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  1. R

    Underwear in other states?

    First off this thread us for men who live in the US. Do men wear certain types of underwear in specific states? For example I live in California and all the guys I know wear boxers and boxer briefs. Is different in other states in the USA? I would love to hear you guys. Pics and stories are...
  2. N

    Butt in Briefs

    I have a fetish for guys in briefs. Especially guys wearing briefs with a huge fat butt. I couldn't find a thread with this but I decided to start one. Do you guys any photos or videos of models or anyone with a nice butt in briefs? Or if they look good in briefs.
  3. V


    Hi, I couldn't find anything on LPSG related to this website, so I guess I'll just ask here. There used to be this website called underwearstuds.com which seems to have had lots of videos of guys in their underwear, doing like household tasks (often with boners), but also jacking off and...
  4. S

    Aussie Guys Underwear Preference

    Hey guys. Curious to see what other guys are wearing. Age: State: Cut/uncut: Preferred daily underwear: Preferred sexy underwear: Preferred gym underwear: Preferred underwear for trackies: Preferred underwear for boardies: Do you go commando:
  5. B

    Your underwear

    Select a number and show yourself in that type of underwear!
  6. R

    Red Underwear Bulge

    Here we can share guys wearing red underwear.
  7. puma briefs puma cock

    puma briefs puma cock

  8. T

    Share your sexy photos in here

    I was an Instagay two years ago and sometimes I still enjoy to take sexy photos (I'm the exibicionist type). Feel free to share hot stuff of yourselves too
  9. Hoedema

    Dudes in Briefs

    Couldn't find a thread like this so here we go. I love wearing them and I love seeing guys wear them. They are the perfect type of underwear that compliments male physique and shows it in its full glory. Here we can share some photos of guys wearing briefs and appreciate them together.
  10. Angelgoodguy

    Video who is this guy

    I saw him advertised on something called str8 chaser but think it is taken from a onlyfans anyone know whose? I want to find him
  11. JayPR

    What was the most popular underwear style for men in your younger years? What about in your country?

    I would like to know what was the most popular underwear style when you were younger? or, what is the most popular underwear style in your country/city now? I grew up in Puerto Rico, and in the 90s most guys there used to wear either white briefs (tighty whities) or bikini briefs or slips...
  12. H

    Anyone know his name???

  13. H

    Anyone know his name???

  14. T

    Secondhand Underwear (melbourne, Australia)

    I’ve recently sorted through old underwear after losing weight, but have at least a dozen pairs of briefs that are still too small or uncomfortable. All are in good condition, mostly size small with a few medium. I don’t want to throw them out - would anyone be interested in a pair? I’ll post...
  15. R

    Family Underwear Choices And Habits

    Do you male family members such as fathers brothers uncles cousins etc. wear the same type of underwear or a different kind? For example if you wear briefs do they wear briefs? Or if you wear briefs do they wear boxers? Do you guys wear the same brands or colors? Do you talk about underwear a...
  16. C


    Anyone have anything xxx on this hot daddy??
  17. frank5120

    Speedo Recs

    Hi LPSG. I’m looking to purchase some speedos or other tight fitting swimwear for a vacation coming up and would love some recommendations. a little about me, I’ve never worn speedos because I’ve always been self conscious of my body and my package being a little below average. Would love some...
  18. TheNewBreed

    Favorite Site To Buy Underwear..

    Do you guys have a favorite go-to site that you order your underwear from? I always order from skivez.com, great style selection and prices. Mens Underwear and Swimwear | Bikinis, Thongs, G strings, Jockstraps
  19. F

    Trying On Briefs / Underwear

    One of my favorite videos is this one from TGS where three guys try on various briefs and check each other out. (One of them is also hard the whole time which is to die for.) TheGuySite - Beau & Brandon Ashton & Jay Austin - Three Men One Pornstash Part 1 Any other vids out there like this? Or...
  20. Y

    Ionut Jarda

    Anyone got anything on this Romanian hunk? IG: ionutzjarda Tiktok: ionutjarda62
  21. S

    Briefs And Tighty Whities.

    I only wear briefs and tighty whities and love wearing them. Are there any other lads that enjoy wearing them?
  22. Marco86

    Photo Id This Stud With The Chiseled Abs And Full Package??

  23. B

    Typical Underwear

    Does anyone else get more turned on by the classic boxer shorts or boxer briefs, briefs etc? I don't love all the designer underwear and tight fitting boxer briefs. Would love to see a thread of guys just hanging out in everyday underwear!
  24. 7

    Let's See Your Andrew Chrisitan Bulge!

    Show off your ACs!
  25. Miglli

    Army Briefs

    I love soldiers in briefs. if you have contribute! Please
  26. L

    Guys Sleeping In Underwear

    Not sure why but I find it really hot to see guys fast asleep in their undies - briefs even better. Who agrees with me?
  27. calebfr

    Nothing But Calvin Klein Underwear

    Hi guys! As can be seen in the title, this thread will be purely for the appreciation of Calvin Klein underwear. I personally have a fetish for underwear, but more so for ck undies. For about a decade, I have worn nothing but ck undies. And during this duration, I have accumulated more than...
  28. D

    Underwear Turn On

    I seem to have developed an underwear fetishism recently. It start really when I started to wear briefs. I have since ventured to a jockstrap and I have a thong coming in the post. But I've also noticed that i have been checking out guys to see what underwear they are wearing. When I see a guys...
  29. D

    Mens Underwear

    Hey, This topic has probably been done to death but I am wonder what underwear do you prefer men to wear? I've recently just started wearing briefs. Where I am from, no straight guy wears briefs. They are all boxers. I prefer briefs more than boxers right now. I do have 1 jockstrap. Here in...
  30. D

    Hey, I'm New.

    Hey, I have literally just joined this site. I was googling a few things and LPSG kept popping up so I thought I would join to see the craic. I have notions to be more adventurious with things. This only really started recently and thanks to the internet, its helping me explore. Although I...