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  1. B

    Photos & Videos MeetMe Livestreams

    (You need an account to view livestreams) Guy get banned getting Head from his pregnant GF on MeetMe
  2. J

    Need help finding this

    Anyone know where this might be from? I have absolutely no idea, seems like it may be older but not sure if it is soft core or what. Thanks!
  3. John vazq

    Photos & Videos Spying guys jerking getting caught

    Love watching this kind of videos
  4. J

    Video Caught someone jerking off

    This video is so hot Months ago I caught my friend jerking off and now this type of situation makes me so horny. If you have more videos like this pls share it <3 If in the video they end up fucking it's great too
  5. S

    Hot guy jerking off in the car, help me find him!!!

  6. M

    Photos & Videos Wanking In (busy) Public Areas

    Please post photos or videos of guys wanking in busy public places, like fitting room, sauna, gym shower, library, busy car park, etc. Getting caught is even better! Exhibitionism kind of lost its fun when doing it in empty public places or places with zero chances of getting caught. Muscle...
  7. D

    Cheating/caught Videos

    Does anyone have any favorite cheating videos (gay/straight/bi) that seem real and unstaged? Or “caught” videos that seem real? I also LOVE cuckold videos but I struggle to find the BEST ones that seem real! I would love to see what y’all have!
  8. Im a stan

    Help Identify This Guy Caught Jerking Off

    I have found this video of this bear jerking off but a delivery man walks in and I was wondering who the guy was and if there is a longer version of the video
  9. M


    Does anyone have any OnlyFans video of this guy?
  10. B

    Real J/o Interruptions...

    There are so many vids that say "caught jerking off" when they really mean caught on video, rather than someone actually walking in on them jerking. With so much online jerking going on these days, you'd think there would be more "interruption" vids! Anyone?
  11. S

    [help] Tiktoker Caught Jerking Off In Store Dressing Room Video

    Hey guys, I saw a video on Twitter (https://twitter.com/tiktokboysgwild/status/1403005321556029444) of a TikToker getting caught on purpose in the fitting room of what seems to be a store, but the account got suspended... I even downloaded the video but it is corrupted, so I'm uploading it...
  12. R

    Trans Caught While Masturbating/cumming

    Can you recommend similar videos to one below from 2:45 where trans girl is genuinely caught while masturbating or cumming and do not stop? I don't mean the fake ones professional videos.
  13. S

    Who'd Like To Watch An Ordinary Mastuoccermom Masturbating On Hidden Camera?

    Watch this every day mom masturbating on hidden camera. Anyone interested? How about some nasty comments or tributes for more?
  14. bust_everywhere

    Boys Jacking Off While Mom Talks To Them

    In videos of guys jerking off in their bedroom or bathroom, I love when their mom or other family member starts talking to them through their closed door and they have to respond like normal. Is there a thread for this already? Couldn’t find one. If not, share some of your favorites. A classic:
  15. bust_everywhere

    Help Finding Video?

    I saw this screenshot of this hot boy jacking off in a bathroom. Can anyone help find the full video?
  16. O

    Couples That Like To Be Caught And Watched

    Here is exactly what I always look for. Here in Oklahoma, there aren't too many wild couples. Just once, I'd like to see a couple fucking in their car at the park and let me pull beside them and watch. Just once!!!!!
  17. 3

    Videos Of Guys Having To Hide Their Cocks As They Cum

    Hey guys. I stumbled upon this video a while back: videoplayback The entire time the main guy being filmed is playing with his cock and allowing others to stroke it. The cruising continues but it gets really hot in the last 30 seconds. Some other guys come in and he has to hide his cock though...
  18. Q

    Big Dick Psychology

    Most if not all guys are "obsessed" with their own cock- its size, its appearance, the pleasure it brings them and others etc. Often, this will also involve comparing the size of their cock to others. I am mainly gay and have a noticeable enough bulge when wearing, suit/work trousers, shorts and...
  19. J

    Jerking Off In The Locker Room

    Not sure if there’s a thread already, I couldn’t find one. But share amateur videos of people jerking off in the gym locker room, sauna or gym showers. Especially hot if they get caught.
  20. A

    I.d These Guys

    Can anyone tell me who any of these guys are? I really wanna see more of their content and I wanna know what happens after they get caught
  21. A

    Video Caught In Public Videos

    This thread is for videos of people getting caught jerking off, having sex, exhibitioning, etc in public places.
  22. O

    Husband Walks In Wife Carrys On Fucking

    Hi guys Just found this on another site, husband walks into the hotel room and the wife is already in there being fucked, he talks to her and they just carry on fucking regardless. Anyone know of anything similar?
  23. Leghunter

    Spouse Or Partner’s Reaction To Finding Your Porn Stash?

    Has your spouse or partner ever discovered your porn collection and how did they react after finding it? Years ago my ex found my USB drive full of thousands of pictures and vids. She also accessed my laptop and found many folders with porn and history with porn sites I browsed. I got back one...
  24. Flyguy88

    Caught By Delivery Men/ Window Cleaner

    Hi guys, I am after some advice. I have a huge thing about getting caught hard or jerking by delivery men or my window cleaner. I have answered the door in thin shorts with a huge hard on but they don’t even look. Any tips? Cheers!
  25. ViewingPleasure

    Caught Wanking - Straight

    There’s a thread like this in the gay websites forum, but I want to see dudes getting caught by women. And maybe sticking around...
  26. D

    My softi ..

  27. D

    New on twitter !

    Hey guys I just made a new twitter where I can be a bit more exposed - requests/ideas for photos is more then welcome ! Let me know what you thing :p aka-vildere (@aka_vildere) | Twitter
  28. E

    Amateur couples caught

    Amateur couples caught at a party, in public or just being filmed without them knowing. Anyone have videos or another thread about this?
  29. M

    Have you ever been caught jerking off?

    Have you been caught jerking off? How did it happen? How did the person who caught you react?