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  1. T

    Toronto Buddy Bate Snap Group

    Brothers, Happy New Year! As COVID drags on, I’m going a little stir crazy. What about you? Our families, wives and partners are fantastic but there’s nothing like some guy time to relax and recharge. I would argue that we’re all better husbands, brothers and fathers when we’ve spent some...
  2. J

    Wanking With A Friend

    I responded to a thread in Ask a Straight Guy on this subject but was informed that wasn't strictly allowed so thought we could have this discussion irrespective of sexuality. I'm a gay guy and I'm married to a guy and have a decent sex-life. I have though, for a long time now, felt very...
  3. Lilstigred94

    Helping Hands

    Let's get a thread going for some good mutual/buddy jerks!
  4. B

    20 L.a.

    Hey guys, 20 yo guy here looking for jo buddies, add me on Snapchat (bjwant) or PM me here :)
  5. 2

    Circle Jerk Cincinnati

    Looking for like minded guys to get together and jack off.
  6. M

    Photo Snapchat Fun

    Snapchat bator looking for others to share bating vids and pics Username - Brob8m
  7. M

    Liverpool Circle Jerk

    30 year old straight/curious man looking to start a circle jerk or one on one. Who’s interested?
  8. D

    Atl jo buddy

    moving to ATL this week, looking for a jo buddy, be around 25-35 yo, hung and chill! HMU!
  9. N

    Photo Cock2cock bate

    Im in LA trying to do this i cant host. Message me