1. C

    Syx.corp on insta aka brandon

    Please tell me one of you guys has his nudes. That ass is out of this world. He’s so sexy
  2. B

    "About Him" series

    Anybody have access to the series? They're scarce to find, just clips here and there, but I want to watch the whole series. Can anyone help?
  3. D

    Finding Brandon (taken from blue collar male)

    Does anyone know who this Brandon is and where I can find his socials?
  4. M

    Brandon from Sean Cody's First Scene (Solo)

    Does anyone know where I can find the full version of Brandon's first scene with Sean Cody? This article has censored pictures and a short video from the scene I am talking about:
  5. R

    BrandonAnthony ; naked men's yoga + tantra

  6. Dicklele

    Brandon Appreciation

    This is Brandon. He’s blessed. Every-where. We should totally do a Brandon Thread. See Brandon in pic. Aka eros_tha_god_ on IG Share if you have more.
  7. ndamood4sum

    Pradaboi Swagg (brandon)

    Does anyone know what happened to Brandon (aka Pradaboiswagg8)? One day he was here and being talked about then the next he was gone. Just wondering if anyone knows what really happened to him.
  8. epeezy

    Brandon Stakemann (double Shot At Love)

    I wasn't feeling any of the guys that came into the house this season but Brandon grew on me. I don't know if it's because the other two are facially challenged and Brandon looks handsome by default or if he actually is. Either way, he needs his photos leaked.
  9. Torc

    Slowteasinghandjobs Brandon

    Can anyone tell me anything about Brandon from slowteasinghandjobs?
  10. H

    Brandon Osorio From Fire Island Nudes?

    Been following this fine ass man for a while. He was on that gay reality show, Fire Island. Does anyone have nudes of him?
  11. N

    Brandon kneefel

    Anything on him?? He’s from Finding Prince Charming.
  12. I

    This handsome boys

    I like to see this boys: Josh Mather Jayden Rembacher Levy van Wilgen Laurent charles P.s I like photo's of Movies. :blush: Dont blame my please.
  13. N

    Jigginwithjordan and yappy_twan_twan

    Two absolutely gorgeous men who search rivers and lakes for treasure and stuff. They're southern Georgia boys. I've been obsessed with them. They were cheerleaders and straight, but they're always in semi gear or their underwear Brandon Jordan (@brandonmjordan) • Instagram photos and videos...