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calvin klein

  1. I

    Photo Calvin Klein Models

    Can you help me?! I was looking for underwear today. Also at Calvin Klein, because I heard that their underwear is very comfortable to wear. On their website I stumbled across different designs and sometimes also jockstraps. Then I discovered this boy. I've tried to find his name on google...
  2. M

    London Underwear Exchange/ Swap

    Hey guys! I want to create a place where we can swap underwear easily and find boys and men who are wanting to in the London areas. I’m looking for any type of underwear! I usually wear boxers (Calvin Klein, nike etc) but wanting to try breifs and other types!! I have a gf so have to be...
  3. A

    Hot Twink Alert

    Just found this really hot 18 year old twink on onlyfans and wanted to spread the word. Anyone else heard of him before? Im thinking of signing up... OnlyFans
  4. U

    Does anyone else have a ''fetish'' for black calvin klein underwear? (Don't be shy to show off anything you have lol)

    I have a strange thing for guys in black calvin klein underwear, I literally prefer it over someone naked. Especially on slim yet muscular guys like jaden hossler lol. It's just something so attractive about it for some reason. specifically boxer briefs. Does anyone else agree to this? Don't be...
  5. D

    Id This Model

    Can someone help ID this model? All I know is that he's a Calvin Klein underwear model and the ad he's in has been airing for about a month.
  6. A

    David "wolfman" Williams

    So, I was browsing through LPSG forums and found a thread that reminded me of one of my first international crushes ever. This is David Williams, a former professional Rugby player from Australia. He was born in August 4, 1986 in Sidney, Australia. In 2008, Williams developed a cult following...
  7. george_01

    I Need Help

    Does anybody know who this hot guy is ??
  8. E

    Hot Calvin Klein Model Id

    Does anybody know who this CK model is? I tried reverse image searching but nothing came up. Here's a link from their website from where I found him: Men’s Jeans | Slim, Straight, and Taper Jeans
  9. calebfr

    Nothing But Calvin Klein Underwear

    Hi guys! As can be seen in the title, this thread will be purely for the appreciation of Calvin Klein underwear. I personally have a fetish for underwear, but more so for ck undies. For about a decade, I have worn nothing but ck undies. And during this duration, I have accumulated more than...
  10. undielover69

    Underwear Fetish Skype

    Bored with an underwear fetish here. Looking to cam with someone who has the same. Bulging in a Calvin Klein jockstrap. 7 inch cock, 23, average body, don't show face. Been edging all day and want to blow. Add me on Skype if you're interested. Blow.mehard.
  11. fireice42

    Arion Santos

  12. fireice42

    Cristobal Remu

  13. shirtlesshunk

    Nick Perillo Wears Ck Brief

    Impressive bod and package. Handsome face, great rack, sexy nips, big bulge – yes to all of that Nick! Personal trainer and fitness online coach Nick Perillo goes shirtless in a beach and show off his buffed body wearing CK Brief
  14. undielover69

    Underwear Fetish Skype

    Bored with an underwear fetish here. Looking to play with someone on cam who has the same fetish. Put on a pair of white calvin klein's and immediately starting bulging. Add me on Skype at blow.mehard if you're interested. No face, I may mic.
  15. fireice42

    Efren Perdomo

  16. eastendboy

    Good Briefs For Support

    Does anyone have recommendations for men’s briefs that offer a good amount of support? Ideally that look plain (i.e. one color), if they show a bulge too then that’s a plus. Used to wear Calvin Klein Body Hip Briefs which were perfect but they stopped making them a while back...
  17. undielover69

    Underwear fetish cam

    Bulging in a pair of pink Calvin Klein briefs, looking to Skype with someone who has a bulge and underwear fetish too. Don't show face and can't mic today because I'm sick and sound gross. 7 inch cock, average/slightly chubby body, 22 years old. Add me on Skype at blow.mehard if you're...
  18. undielover69

    Underwear fetish skype

    Bored and lounging around in a pair of white CK briefs, kind of horny. Looking for someone with a bulge or underwear fetish who wants to play with bulges on cam. No face and can't mic, 22 average body, 7 inch cock. Looking to play now, been edging for a little bit. Blow.mehard is my Skype if...