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  1. R

    Griffin Green aka Bodega Bro

    Hoping he starts an Onlyfans.
  2. C

    Snap Group for Straight Curious College Bros

    Just a chill group for college aged guys to come together. Chat, jerk, compare, and just bro out. Comment you snap below if you’re 18-25 to be added to the group.
  3. blueballssoretip

    Photos & Videos Manly facials

    Just images and videos of macho (straight or straight-looking guys) covered in cum, simple as that. A good example: abeardedboy
  4. giocio

    Photos & Videos Sam Hutchinson | samhutch9

    I'm surprised there is no thread already. The frat tiktoks are mediocre at best but he is hot.
  5. D

    Male JOI

    Doing JOI instructions on Snapchat my username is : blackscreenjoi How it’ll work: you add me, I’m charging $15 via cashapp which will be told via Snapchat chat for an unlimited time until person finishes, you can send things you’re interested in and so on, it will be a black screen and you...
  6. B

    ID this muscle bro

    Who’s this guy? Any one know ?
  7. DracoBean


    There's nothing else on him. I guess you can relish on your secret videos by yourself.
  8. D

    Not new to site, but new to posting

    Sup everyone. Randomly get on here from time to time. Decided to start posting and whatnot today. I plan on uploading more but just trying to get my bearings down first on everything since i've just dabbled. Grad student who likes getting on cam when i'm bored and just going from there. Sooo...
  9. C

    Str8 Snap Audio Chat Group

    Anyone else into chatting with another bro while watching porn? Or sharing your hottest hookup stories with your friends? Pics and videos are cool too, but I love hearing what’s going on in another guys mind while we both get ourselves off. Brings me back to college. Hit me up or share your snap...
  10. MuscleMarco

    Porn Stars That Give Off A Big Bro Vibe?

    Forgive the oddly specific question. I've been working on a project (porn-related obviously) and I was looking for a porn star that could fill a "big brother" role. Someone younger, college-aged, cute/handsome but also gives off a lil' bit of a bad boy vibe? Someone with a lot of material out...
  11. Up4adventure

    Two Friends Looking For Hung 3rd For Edge Fun

    DM or message at skype with LPSG profile - Up4adv2 Us mic but no face - you - your choice ;)
  12. J

    A Goof/dare Bro Snapchat Group

    Hey. I was just looking at old threads and I saw that there was a ‘ just to goof and play’ Snapchat group soo I thought why don’t we try it. Add my Snapchat below and I was make a groupchat where we can send dares to eachother and just have a good time. Snap: jemama6135
  13. T

    26 Bored In Nyc

    Hey guys Horny all the time so thought this might be the best place for me. Looking for friends to compare and swap stories and chat. Hmu
  14. H

    Fatih Edis (turkish Hunk)

    Hey guys, do someone here know Fatih Edis? (@fatihedis on Instagram). He has also have a twin. He seems to have a big dick does anyone have more?
  15. Outpersonals

    Bro, Bounding, Straight But Curious.

    Hey bros. I'm in La Jolla, USA, I’m 27, slim/fit, good looking . Straight but curious. Missing some bro time. Looking for a Bro to connect with, mess around, chat, have fun, about manly life. Looking for someone around 20s ideally real straight but curious, first timers, you know someone to...
  16. H

    Hockey/jock Bros

    Hey. 26 year old hockey jock looking for other athletic guys that play sports for some locker room talk. Would love a regular guy to chat with and get some of that locker room talk back since covid ruined my season. In wi if it matters!
  17. 1

    Hott Tatted Bro Works Out And Cum, Help Id

    Hi everyone, this bro works out for hot sec, strips, and cums. Does anyone know who he is?
  18. 1

    Neil Etheridge Jerk Off Vid

    I found this vid of (presumably) Neil Etheridge jerking off. It's pretty low quality. Does anyone have or know where I can find a better quality version?
  19. 1

    Video Ripped Tatted Bro, Outdoor Workout - Help Id

    Can anyone help ID this hot bro? I feel like I should recognize him but I haven't been able to come up with anything. Thanks in advance!
  20. 1

    Hot Bro, Hard On A Boat - Help Id

    This guy is super hot. Does anyone know where I can find more images of him? Tried a few reverse image searches and was only linked to a few blogs with similar bro-on-boats posts. Thanks!
  21. Colder90

    Straight Bro Snap Chat Group

    Hey guys, there's a few of these up but I wanted to start a newer one since those may be older and inactive. Anyone want to start a snapchat group of fellow str8 guys who want to be bros together. whether it's just talking, comparing, farting, taking leaks, jerking, taking leaks, working out...
  22. F

    Guys Showing Off

    Anyone has videos of guys showing off their dicks to their friends?
  23. 3

    Is It Weird?

    Is it weird that i just want a big cocked friend? Yeah a good friend thay could turn into a lifetime friend but also I've never been arpund actually big cock or men like that. To have a bro. Not a "Broooo" but a good friend. Or maybe im just a horny fuck that wants to play or see big cock...
  24. M

    Liverpool Circle Jerk

    30 year old straight/curious man looking to start a circle jerk or one on one. Who’s interested?
  25. L

    Video Do You Haver The Link To This Video?

    ok. have you guys watched a vídeo of two men wearing a school uniform, they’re sitting in the ground and they’re having a talk like ‘if you grab my dick i’ll do the same’ and then the bottom sucks the dick of his friend..... they’re latin too. so if by any chance you watched it share the link...
  26. first_nick_13

    Bangkok fun

    Anyone for some jerk off fun in Bangkok? Until the February 3rd
  27. F

    Anyone in/near bern, switzerland?

    Here for a week and I wouldn’t mind touching bases with some members in the area. If you get my drift...
  28. D

    Who’s in yorkshire?

    Anyone fit/slim good looking in Yorkshire around 20-30 yo for the same. Here for a while now. Would be good to find a mate to chill with and see where things go. Message me if you fit the bill.
  29. bihungtrainerxx

    Frat life

    Any other jocks in frats in college? My frat always tagged chicks together and hazed so was very used to showing off my cock to my brothers. Anyone else?
  30. elusivehoney06

    Photo Sergeant miles amateur vids?

    Hi all I'm currently obsessing with Sergeant Miles. All of his videos are so hot (except when his partner is not good-looking) especially the raw stuff with Lucas Entertainment. Love how dirty he goes. I was just wondering if he has some amateur pics or vids floating around? Love ETC