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    Untouchable boys theory

    I decided to start this thread to address a subject that many will probably find trivial but which is important to me since it is a theory fueled by a thought that for some time I blend into my head. It's a theory that I'd like to blow. First of all, to be honest let me start by saying that I’m...
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    Blake Michael: Wholesome, All-american, Boy-next-door Turned Whore

    I am in love with Blake!! Love when these hot, wholesome-seeming, All-American, boy-next-door types turn out to be cockhungry sluts! They’re the types who need to be fucked the hardest! Blake is friendly, sweet as apple pie, charming, and innocent-looking. Plus, he has a cute face, perfect body...
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    Alexander Gould

    How on Earth is there not a post on this super cute, super hairy young man?!? He has a kind of Justin Beeber-ish look in the face, but I think Alexander is way cuter ans so furry! I saw some pics online in shorts - very sexy furry legs. but then again, those are my types of guys - young &...