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  1. idarkbouquet

    Grafit Studio Model?

    Does anyone know the name/socials of this model for Grafit Studio? Hes hot and grafit studio doesnt credit its models anywhere that i can find. I skimmed through their following on instagram too and couldnt find him. Reverse image search just brings me to grafit studio's artstation where the...
  2. T

    Brandon Starr

    Does anyone have anything of Brandon? Insta: brandonsstarr
  3. T

    Luke Hopkins

    Does anyone have anything on this guy? @lukehopkinslife on instagram
  4. aangindo

    Christian OF/Twitter @chrisxxxtt

    "Found" him on Twitter under a username @chrisxxxtt. Obsessed with his smile, his slightly hairy pecs and huge thighs. Anyone having any full video of him, please? Especially that one where he's wearing underarmour long sleeve
  5. K

    Photos & Videos Tyler shumate

    Anybody have anything on this hunk?
  6. M


    don't know much about him, just found a funny animation he made then saw he has a vlog and shown his face. idk, i feel like i found him kinda cute and goofy (in a charming way), and he kinda looks buff. so yeah, can't seem to find other stuffs about him, though i'm quite interested to find more...
  7. wankgameplays

    Video ID this streaking muscular dude?

    anyone know if he's online anywhere?
  8. J

    Photo ID this smokin muscle stud?

    Anyone know who this guy is? Thanks
  9. M

    Ma Dong-Seok

    i'm surprised no one made a thread about him. he's a very manly hot daddy type. Madongseok GIF - Madongseok - Discover & Share GIFs like, look at that dont even need to take off his clothes to show how sexy he is. his eyes are dreamy, his bulging biceps and pecs are such a treat.
  10. O

    Any buff chub chasers?

    Any fit or muscular men love guys who are on the bigger side? I’ve always wondered if the roles were ever reversed lol
  11. ntflxnchill

    Photos & Videos SorSoap Guy David Restiano

    he’s so hot and has huge muscles any leaks?
  12. okk89

    someone please help me find the full version of this gif

    i saw this gif on discord can someone help me find the full version
  13. S

    Vadym Cavalera

  14. okk89


    can someone post this guys of,im surprised he doesnt have a thread
  15. okk89


    can someone post this guys onlyfans videos??
  16. H

    Photos & Videos CU mrfushigiro_

    EDIT: fucked up the thread title. its supposed to be mrfushiguro_ this stud just turned 19 today. what decided me to make a thread for him is the "subscription" button suddenly pops out on his profile. i dont remember him posting and announcing anything about it. so does anyone knows if its the...
  17. H

    Brian Sanchez (strongestlender)

    No one has posted anything about Strongest Lender. He's super buff Colombian from Georgia who just made an OF Brian Sanchez (@Strongestlender) • Instagram photos and videos https://twitter.com/StrongestLender/ TikTok Brian Sanchez - Strongest Lender OnlyFans
  18. J

    @suchafag on twt

    does anyone have anything on this guy? he used to go by fallengemini on insta
  19. stealthmens

    gavin_adin instagram powerlifter

    Gavin Adin Gavin Adin (@gavin_adin) • Instagram photos and videos
  20. D

    Sev / Sevoninsta / Severin Vasco Marschner

    Er entwickelt sich mehr und mehr vom heißen skinny Nerd zum ultra heißen beefy Gamer. Leider noch nichts shirtless gefunden. Sev (@sevoninsta) • Instagram photos and videos
  21. T

    Anyone knows this guy?

    Anyone knows this guy or has more pics/ vids?
  22. MrMuffin

    Photos & Videos Ethan Keiser (Tiktok)

    Anyone have anything on this guy? He's hot! I like his nips.
  23. stealthmens

    djtdjt1392 hot hunky guy

  24. I

    Photo Ben Giroux (@bengiroux)

    Actor on Nickelodeon show “Henry Danger” also a voice actor.
  25. H

    Angel Addams

    Anyone got anything on angel_addams? He's thick, hairy and beautiful. https://www.instagram.com/angel_addams/
  26. M

    Sidd Gotti

    This sexy man here is Sidd Gotti (IG: sidd_gotti). He is a powerlifter who is into arm wrestling. Who can blame him???? Look at those huge arms, those tattoos, his sexy swag, deep voice, don’t get me started. That’s a lot of MAN. He gives me vibes of the porn star Chevy from BangBros. Even...
  27. M

    Nam Thomas

    This man has one of the best asses on Instagram. I am obsessed with it. His squatting videos are absolutely mouth watering. IG: namnamnamm What turns me on even more is he has done some porn with Chaos Men as Dixon back in 2010. It would be hotter to see him naked now since his ass and thighs...
  28. B

    Photos & Videos DustyBeefy/Daddy_B

    Wondering if this guys OnlyFans is worth it, he has a great ass and body. @dustybeef on TikTok @daddy_b on OnlyFans
  29. J

    Mr. SOS Black Stripper

    Anybody got anything? Who got the nudes
  30. stealthmens

    Photo Someone Help Id Please?