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  1. G

    2000s William Higgins pics/vids

    I am looking for some old William Higgins pictures and/or videos from the 2000s. Specifically the ones with models wearing briefs. Really liked watching them years ago but can’t seem to find any of them now. Has anybody saved some or an idea where to find them?
  2. C

    YouTuber Jack Cunningham

    Some older content seeing as the channel got removed
  3. M

    Boxer Briefs

    Do you think you wear boxer briefs better than the person above you? Post a picture of you in them and keep the thread going.
  4. A


    Briefs/bikini briefs are my biggest kink, brieflines are especially so hot, this seems like something that is a very niche interest for people because I couldn't even find a thread for it here :( Especially in sports like soccer/football they're easy to spot and soooo hot So here I am, hoping...
  5. H

    Men's Underwear Choice

    Hello, I am just curious to know what type of underwear style (briefs/bikini briefs/tanga briefs, boxer briefs, etc) fellow men & other in their circle wear in various countries. Is the underwear style driven/influenced by culture, country, ethnicity, society etc? Are there any particular...
  6. M

    Selling sites?

    Does anybody have recommendations for a good sites to sell used underwear and socks? I'm trying to clean out my drawers...
  7. T

    Tighty whitey twinks

  8. T

    Photo Kline Barfield (model)

    Hot model, Kline Barfield.
  9. ifuckinglovemen

    Photos & Videos Hot Men in JJ Malibu

    Just wanna do a thread of all the hot men in JJ Malibu underwear / swimwear.
  10. L

    Celebrities who've done memorable sexy non-frontal/underwear shoots?

    You guys have gone above and beyond re: my quests for hung celebrities (athletes/name models/actors/tv hosts/politicians, etc.) and those who've formally posed nude for magazines and the like, I had to ask this one, too. What are some of the most memorably hot/sexy shots (professional shoots...
  11. G

    Gay Guys Wearing Briefs in Porn Videos

    Men wearing briefs during sex is a major kink for me and it can be difficult to find content for it - so I'm starting a thread here for videos where men keep them on during sex - in gay porn, specifically. Whilst there is a very active thread for straight guys wearing briefs in porn, the one...
  12. eljay40

    Picture of you wearing briefs

    Nude is cool but just chilling in your briefs is hot! White briefs are the best but I have few of colored ones. Post away. With face, if okay :) I'll start! Hope to see yours!
  13. Joe1989

    ID to this movie

    Does anyone know the actor or name of this movie? It’s not a porn movie even tho it was posted on pornhub with no title before it was taken down.
  14. Harry_s43

    Some new underwear pics- any suggestions

    Heya :). Just got some new Ralph underwear and really loving them. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for cool or sexy underwear for me to buy or pics of themselves to share
  15. V

    Video Help ID video

    Would anyone be able to recognize this video and tell me where it’s from or who is in it? It’s two guys who look like hotel staff, stripping down to their undies and making out. https://thisvid.com/videos/2-sexy-workers-strip-and-make-out-in-white-briefs/ Many thanks in advance!
  16. Harry_s43

    Current favourite underwear

    Anyone else want to show their favourite underwear rn? Looking to get new pairs and love any suggestions on what would look good on me ;) here’s a few of my favourite currently. Let me know if anyone would want to see more of my collection
  17. D

    Nezaket Khan

    Does anyone know anything about this bodybuilder, Nezakat Khan? I think he may be from Pakistan. He's on FB, TikTok, & Twitter. I've seen a couple of softcore-type things where he's in wet cotton pants clowning around. But does anyone have anything more on him? Thanks!
  18. D

    Dads briefs

    Hi I’m a hung uncut guy. In to worn briefs: Including my Dads. Have many pairs. Anyone else?
  19. T

    a new guy here

    hey people, what's up? a "sub" referred this website to me days ago and i'm trying to get used to it. let me know what you think about me in general. would love to attract an audience that will indulge on what i am posting.
  20. Y

    Is this guy wearing briefs?

    Does it look like this guy is wearing briefs?
  21. L

    Rib Knit Briefs

    Could use some help with finding a good pair of rib knit briefs! Been searching for a brand that does a good looking pair but have been unsuccessful! Used to have a couple pairs a while ago but can’t find any to replace them and they’re my favourite! I’ve attached pictures below of some that...
  22. Thtdancerguy

    Guys in Crotchless Briefs

    Share any pics you've come across of guys wearing crotchless underwear—that is, with their cocks fully exposed. For example, please see the 3 attached photos. P.S. Full-body pics are preferred, but honestly whatever you have found works.
  23. D


  24. R

    Underwear in other states?

    First off this thread us for men who live in the US. Do men wear certain types of underwear in specific states? For example I live in California and all the guys I know wear boxers and boxer briefs. Is different in other states in the USA? I would love to hear you guys. Pics and stories are...
  25. N

    Butt in Briefs

    I have a fetish for guys in briefs. Especially guys wearing briefs with a huge fat butt. I couldn't find a thread with this but I decided to start one. Do you guys any photos or videos of models or anyone with a nice butt in briefs? Or if they look good in briefs.
  26. V


    Hi, I couldn't find anything on LPSG related to this website, so I guess I'll just ask here. There used to be this website called underwearstuds.com which seems to have had lots of videos of guys in their underwear, doing like household tasks (often with boners), but also jacking off and...
  27. S

    Aussie Guys Underwear Preference

    Hey guys. Curious to see what other guys are wearing. Age: State: Cut/uncut: Preferred daily underwear: Preferred sexy underwear: Preferred gym underwear: Preferred underwear for trackies: Preferred underwear for boardies: Do you go commando:
  28. B

    Your underwear

    Select a number and show yourself in that type of underwear!
  29. D

    Red Underwear Bulge

    Here we can share guys wearing red underwear.
  30. E8618C2A-4401-4E3C-96CF-55154CC88BC0.jpeg