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  1. ChuChiPapi

    Photos & Videos Hispanic/latino Bodybuilder Appreciation Thread (mostly From Insta)

    Okay there are quite a few bodybuilder threads and latino threads but I thought since there are soooooo many latino bodybuilders I thought I would make a thread specifically for this. First up, we have beautiful Colombian Julian Tanaka (Instagram: JulianTanaka1)
  2. F

    Video Can Anyone Id This Long Haired Latino With Massive Dick?

    hello cock lovers can any of you identify this huge dicked latino or tell me where to find the full video?
  3. R

    British Black Men

    Alfred Enoch
  4. ChuChiPapi

    Photos & Videos Brannon Rhodes - Straight Hispanic Porn Star

    This is all I have of him. Unfortunately his stuff is kinda hard to find. If anyone has anymore please let me know. ❤
  5. T


    Hey there, wanted to see if anyone had any nudes of this hottie? Seems fairly sex positive. That ass has me drooling but he also seems to have a big bulge.
  6. T


    Wondering if anyone has nudes of this hottie? Seems very sex positive!
  7. ChuChiPapi

    Photo Istanboys (defunt Site For Turkish And Arab Men)

    Does anyone have any images saved from this amazing website? They seemed to have completely removed the website from existence... unfortunately I only saved pictures from one model and here it is. There were so many handsome men on there.
  8. Marco Tony

    Sahil Mankas Sexy Indian Fitness Man Nude

    Some claims to have naked pictures of him and his masturbation videos. Anybody have naked pictures of him or his videos?
  9. Dw43679

    My Onlyfans Review

    I follow quite a few pages and would love a following to review all these pages. I believe the worse thing a person can do is waist money on a onlyfans page that is far from worth it. I've done it and hated that I had have a month subscription to someone who didn't deserve it. I'll do my...
  10. D

    Trey Songz Vs Chris Brown

    Who has the best body Chris Brown or Trey Songz ??? Show examples
  11. G

    Amardeep Phogat - Indian Hunk

    He is very handsome boy, he has done some modeling, Does anyone has anything of
  12. Footlover18

    Jerking Off On Chaturbate

    Come jerk and chat https://chaturbate.com/_desiguy/
  13. D

    My Desi Cock

    Pl comment Pics in my gallery https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/albums/me-040519.211081/
  14. Rishi Rajput

    Photo Indian / desi gay men pictures

    Starting this thread to share photos of hot Indian/Desi Men. If you have any, please contribute.