1. G0Y

    Cum on G0ys

    What if we're alone, together, and we had boners?
  2. Tedsparrow

    A Storm at the Nude Beach (True Story MM)

    Hey Guys New to posting here in stories. But my first attempt, at describing one of the best days with someone I ever had. True story. -------- We walked the cliffs, and the wind was curious about us. It would gust up and around, flirting with my hair. His wide-brimmed hat he held down since...
  3. Charolais12

    Looking for a bromance

    24 year old hairy bro looking for a bro to have a bromance with. We can talk about anything including hobbies, guy stuff, nsfw, farting, pissing, etc. message me
  4. I

    Snapchat Group for Bros 18-28

    Hi guys I wanna make a snapchat group for guys aged 18-28 where we make friends, talk with each other whenever we want, share nudes, compliment each other, and all that. It would be better if you'll be active but you can only watch too. I want a group like a safe place where we share the good...
  5. P

    Snapchat bromances and friends

    Hi yall hoping to meet new friends that can become longterm bromances. Open to sharing face and talking. HMU Latino skinny 5’9 150 lbs 6.5 inches Snapchat: A_pink12345
  6. Jp420jp69

    Straight Guys Blurring Gay Lines

    Why is there not a thread for straight bros acting gay?? Every dude thinks having their ass or dick out is peak comedy so why not use that to our benefit? Any pics vids or links of supposed straight men acting sus, fruity, homoerotic, bromantic…you get the idea. I'll start: Free Gay...
  7. U

    Anyone in Phoenix?

    I'm bi, borderline pansexual, mostly into MFM, gangbang, DP/DVP. Looking for another fit, good looking buddy in Phoenix who wants to take turns on my fleshlight while we watch porn with all those things I listed. Not particularly looking for sexual contact, just a bromance/someone I can be...
  8. R

    Straight Horny Bros Groupchat

    Any straight lads wanting to be horny, just to have bromance add my Snapchat Mateojazza, we can create a group
  9. D

    Bromance / bonding Snapchat group chat (18 - 27)

    Hey everyone, 20 bi guy here. I'm looking to start a gc of (straight / curious, bi, gay) fit, good looking bros where we can bond, joke, fool around, talk dirty or just have fun. Just bros being bros. Hmu here or on Snapchat @mahdiii217, or leave your snaps below, so I can add you to the group
  10. Titiritero

    mi roomie - un metro noventa de bromance

    Como toda historia hot, esta empieza hace 7 años al mudarme a otro país para estudiar la universidad. Siempre fui muy discreto, desde los 16 años, así que para poder vivir una vida sexual mas activa apliqué a todas las universidades que tuvieran buena referencia en mi carrera - psicología-...
  11. V

    Cyber Connection - Wanna chat?

    Hello everyone. I am looking for someone to chat with on a regular basis via snap or another messaging platform. Looking for someone between 25-34 who is fit, and overall geek at heart (video games, manga, bl series (thailand, and other countries), gay themed books. I am a 32 year old geek at...
  12. D

    Video Who are these young men?

    A young man fucking a young man who wore a cap. Talking from 00:15. The fucker said "I love you, bro". Boyfriends role-playing? Wondered if there are more videos of them?
  13. Colder90

    Looking for bromance

    23 m hairy bro looking for other hairy bro who likes to be naked and natural with other guys Would love another hairy bro that wants to talk about guy things. Being hairy, sweaty, BO, musk, taking leaks, farting, etc. all that gross guy stuff. Just being open and not embarrassed about it. Open...
  14. M

    Kings Spa Niles, IL

    Anyone want to join myself and a buddy of mine at Kings Spa in Niles, IL? I heard it’s a great way to promote male bonding with the required nudity. It’s a clean, relaxing environment good for small conversation and meditation. Once you get with your bros nude, all walls are down, and pure bro...
  15. M

    Links BBC Anal Gangbang Natasha Teen

    This Natasha Teen Productions are realy hot! They have real Anal Artist girls and hot big cock boys fucking them merciless. These boys realy know how to fuck a girls ass. They do what they enjoy with them and work great together...
  16. D

    Curious Londoner

    Hey Guys, Curious 25m muscle fit here, looking for someone in a similar position who would be willing to host. Things I think would be fun or hot to do include msg exchange, jerking off together but also sauna steam room fun. Not in to sucking or anything more but think it would be enjoyable...
  17. Detroit90

    Can you help me id these hotties?

    I think that they were all on chaturbate but I can't find their usernames. Can someone help?
  18. T

    Looking for porn

    Do you know the video of two friends, sucking each other. Then the one who is getting the bj says something like „Stop bro, I‘m gonna cum“. Then he cums and his friend got up with his head. It’s a short video of like 30seconds. thank you!
  19. T

    Anyone in nyc down to hangout like BROS in public and have fun in private?

    I’m looking to go to NYC for the day hang out with somebody do normal stuff and later feed our beast. I prefer handsome bearded masculine studded men like myself or older gentleman with outgoing personality
  20. D

    Want my Snapchat DMs filled with dick. Can you help??

    Add me @Johnjonzz23
  21. M

    Straight friend showing sex tape and getting intimate

    I'm super close with a straight friend and we always share very intimate stories or point pf views - made a post about it already if you want more context. We are both in our early 30s. Whenever we are just the 2 of us, I always feel a sexual tension and I dont think i'm imagining it as I am...
  22. JayPR

    Do men show affection to each other in your country/culture?

    My question comes as I am currently living in the U.S. and, based on experience, men who are friends (buddies, colleagues, etc.) rarely show affection to each other, especially physical touch. I am comparing it with other cultures where men do hugs a lot, kiss on the cheek, hold hands...
  23. ItalianHorse98

    Straight guys for bromance

    Straight fit guy here, looking to bond with other straight dudes like me into chatting, knowing each other, jerking off and trading. Nothing lustful or overly sexualized... Just dudes hang out, networking, talking about life and things, comfortable with our own bodies while appreciating others...
  24. J

    CNMN/Casual Nudity C2C

    Anyone looking for casual nudity or to be nude with others around leave your snap/Skype here and add one another Feel free to include NM/CM if you're looking for CMNM
  25. W

    Friends, Bromance?

    Hello I’m looking for something different but I figured there must be someone out there with a similar mindset to myself, who is honest and direct! 22 m philippines here - bi, discreet. Looking for someone I can chat with, be friends with, have some wank fun in time. Talk about anything under...
  26. W


    Hello. I’m a bi discreet guy. 22 from the Philippines. Would love to meet bros or any manly discreet guys to chat and be long time friends with. Sharing each others culture and interests would be awesome. Trading pics when horny is cool too. Add me on snapchat: flipines or u can also message me...
  27. A

    True story - bromance with my PT

    So, I thought I’d post here since some stories aren’t just eroticised fiction but true accounts, and I’ve just had my own that I had to share. So a few years ago, not feeling great about myself, I joined a gym to get back into shape and the gym supplied me with 3 free PT sessions as an...
  28. D

    Snapchat Group for Striaght, Fit, and Married Bros for Bromance

    If you are straight, fit, and married, I want to start a Bromance Snapchat Group where we send videos, pics, and interact like bros. Occassionally cam together and if everyone is open to it, perhaps we meet up in real life. If this is something you would like to try, reply to the following...
  29. D

    Real-Life Bromances

    Lets use this threat for men who are currently married or in LTR with women who are in need of a real life bromance. A bromance can be defined as "A true bromance is a special connection that transcends the boundaries of a regular friendship. You're both riding the same wave of how you think...
  30. looking for other masc fit bros to play house with

    looking for other masc fit bros to play house with