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  1. Angelgoodguy

    Id These Guys

    Who are these hot guys ?
  2. C

    Video ☢︎ Shy Straight Latino Trying Buttplugs First Time

    Hey guys, curiousarrow here. Gotta love the attention I get here from time to time. Hopefully I'll get a real dick by the end of the year. A buttplug feels too good, I CUM too fast. How would that work with another person? If I cum really fast when getting fucked wouldn't that be unappealing...
  3. C

    Video 60fps Diy How To Cum With An Anal Buttplug

    Hey guys, curiousarrow here. This is my lastest video, again, someone gave me this great idea. I love hearing ideas from people, so if you have any idea you'd like for me to try let me know in PM. Hope you enjoy ;) this is a DIY cumming with a buttplug
  4. C

    Video Straight Guy Tries Buttplug In Hd! Custom Videos!

    Hey guys curiousarrow here. So I just started a journey to get my ass filled with a large dildo. I'm a straight guy and thought I would satisfy my curiosity with the world. I'm leaving a video of my journey below. Join me and support for further videos! Any support will be invested in...
  5. DumberFusionBlue

    Buttplug Help...

    hi guys, Considering buying a buttplug as the entire internet seems to be positive about the feeling it can have when having sex or just some alone fun... But there are ton loads of them to find. Any good tips? My ass is kinda new with the whole toy thing so don’t exactly know what size to go...