1. Thomsk

    Adois Sabra/Hairyotter1122 hung and hairy model

    Hoping someone remembers this hot, hung and hairy model from a few years ago. Used to cam as hairyotter1122, and did lives on instagram that definitely got him kicked off! Big, thick cock, lovely hairy bush and pits, if anyone can find any more would love to see!
  2. explosionerection

    Hairy big dicks on LPSG

    Let's see pure testosteron in its true form. Who's got a BIG dick with a natural BIG bush? (Only photos from LPSG members)
  3. maybemichael_t

    skype group for hairy guys with bushy cocks

    if you are hairy and/or have a hairy dick, join the group: Join conversation
  4. Thomsk

    Show off your pubes/bush

    I love my own thick natural bush nearly as much as I love seeing them on other guys. show off those hairy crotches, with or without cock, full exposure or sneaking out of waistbands - all welcome.
  5. EnkiEa432

    Photo Seeking the Hairy Ones!

    Hairy Bushes! Pubes & all that jazz…fellas if you’ve got it, come my way! DMs open or add me on telegram @BadBrattyBoi
  6. KingdomCummz

    Happy Halloweenie

    Let’s lost hot gay Halloween themed pix and videos
  7. D

    Should I let the bush grow back in this winter?

    Some winters I let the bush grow back in, but keep the balls shaved. Other winters, I let all the pubic hair grow back. Other winters, I keep it trimmed and shaved. I was thinking of letting the bush grow back, but keeping the balls shaved this winter. What do you think? There's no guarantee...
  8. geodio

    Natural (hairy) or trimmed?

    Hi everyone! I am new here and I would kindly like your opinion on what you prefer/think looks better on me, a natural bush or trimmed? Please keep in mind that, by nature I have quite a hairy body so I would like the appearance down there to be coherent with the rest of the body, whichever the...
  9. Jojovee

    Photo Sidebush

    Is there anything better than a nice hairy guy showing the full extent of his bushy goodness from the side, en profil. Glistening in the sun, posing in the bathroom etc. Show me the best you have. Enjoy
  10. D

    First Post

    I know I’m a twink but that doesn’t mean EVERYTHING is small
  11. S

    Show off your bush

    Post the best pic of your bush below. We want to see your hairy cock.
  12. B

    Outdoor piss spy

    Hi, this is a thread for men pissing outdoors but didn’t know it was filmed. Preferably images and vids from the uk. thanks for any response
  13. Ps93s

    Show urself shower & Shave

    Please feel free to share ur videos and photos of showering and shaving/ manscaping ur body, cock, Balls …. I am feeling really turned on by viewing someone shaves and showers infront of cam. But i am not into a Full shaved. i prefere balls and shaft smooth shaved with a nice clean bush above...
  14. T

    Help me ID this hot latino guy T.T

  15. explosionerection

    How do you prefer your pubic hair?

    How do you prefer your pubic hair? And what is the reason? Shaving because it makes your penis look bigger? Or keeping it natural because you feel more manly, or just can't bother shaving? Let us know in the comments below!
  16. F

    Photo Who is he??

    Found this pic on Reddit with no source or anything. He’s so hot and I need to know. The dick tattoo makes him stick out so I hope someone recognizes him.
  17. Charolais12

    My free onlyfans (Colder909)

    Hey! 23 hairy bro here who had a free onlyfans. I know I’m not much but I enjoy showing off and chatting! Check it out if you want! OnlyFans
  18. pureblisss

    Video Videos of guys talking about their pubes

    I have a pubic hair fetish and I like when people talk about how hairy they are. Whether it’s straight or gay porn, I don’t care, I just want them to talk about their bush like “i’m so fucking hairy.” This type of content usually does well in like, casting couch shit where the director remarks...
  19. F

    OF: Forestcliff

    Been following this dude for a while and he’s seriously so cute and hot af.
  20. Putinho_campinas

    A talk about body hair and masculinity

    I have a strange shame about my body. Even that I'm totally comfortable about my average body shape and hair, I always feel ashamed when someone sees it. I have a particular problem about staying shirt less, even though I really want to and actually feel comfortable while doing it, I'm always...
  21. austincharles99

    preference for pubes

    what do you guys prefer? trimmed, shaved or natural? feel free to add pics to the thread!
  22. yeah.jpg


  23. JayPR

    Is pubic hair trendy again?

    Recently, I have noticed that guys are letting their pubic hair grow natural or just slightly trimmed. It surprised me because, a few years ago, manscaping was all the rage and almost everyone I met sexually or in the locker rooms at the gym was either very trimmed or fully shaved. It became...
  24. shrug


  25. love4D

    ID this hot jock

    I forgot his name but he's so damn hot I need more of him! please help!
  26. 1

    Softcore Actors Showing Bush

    Hey all, Might be a weird topic or question. But does anyone have any favourite clips/pics/whatever of softcore actors who seem to not mind showing their bush while they're simulating a sex scene? I just think it's kinda cool that the actor is comfortable enough to be like, "Yeah, I got a pelt...
  27. L

    Searching Otterish Boys In The Dc Area

    I'm not a size queen, just prefer an otterish boy with a cut cock. Your cock, my mouth. Let me know if this interests you.
  28. Fastandcurious

    New Here Looking For A Virtual Fwb

    Hey guys, I’m kinda new here. I live in the East Coast, I’m 36 years old. I spend a lot of time working from home which usually translates to being constantly horny. I’m looking for a virtual FWB. Somebody to maybe JO with, share pics, stories, etc. I’m into pits and bush, but open to lots of...
  29. today’s underwear

    today’s underwear

    just shared with an LPSG pal - what do you guys think? ;)
  30. indyfrat79

    Really Hairy Guys

    I'd be eager to meet other hairy guys. I don't mean a little fuzz... talking about full-on man pelts - hairy chests, untrimmed bushes, hairy shoulders, backs, etc. I LOVE hairy men - no such thing as too hairy for me. I started sprouting my pelt at 15 and have always love other fuzzballs. Hit me...