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  1. H

    Who Is Hairy_calvin Ok Twitter?

    Does anybody know who @hairy_calvin is on Twitter? There’s a Grindr account in Montreal with his information/Twitter link. I’m not sure it’s genuinely him because his Twitter says he’s based in NYC. He’s really sexy but doesn’t show face.... here’s his Twitter...
  2. Y

    Photos & Videos Calvin Grubb From Blind Wave

    anything of this cutie from the reaction channel? ♥ he also appears in his fiancee's channel
  3. M

    Calvin - Temptation Island Germany

    hey everyone, this is Calvin (28) - a contestant on the second temptation island season in germany. he is straight obviously, a true alpha bro. i think he is incredible hot. maybe one of you has other hot pics of him and his body? his insta is calvinkleinen