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  1. D

    Video Help me find these guys????

    Trying to find the name or the @ of the men of these vids Apparently the last one is brazilian???? Sorry if it was already posted here!
  2. S

    Does anyone know who these Brazilian actors are?

    quero saber o nome deles
  3. S

    Does anyone know who these Brazilian actors are?

    quereo saber quem são
  4. S

    Does anyone know who these Brazilian actors are?

    quero descobrir o nome deles, algum BR?
  5. H

    André morais

    Aqui alguns cenas raras do André morais no Porno quem tiver inéditas poste aqui
  6. J

    Skype C2C list (Brazil)

    Olá pessoal, fiz essa thread para podermos trocar skype para aqueles que curtem exibicionismo, C2C, etc no skype! Sugestão é dar uma breve descrição sua e a sua preferência.
  7. M

    Photos & Videos ominotauro1, Brazilian hottie with a huge cock

    Here's a bit of ominotauro1 - so fucking sexy. Anyone got anything more?
  8. M

    Photo Sexy Gay Brazilian DJ Edu Vicentini - anyone?

    He's gorgeous and possibly packing. Anyone know anything more about him? Plus, that sweet, slightly goofy smile :)
  9. M

    Photo Brazilian gogo/escort Marcelo/Matheus Ferrarine

    Brazilian gogo /escort - anyone have more on him?
  10. M

    Photo Felipe Martins, gorgeous Brazilian model

    Anyone got anything more on this gorgeous guy?
  11. Hney

    Photos & Videos Gaúchos

    Post pictures of Gauchos with traditionalist clothes from the country south of Brazil. Fotos de Gaúchos de bombacha.
  12. Alguém tem conteúdo dele ? Netinho Alves

    Alguém tem conteúdo dele ? Netinho Alves

    instagram . Netinhoofcl_ netinho Alves
  13. M

    Photos & Videos Maycon Colombo - super hung Brazilian stripper

    Discovered this guy from Bellos da Noite. Some posts on Twitter, and he has a sort of OF in Brazil (private.com.br). Anyone know anything more about him?
  14. M

    Photo Hebert Nunes(s)?

    Been following this guy for a long time and it seems he rolls with a pretty gay group, but no official nudes yet. Anyone know any more?
  15. T

    Brazilian new guy here

    Hi, new guy here :) I'm Brazilian and I'm 28. You probably don't care who I am (most of the guys don't give a fuck about the men they see in social media these days) but I'm a very friendy person so feel free to hit my DM or engage in conversation here
  16. M

    Skype Brazil

    Vamos compartilhar o skype de brasileiros que curtem um exibinissionismo no skype? Se puderem dar uma breve descriçao da pessoa juntamente com o skype seria perfeito, senao apenas o skype ja ajuda, e com isso vamos gerando conteudo, compartilhando nossas experiencias :)
  17. M

    Photos & Videos Thiago Luncenzo

    This guy deserves his own thread. Some posts on him here, but recollecting in one place. Anyone have anything more?
  18. L

    Photo Rafael Viegas (@o.rafael.viegas on IG)

    Anyone know anything about this guy? He's my instacrush of the day. Also what do they put in the water in Brazil to make these men so gorgeous? :emoji_yum:
  19. R

    Theodoro Cochrane

    Going through some old stuff, I found an issue of a magazine published in 2015 in which Brazilian actor and art director Theodoro Cochrane posed for. He was the only reason for which I bought the magazine, and boy, I was not sorry.
  20. camiloramorim

    Lucaxdotado / Lucaxnx

    He is brazilian boy 18 years 23 cm / 9 inches Twitter : https://mobile.twitter.com/lucaxdotado/media onlyfans : OnlyFans
  21. A

    Youtuber João Caetano @joaocaetano

    alguém tem alguma coisa nesse youtuber? é uma delícia, e tem vários vídeos de cueca, mas não consigo achar nada dele
  22. S

    Luiz Felipe Altenfelder - Hot Bod

    It was time for a thread for Luiz Felipe Altenfelder. He´s a super-fit Brazilian model and a contestant for Mr. Brazil 2021. His insta: Login • Instagram He's sporting Speedos in numerous photos and bares his bum - but no full frontals yet and no OFS. But let's hope that will change when he...
  23. M


    Haven't seen that much from him on here, but he's cute
  24. t.aago1123

    Andre Chaves Modelo Brasileiro

    Alguem tem essa foto sem tarja?? aparentemente esta na edicao de 10 anos da Made In Brazil
  25. M


    Sinto que esse ano vai ser bom!

    Brazilian Men

    Any Brasil natives/fluent português speakers know what they are saying?
  27. 7

    Alguém Tem Mais Fotos?

  28. S

    Luanjorge_9 Onlyfans

    alguem que assinou ja tem algum conteudo dele? o mais famoso é o video do banho https://twitter.com/nudes_famouss/status/1274865475948892161 encontrei esse aqui pelo twitter https://twitter.com/arrobasdobrasil/status/1321102329807065090 parece que tem 31 posts ja
  29. camiloramorim

    Cam4 ( Brazil )

    Tópico para trocarmos modelos do pessoal do CAM4 brasileiros
  30. Mathxxx

    Brazilian Bodybuilders

    Thread to share photos of muscle influencers Gorgonoid: Otavio Frasson