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  1. L

    Rib Knit Briefs

    Could use some help with finding a good pair of rib knit briefs! Been searching for a brand that does a good looking pair but have been unsuccessful! Used to have a couple pairs a while ago but can’t find any to replace them and they’re my favourite! I’ve attached pictures below of some that...
  2. H

    Who Are They?

    Does anyone know the names of this 3 hot guys?
  3. H

    Photo Who Is He???

  4. F

    Help Me Find This Guy

    Hi everyone! I need to find these hot piece of meat. HELP MEEEE
  5. shirtlesshunk

    Photo Gonzalo Fernandez Wears Code 22 Underwear

    Loving this underwear male model Gonzalo Fernandez goes shirtless and shows off his sexy body wearing underwear Spanish brand CODE 22. This photo was taken in Tenerife of Canary Islands, home of the photographer Adrian C. Martin.
  6. shirtlesshunk

    Nice Big Package And Little Fur Trail

    Nice looking guy with a great body and a hot bulge! Lose the briefs
  7. shirtlesshunk

    That Is A Well-packed Box!

    Hmmm…yep….oh yes. Gorgeous man with a jammed blue box.
  8. shirtlesshunk

    Nice Package And Ass

    Hot hot. Greatly filled box, on all fronts.
  9. shirtlesshunk

    Nicely Filled Underwear

    Looking good… Hot man with a fantastic dick print in his trunks.
  10. shirtlesshunk

    Photo Pouch Perfection

    This guy pouch those briefs to perfection. Nice bush peek. I wanna see what’s inside those briefs! This bulge is so damn huge! I bet it’s as perfect just like the rest of you!
  11. shirtlesshunk

    Photo Nicely Packed Underwear Front And Back

    The label says your undies are cheap, but they must be great quality to contain everything you got stuffed in them – both front and back!