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  1. B


    doing a new snapchat group chat! add me @ jackson_hierac2 to be added to the group chat. Send age and face for a reply!! Pls be fit. rules: must be 18 and must be active!! NO ONE OLDER THAN 22 MENTION YOU ARE FROM LPSG ALSO HMU TO TRADE MEO!!!!
  2. R

    New.. str8 swole bro snapchat group.

    Send a flexing face selfie to snapchat musclebro85 to get verified that you are real.. 18+ only No skinny bros.. no skinny fit... or Manly bro weight... Str8/ married/DL and str8 curious bros that want to share gains. Progress pics. Sex videos with bitches... or whatever Message snapchat...
  3. tyfromtexas

    new ACTIVE snap group

    doing a new snapchat group chat! add me @ ssstonerboner to be added to the group rules: must be 18 and must be active at least once a day
  4. R

    Str8 bros muscle/gym snapchat group

    Str8 muscle or gym bros welcome to join. Post progress pics, gym selfies or anything gym including what ever you like. Even sex stories lol or extra 18+ only.. No gays ... No screenshots ... Once joined.. post 2 live selfies. No face required. You’ve been invited to join the group “Str.8...
  5. F


  6. J

    Who is This?

    Saw this video in another thread with no sources. Anyone know who he is? I'm guessing he has an Onlyfans or Twitter.
  7. Charolais12

    Hairy butts

    Show off your hairy butts guys. I’ll start.
  8. pharaoh44onearth

    The movie "Bros"

    Hey guys, I was looking forward to watching this, today it's been released :D however not in my area, plus i'd only feel safe viewing privately online, does anyone know where online to watch? i tried but my anti virus kept helping me block sites that really didnt have it as most movie ones do...
  9. D

    Real-Life Bromances

    Lets use this threat for men who are currently married or in LTR with women who are in need of a real life bromance. A bromance can be defined as "A true bromance is a special connection that transcends the boundaries of a regular friendship. You're both riding the same wave of how you think...
  10. A

    "Straight" guys

    Does anyone have more of these guys? I know there were a couple of videos of them floating around.
  11. D

    Morning Wood

    It’s like 10am and my dick been hard for since I woke up at 9am. good morning
  12. D


    i’m interested in hearing your roomate stories. like ones about catching each other jerking, or with morning wood, drunken nights together, etc etc really any hot stories are welcome!
  13. Scooter806

    Photos & Videos Sexy Guys Taking Shower

    Hey, this video has been around for a while, great legs! Does anyone know of any more of either of them, any back story, even more of this video? Sexy guys taking shower
  14. sportsmanc

    Sports Squads/bonding/differences

    Does anyone else love the bond and brotherhood of a sports squad? Love the male only space of a lockerroom and how varied the men are on the team. Different builds, colours, ages - knowing all of them regularly see each other naked. The variation is fascinating.
  15. D

    Dirty Snapchat?

    Just wanna see some cock, preferably a lot. Whip em out and flood my inbox, bros. add me @ throoowawaaay1 If you wanna show off for me, awesome. If you wanna trade cock, let’s do it!
  16. ThatFellaUK

    Wank Bros In New Zealand

    Kia ora bros! I'm back in the homeland for the next year or two and keen to make some connections with like-minded horny dudes across the country (though I live in the North Island). Nude circle jerk gif - Photo Porn - meit.info Specifically, I want to find down-to-earth lads who like a...
  17. S

    Photo Jonathan Carlin (jon Super Carlin Bros.)

    I just love Jon Carlin. I find him weirdly very very attractive(even more than ben his brother). just love his arms/biceps. for lack of shirtless material... here's a few good pics (mostly clothed)
  18. P

    South Irish Lads - Anyone About?

    I'm 30 from north cork area. Looking to meet other people from my area about my age. Give or take 10 years. Im a heavy set guy. Currently working out trying to lose weight. I'm good with chatting. Easy to get along with and like my movies, video games and music etc. Love the occasional pint but...
  19. bigirishman

    Hardon With Other Guys, Shower/ Locker Room Etc.

    Hi lads. Looking for vids where one or more guys get boners in busy male only areas, changing room, showers or just guys messing. Especially big erections and especially where others see. Spy cam preferably. But anything near the above is good.
  20. J

    Crossing Lines With My Gym Bro; Joey And Eric

    Here’s my first installment in the series. This is a lot of back story and what led up to this amazing brotherhood between Eric, a 33 year old muscular white construction worker and Joey, a 21 year old Latino stud who is just learning to appreciate his gym results and explore his fantasies. I...
  21. J

    Upstate ny gay or bi?

    Who’s in upstate NY / Albany area? Hot bros looking for chat, cam, or maybe meetup?
  22. L

    Straight lads home video swaps

    Alright lads! Recently me and a mate got into swapping home videos. They would mainly include; POV fucking our GF’s. POV blow jobs etc... Hoping to find like minded lads who’d be into that? We are from England, under 30, straight and very open. It’s the fact we are seeing real footage rather...
  23. N

    Jo buddy survey

    Hey guys, A bit ago I created a survey and posted it on the subreddit r/jobuds, figured i'd try to get more dudes who enjoy having a buddy to jo with to fill it out JO Buds Survey Thanks guy
  24. L

    Wank buddy in skegness and lincolnshire

    Yo lads. Straight 28 yo lad here looking for a wank bud to enjoy some good porn together etc. Get in touch if you’re in the area. Straight/curious lads only. Add chatlad94 on KIK
  25. 6

    College bro gloryhole in miami...who’s curious to try?

    Hey guys, I have a gloryhole set up in N Miami for any hung straight/bi college dudes that want to try getting sucked. If you are a hung jock who exercises and needs an extra release on the DL hit me up! Discretion is a must. Please no one over 30!
  26. Detroit90

    Broswithbenefits from chaturbate

    These guys are HAF :cool: The tattoed ginger hunk fucks his pretty friend only in the private sessions. Has anyone something from their ticket shows? They regularly do a lot of shows on chaturbate.
  27. 1

    Skype nipple play and wank

    More men with hot wired nips? Get turned on by looking at other guys stroking their nipples through a shirt and without? Let's play on skype. Leave comments, pics, vids, skype id here Add me if you like: bob79fun (into fit men of all ages)
  28. O

    Montreal meet-up today. maybe start a regular group meet up?

    Hi guys. I'd love to meet up with one or more hung men so that we can get together and all enjoy what we've got ;) I'm available all day. Black guy, 6'6, 9 uncut. Anyone is welcome, but hung and uncut preferred. I'd love to get more and more guys together for this! So here's hoping we can...