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  1. T

    Samuel Hodecker - Samuel Decker

    SAMUEL HODECKER ( samuelhodecker ) / Sam Decker ( sam_decker ) / Samuel Decker ( samueldecker ) This king deserves a thread
  2. T

    Cristiano Finger - Chris Marin - @cmf_oficial - Connor Pier - @connor_pier

    Cristiano Finger - Chris Marin - @cmf_oficial - Connor Pier - @Connor_pier alguém tem algo do Cristiano? Ele não é tão famoso mas é uma delícia e muito bonito! As redes sociais dele são @cmf_oficial mas ele usa o nome Connor pier no onlyfans! Tem alguns vídeos dele no Twitter, mas queria mais :p
  3. T

    Carioca Malhado

    Carioca malhado passivo NÃO POSTAR O NOME E NEM A REDE SOCIAL DELE. Regras novas do forum
  4. M

    Photos & Videos ominotauro1, Brazilian hottie with a huge cock

    Here's a bit of ominotauro1 - so fucking sexy. Anyone got anything more?
  5. M

    Photo Sexy Gay Brazilian DJ Edu Vicentini - anyone?

    He's gorgeous and possibly packing. Anyone know anything more about him? Plus, that sweet, slightly goofy smile :)
  6. M

    Photo Brazilian gogo/escort Marcelo/Matheus Ferrarine

    Brazilian gogo /escort - anyone have more on him?
  7. M

    Photo Felipe Martins, gorgeous Brazilian model

    Anyone got anything more on this gorgeous guy?
  8. M

    Photos & Videos Maycon Colombo - super hung Brazilian stripper

    Discovered this guy from Bellos da Noite. Some posts on Twitter, and he has a sort of OF in Brazil (private.com.br). Anyone know anything more about him?
  9. M

    Photo Hebert Nunes(s)?

    Been following this guy for a long time and it seems he rolls with a pretty gay group, but no official nudes yet. Anyone know any more?
  10. T

    Brazilian new guy here

    Hi, new guy here :) I'm Brazilian and I'm 28. You probably don't care who I am (most of the guys don't give a fuck about the men they see in social media these days) but I'm a very friendy person so feel free to hit my DM or engage in conversation here
  11. M

    Photos & Videos Thiago Luncenzo

    This guy deserves his own thread. Some posts on him here, but recollecting in one place. Anyone have anything more?
  12. Veegarista

    Lucas Cortez (@whatcortez)

    Anything on him?? Hot insta model.
  13. M

    Prospiter ( joão prospiter)

  14. M

    Photo Daniel De Souza?

    Does anyone have anything on this guy frequently seen at Jacob Riis beach in New York City?
  15. W

    Photo Alguem Sabe Dizer Quem É Esse Macho???

  16. camiloramorim

    Lucaxdotado / Lucaxnx

    He is brazilian boy 18 years 23 cm / 9 inches Twitter : https://mobile.twitter.com/lucaxdotado/media onlyfans : OnlyFans
  17. t.aago1123

    Andre Chaves Modelo Brasileiro

    Alguem tem essa foto sem tarja?? aparentemente esta na edicao de 10 anos da Made In Brazil
  18. T

    Philippe Coutinho (brazilian Footballer)

    Photo dump of this hot king, he deserved his own thread so I made him one.
  19. P

    Kennyladxxx Of

    I used to sing this account but appears that the model has shut down the page... OnlyFans Someone has some content of the model? He used to be on twitter with the same usermane, and in the cam4 with the alias "deathraysk8". Thanks!
  20. R

    Ricardo Oliveira (kyle Goffney And Jones Tamar Friend)

    IG: rickisft He also made an onlyfans recently (onlyfans.com/rickisft). Does someone has his content? Hot as fuck.
  21. D

    Brasilian Muscle Guy

    Do anything know who this is? He is 1.94m alturo
  22. euobotito

    Romulo Estrela

    Sexy legs
  23. 3

    Photos & Videos Lucas Mendes (mahamudra Brazil Team)

    Hello guys how are y'all ? Did you know about this guy, if he have some nude stuff around the internet ? He's to hot and he have a big dick hahah Lucas Mendes | Mahamudra (@lucasmendes.mbt) • Instagram photos and videos
  24. H

    Onlyfans Daniloaloisio

    Anyone hv pics or vids of Danilo? @daniloribeira
  25. 8

    Brasileiros do lpsg: grupo no whats

    Fala galera Estamos começando um grupo la no Whats. Me mande o número no inbox! Abraços
  26. 2


    fala aí galera do Brasil. Vamos compartilhar contatos aqui. Difícil encontrar brazucas no lpsg. Falam de onde?