1. rootbeer4377

    Seeking Palms Springs Pal

    Hi! Looking to meet / chat with a gl well hung palms spring guy. I love the desert sun!
  2. TwoToneMahrez97

    Carrlio6 aka LioMexico aka Anthony Lincoln

    So I will get to the point, this guy was somewhat popular on Tumblr like a few years ago, and supposedly (from his mouth) he uploaded a bunch of nude vids and pics, but I cannot find them anywhere. He goes by a TON of different names, so it is hard to find his stuff, and it doesn't help that it...
  3. rootbeer4377

    Palm Springs - Mid-march 2020

    Greetings. First trip to PS planned for mid-march. Any recommendations (spa, massage, restaurant, attractions, etc)? I obviously realize a lot is hindered due to Covid, but need a long weekend trip away to clear my mind. Any endowed guys in the area, feel free to reach out to me at gMail...
  4. C

    Looking For Content On Caligymbi (aka Calenoxxl21cm, Aka 21cmgruesota)

    Hi guys, Looking for content on caligymbi (aka calenoxxl21cm, aka 21cmgruesota) his tweeter has been deleted a few times thus all the usernames. Attaching some photos of what he looks like. You may have seen him before
  5. J

    Huge Onlyfans Dick - Flashlight41

    I recommend subscribing to this hot Cali guy, and it's cheap! With more followers, he'll hopefully post more and longer videos... From his Twitter: