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  1. Juldo

    Help identify, who's this?

    Does anyone know who this guy is, and if there are any more videos of him?
  2. J

    Help me ID this guy?

    Looking to know if the guy jerking off in this linked video has been in any other content or if there’s a longer version of this video. It’s the video of the roommate jerking off on cam with the TV on loud and his roommate walks in as he cums. Thanks in advance!
  3. boy_from_argentina

    Video Help ID Video ipCam brothers Bedroom.

    Hi. I want to see more videos of these Albanian guys. Do you have some? Please share with us
  4. D

    Getting caught jerking off

    Anyone been caught by other guys? Brothers, dad, cousins, friends, teachers etc? Have a bunch of stories to share so hmu!
  5. N

    Video Need help finding the name of this video

    Hello all. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to which scene this clip is from. I used to jerk off to this scene A LOT as a teenager and I saw this clip on Twitter the other day and I've been scouring the internet ever since with no luck. For more context the blonde guy who's caught...
  6. J

    Caught jacking and helped

    I love watching videos where someone is caught or walked in on while jacking off by someone who then helps them out or joins them. Anyone have any videos to share? There used to be a few posts here where hotel staff walked in on someone and helped but I can’t seem to find them now.
  7. J

    Help ID video cam bedroom guy

    So I came across two videos of this guy, one is just him changing i think and the other one is of him having sex and getting caught. Pls lmk if anyone knows his name or socials
  8. S

    College Jock Caught Jacking Off to KMart Commercial by Roommate

    Hey y’all, I’m sure plenty of you recognize this video, right? It’s been a favorite of mine for a long time, and I know there’s more. https://thisvid.com/videos/kmart-guy-jerking-off/ I’ve searched and searched (maybe I’m just bad at searching lmao) and I think I saw someone say he may have...
  9. D

    19 for older open minded hung for fun

    Vers 19 fit lad into older open minded guys. Stay at home, it’s very open and looking for any older decent hung guys who want to come for open fun. Discreet, genuine, good time. DM. :imp:
  10. T

    Help find this hot video

    Can anyone find this video? Tricked Brazilian surfer boy almost caught jerking off by his mom lol the ending is hilarious
  11. S

    Cumshot in public

    Sometimes i find hot photos/videos but don't know in which thread should i post it. So i decided to make my own thread lol
  12. J

    Photos & Videos Gaming YouTube Channels Nudes

    Anybody got anything on men with gaming channels on YouTube? Send them below.
  13. J

    Photos & Videos Voyeur In Men’s Locker Room

    Got any pics videos of men in locker room jerking off, naked or changing. Send :)
  14. J

    Photos & Videos All Big Brother Tv Nudity

    Got any videos of men naked or having sex on big brother, share it.
  15. J

    Photos & Videos Twitch Streamers Bulge

    Anyone got anything on twitch streamers caught? Or naked on stream.
  16. P

    Video Please Help Find Cruising Vid

    does anybody know where i can find the full video of this??
  17. C

    Best OF/JFF accounts for cruising/public/voyeur/caught videos?

    *title should say cruising… autocorrect is annoying. hey guys! didn’t see a thread on this but i’m looking for the best onlyfans / just for fans / 4myfans accounts with the best public exhibition, cruising, voyeur, caught, flashing delivery drivers, etc videos. specifically looking for similar...
  18. S

    Video In which someone can be overheard jerking off (fap noises, moaning, etc.)

    I'm talking about fap noises coming from the next bathroom stall over, someone who thought their roommate was asleep, hostel situations, etc. I find these types of videos so exciting but they're so hard do find. Lots of "caught" videos but none that I've seen where the recorder is ripped off by...
  19. T

    Anyone have the full link for this?

  20. Worldtown

    Walking in on wanking!!

    Ok now I love the caught jerking post but if y’all have been in there it kinda descends to chaos every now and them. I made this thread specifically for videos of guys jerking it & getting walked in on—not vids of other people CATCHING a guy jerking any vids? Such as this classic
  21. B

    Photos & Videos MeetMe Livestreams

    (You need an account to view livestreams) Guy get banned getting Head from his pregnant GF on MeetMe
  22. J

    Need help finding this

    Anyone know where this might be from? I have absolutely no idea, seems like it may be older but not sure if it is soft core or what. Thanks!
  23. John vazq

    Photos & Videos Spying guys jerking getting caught

    Love watching this kind of videos
  24. J

    Video Caught someone jerking off

    This video is so hot Months ago I caught my friend jerking off and now this type of situation makes me so horny. If you have more videos like this pls share it <3 If in the video they end up fucking it's great too
  25. S

    Hot guy jerking off in the car, help me find him!!!

  26. M

    Photos & Videos Wanking In (busy) Public Areas

    Please post photos or videos of guys wanking in busy public places, like fitting room, sauna, gym shower, library, busy car park, etc. Getting caught is even better! Exhibitionism kind of lost its fun when doing it in empty public places or places with zero chances of getting caught. Muscle...
  27. D

    Cheating/caught Videos

    Does anyone have any favorite cheating videos (gay/straight/bi) that seem real and unstaged? Or “caught” videos that seem real? I also LOVE cuckold videos but I struggle to find the BEST ones that seem real! I would love to see what y’all have!
  28. Im a stan

    Help Identify This Guy Caught Jerking Off

    I have found this video of this bear jerking off but a delivery man walks in and I was wondering who the guy was and if there is a longer version of the video
  29. M


    Does anyone have any OnlyFans video of this guy?
  30. B

    Real J/o Interruptions...

    There are so many vids that say "caught jerking off" when they really mean caught on video, rather than someone actually walking in on them jerking. With so much online jerking going on these days, you'd think there would be more "interruption" vids! Anyone?