1. thebussyinvader

    Plaid Boxers

    As a kid, my mom used to skim the JCPenney, Walmart, Kohls, K-Mart & Sears clothing books to find coupons. When she wasn't around one day, I looked in her books to find a men's underwear section. And the rest is history. Who else loves plaid boxers? Here are some of my favorites.
  2. U

    Photo Who is this hot guy?

    This video of him jerking off was on Twitter, account got suspended. Anyone knows who is he?
  3. L

    Photo Elias Mahmoudi Boxer Algérien-Français

    Je me permets d'ouvrir un fil pour Elias Mahmoudi, boxeur franco-algérien. Instagram privé : @eliaspunch Tiktok : elias_mahmoudi_official (ça vaut le détour)
  4. Nudie Rick

    Slip in in my pants

    I don't suppose I'm the only one.... I have a 'thing' about inserting my penis into my partner's underwear. I love to slide it up the leg of his boxers and enjoy the feel of my head slipping thro his pubes and making contact with his 'stuff'. Or thro' the fly of his boxers. I also like to...