1. H

    Asses ready to get breed

    Hey guys, I’m creating a shared story where us bottoms can share our asses for tops to choose. Everybody welcome, just DM me your fatty juicy ass or dick to be added. Rodrigo Rompir 27 ️‍ on Snapchat
  2. B

    My twitter ;)

    Made a twitter account just thought ppl would like to see. I'm 19 and gay :) @gayboi19_04
  3. Iridyceum

    Photos & Videos Submissive Hunks and Gym/Competition photos side by side

    I dont think there is a specific thread for this, but I find it really hot when I view a video/picture/gif of some muscle hunk getting pounded and fucked while viewing competition/gym photos or videos side by side. Really shows that most ‘alphas’ can be slutty subs and I find that really hot...
  4. D

    Hot bottom on JFF travelingjock1

    Anyone subscribed to him and willing to share? He is hung and fucks some hot muscle bottoms
  5. A

    Tyler Reed/Bottom

    I’ve seen this clip on Twitter of Tyler reed bottoming, and wanna know if it’s legit, I will put the link below. If anyone has any other video of him being a bottom, I would love see, thanks
  6. D

    Photos & Videos Heyxcutie

    does anyone here have some @heyxcutie videos to share?? he is so damn hot
  7. mrtman327

    Bottoms & Size Queens Talking About How Much They Love Big Cock.

    This is a thread for bottoms who are talented at taking cock, either sucking or riding or worshipping in general. Let’s talk about our favorite aspects of worshipping our hung masters and how much we enjoy pleasing men with big cocks. Tops, feel free to post how great it feels when talented &...
  8. ktnrod

    Tops: What Makes A Great Bottom?

    What sort of things bottoms do that turn you on? How can we improve our game to please you better? ;)
  9. M

    Photos & Videos Bottoms Of Medellín

    So far iv'e seen stuff on other forums and threads, yet not one specific to this kind. I'll start posting some: His insta @tbanppy
  10. D

    Are More Gay/bi Men Bottoms?

    As someone with a large penis, I tend to be attracted to men with larger penises who are strictly top guys in need of cock worship and an ass to plow. Finding a match isn’t easy and I wonder if anyone else has similar issues. The horse hung alpha types tend to be a rarer breed than those who...
  11. 1

    Video Best Power Bottoms

    Share videos/photos of your favorite power bottoms... VOTE IN THE POLL
  12. TNS77

    Can Anyone Id?

  13. Powerfull

    Multiple bottoms

    Hi guys, I need you. I'm looking for specifics videos. One too man + two or more bottoms, bareback. I remember one video in a office. At a moment, one bottom is above the other and the top man fucked one, and next, the other one. Goes in one hole and the other. One man and next, the second...