    Hello everyone, i’m a 24 year old college student in the Davis/Sacramento/Bay Area part of CA. Looking to make friends, fwb, or even just hook ups. Please hit me up, drop your phone number, snapchat users or dm me. I’m a pretty fun guy!
  2. bigbuttpiggy

    Pig Btm seeks 55+ Older Perv Master for Roleplay

    I want older daddy types 55+ with webcam that can treat me like their little boy on Skype or kik! I will be masked but daddy can show his face or not while showing me his dripping penis. I love to be daddy’s special little boy! Send me your Skype add or kik. Or add me on Skype...
  3. Pip-l-star

    Who want my ass ?!

  4. Zachyzac-of

    Zachyzac - OF

    Check out my onlyfans if youre a fan of BUBBLE BUTT TWINKS who love showing off :imp:
  5. G

    Video IDENTIFICATION NEEDED -- Who is this hot submissive twink sucking cock?

    Any idea who this could be?!
  6. L

    Bottoms in control: power bottoms, bottoms riding aggressively, bottoms making the top cum

    I'm looking for videos and gifs with power bottoms. I would especially like vids/gifs where the bottom makes the top cum. And if anyone has that video where the bottom is on all fours on the bed, but grinding like a master on the top, I'd love to have a link.
  7. B

    Sub looking for tops

    Hey 24 m sub brown boy from san diego here. Looking for older 30+ top or group of tops to use me edge me and make me cum. My skype is bpopat. Add me

    Hey Subb Bottom

    Hello! My fellow bottoms. Let create an album of our thick booty’sss :imp::heart:
  9. C

    Are you a top and 20-29 years old? ADD ME!

    Add me on snap if you’re ready for some fun, I’m an 18 year old bottom with a nice body and a lot of ass ;) my snap is b_account592 See ya there :)
  10. Y

    Looking for Skype sessions with dom guys with real big cocks

    Young ass looking for some fun on Skype with dom guys that are equipped with big cocks (over 8 inches :cool:). I respect if you do not want to show face. My Skype id- live:.cid.66a220f50e48fdda
  11. J

    Help ID this bottom boi

    Anyone? I found nothing about him (bottom one) Cute Hot Boys Bareback
  12. P

    Photos & Videos Bottoms Cumming in Missionary Position with Faces

    Hey all - one of the things that gets me off QUICK is bottoms cumming while being fucked in the missionary position (or a position that also shows their faces). Here's a great few to get us started!
  13. DangerM


    Eddy the Dominican cutie!
  14. T

    Photos & Videos Can anyone name the bottom?

    Can anyone tell me who the bottom is? I think he is gorgeous.
  15. Dateinlondonnow

    Anyone in London?

    Hi 27y male a bit hairy looking to make new friends to chill... sometim I like massage, someday swimming and love cinema or chill in bed together. Please let's me know how we can get in touch ?
  16. N

    Jay_g_cheeks huge ass

    Another Instagram bottom that needs dick
  17. A

    Who is this hot bottom????

    WHo is this guy??? Anybody???
  18. A

    Photos & Videos Porn tops playing with their ass or bottoming

    This thread is for porn or twitter tops who are know for being tops but who have also played with their ass or bottomed
  19. blossomquarter

    How do I get over my shame of being a hung bottom?

    I'm not trying to brag, really. My boyfriend is versatile and absolutely loves sucking on my cock, taking it even. I fucked him maybe 3-4 times but that's about it. He wants me to do it more often but I don't think I want to because well…….I'm an absolute bottom bitch! I get annoyed, almost...
  20. D


    Starting a thread for this hottie! Post what you have on him and I will do the same ;-)
  21. A


    OnlyFans Anything on him?
  22. P

    New Thereee

    Salut ! J'suis un jeune de 18 piges en région parisienne ;) Je suis un ptit passif soumis mais attention ! Je ne suis attiré sexuellement que par les hommes pas sentimentalement :( Allez la bises !
  23. J


    Anyone who has more of him? He has deleted a great chunk from his Twitter, this is everything I could get from the archive.
  24. L

    Pit Stop

    Well before COVID-19, I took an epic road trip across the US. I'd finished my uni course, and I was looking for adventure. I often found myself in crazy situations, but this day I had one of the craziest. Driving across the border in to Texas, I had a long drive between New Orleans and Houston...
  25. B

    Power Bottom ID Help

    venyveras Can anybody help? He's so fucking hot... I love a big dick bottom. Watching his hole grip on that dick...
  26. say995

    As a gay man,can you accept to have sex with a transgender woman and even get topped?

    It's like a question staying in my mind forever.I notice there seemingly more and more alleged gay performers and content creators have sex with transgender woman and mostly they are bottom.I don't know if they just collaborating or simply lying about sexuality.Either way regarding to me is...
  27. E

    Fench hottie

    Trying to find this hottie, he’s french that’s all I can remember
  28. P

    Help Identify the bottom plzz

    Hey LPSG, I need your help. I must find more of this bottom!! Found this on a random site posted 8 years ago. I attached a couple photos of him that are actually 2 of 4 gifs you’ll see if you click the link. HELLLPPP...
  29. greatbazooka

    Who is this dude?

    Such a good cocksucker and so hot.
  30. B

    Bi bottom on PrEP: ready and confident for 1st bathhouse/sauna experience, but have questions

    Hi all, There's a Steamworks in Berkeley, which is nearby where I live. After years of fantasizing, I'm confident that I'm ready to show up, walk in, and enjoy the experience - whatever it may be. Briefly for context: I'm in my 30s, shy/introverted, bi, very discreet, and masc. An older bi...