1. P

    Montreal orgy?

    Any gay orgy groups in Montreal? I wanna join one so bad. Knew several in Toronto but I recently moved to Montreal and looking for friends and hookups.
  2. Nxxxck

    Canadian snap group

    Looking to make a group of Canadian guys so we can chat and trade. Drop your snap, age and city below and I’ll add you
  3. joeypresents

    Events in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    A thread for Events happening in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Feel free to share info if you know of any coming up.
  4. competitor

    Montreal contest guys

    Looking for compare in Montreal I can receive and organized group circle jerk contest
  5. I


    I used to subscribe to this guy 2 years ago before he deactivated his account. His OF username is @filipinorod. I believe he is based in Canada. he had a lot of selfie cumshots and he has this tight ripped body. I wish I bought his videos back then if I knew it was going to get deactivated right...
  6. M


    Hi, does anyone know anything about this boy? I found him as Oliver from Menofmontreal, but other than that I didn't discover anything else, not even on the Montreal page! If someone has some content about it PLEASE share it
  7. tantrictease

    Female content creator in Barrie, Toronto, San Jose CA, Florida

    As you can see I’m quite nomadic Currently In Barrie, just outside Toronto. Will be visiting the other cities over the next couple months. Will actually be driving from Miami through New Orleans, Texas back to California Mature extremely thick, upscale, artistic educated, spiritual tantra...
  8. Nxxxck

    Canadian snap group

    Looking to make a group of Canadian guys to chat and trade with. Drop your snap and age to be added!
  9. joshl2jk

    Toronto, ontario porn scene

    Anyone interested in getting something official based for Toronto men? Any ideas?...filming...editing..shooting...onlyfans.... hung Ontario ontario locations etc....or need help with creating content...using webcam sites? Yes ...i have read a plethora of...
  10. M

    Emilio Calabria aka Elio

    This sexy man Emilio Calabria aka Elio is buff and tatted. He is mostly known for his scenes filmed and produced by Men of Montreal. I love it when he bottoms with that thick booty of his. Thoughts? Twitter: @EmilioCalabria
  11. gothtwink

    20 yr in canada

    yer i’m shit at making intros but here’s a random hello x
  12. marvelous_girl

    Photos & Videos Owen Pierson OF

    Anyone has anything on this guy? OnlyFans OnlyFans Thanks in advance, handsome people!
  13. imhereforthegayporn

    Photos & Videos Coffeelounge

    Coffeelounge (Chaturbate)
  14. I


    Anyone got anything on this Canadian TT/IG cutie?
  15. imhereforthegayporn

    Photos & Videos Thomyvillasavoie / Thomy Villa Savoie (Chaturbate)

    Just found this amazing performer on Chaturbate, he's hunk. Watch Thomyvillasavoie live on Chaturbate! Video #1 (June 23, 2022) Video #2 (May 13, 2022) Video #3 (Early July 2022) Video #4 (September 25, 2022)
  16. hugolopes25

    Photos & Videos Rowan/CreamyRowan

  17. S

    Montreal fun

    Aussie travelling to Montreal from 18 June 2021 to compete in a sporting competition. Looking for local Montreal guys for some fun post event. Starting a little kik group for easy communication while I’m there.. send me a message and I’ll give you the kik information
  18. F

    Canadian snap group

    Hey guys ! Vous avez été invité à rejoindre le groupe "Canuck wank " sur Snapchat. Cliquez sur le lien pour le rejoindre ! Snapchat - Group Invite follow the link for a new all Canadian snap group for wanking and sharing
  19. BaxterBoi


    Hey guys I'm new here, never been on one of these before but I'm looking forward to meeting and chatting with everyone. I'm 29, gay and from BC in Canada.
  20. D

    Group of Friends? (Toronto)

    Hey guys new here and I’m looking for a group of friends that like to hangout and play together. I’m 27 looking for a younger group of friends in Toronto and Etobicoke area. Switch anyone? Would love to join a private group via DM ✌️
  21. D

    Most Gay Friendly Provinces in Canada

    I am starting the process to emigrating to Canada and have to settle on a Province. One of the main reasons for leaving my country is homophobia, so I was wondering if anyone from Canada or living in Canada right now could give me their opinion on what's the most gay friendly city/area. Because...
  22. elbington

    Anyone in York Region have a sauna I can jerk off in? I'm 28 white toned.

    love using saunas. not looking to touch each other, just want to hang in the sauna and maybe touch myself. Im 28 white toned.
  23. bc_chica

    Older Pawg :)

    Mature Woman Seeks BBC-only for real encounters to Vancouver Island. Victoria specifically.
  24. P

    Christian Millette - Dals France

    Hello everybody, Who knows Christian Millette watched in DALS France and SYTYCD Canada? Have you got sexy pictures of him? I love his eyes and all his body. ----- On peut aussi parler français si vous voulez ;)
  25. D

    Toronto - Canada (any Bi/straight Guy For Fwb?)

    Hey, I am a finance professional 34 years old good looking and planning to find a decent bi/straight guy that wants a FWB type thing. If you live in Toronto alone and would love to have a friend that could ongoing give you head and please you, drop me a line. No age limit, so please feel free...
  26. L

    Hey From Canada

    New guy here, can’t wait to chat with the awesome guys here.
  27. D

    Canada Connections

    Hey there, i'm a 21 M looking to chat with some fellow Canadians! I'm open to anyone male or female but prefer people closer to my age.
  28. V

    Any Guys Here In Windsor Ontario Or Nearby?

    Just moved back here and I am looking to provide no strings attached relief to a sane and clean guy. Could be a hj or a bj. Not really into anything more than that. Privacy and staying clean are of utmost importance. Are any guys on here in the Windsor, Ontario region? Thank you Kik:Velvetdome
  29. J

    Jaykibzz - Tiktok Onlyfans Hottie

    Hot guy from canada, has a OF Anyone have any of his videos ??? Jake on TikTok OnlyFans
  30. J

    Christien "tiger" Savoie

    Been watching this beast for a while. He's an upcoming UFC fighter from New Brunswick He's got a couple nice bulge pics and pretty sure he's cut based on some of the VPL's