1. yfnsp

    Inadequate, Chapter 4

    Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4: The Arrangement After that night, our lives would never be the same. I had been put to work waiting on Cathy and Rex; I fixed them drinks and a snack while they talked. Rex had dressed and was seated in the armchair while Cathy sat at his feet, still...
  2. G

    [HUNT] Help me ID this locked boy

    Anyone know who this is?
  3. A

    Where to buy a chastity cage?

    So I moved to Spain a while back and I have ran into some problems with my packages getting stopped at customs and then returned back to the original sender. This is with buying any sort of merchandise online outside of Spain to have it shipped to my home. I have bought some clothes online...
  4. AjEdged

    AMERICA'S NEXT TOP KINKSTER - Episode 3: Got Milk?

    After his victory, Ryan walked back into the house with his chest puffed. He was angry and ready for confrontation. “Why are you all hiding?! What are you scared of?!” He yelled, Obviously directed at Tyrell, Harry, Nate, and Tai. Victor came and pulled him into their room to cool him down...
  5. AjEdged

    AMERICA'S NEXT TOP KINKSTER - Episode 2: No Pain, No Gain

    Following his victory, Nate took a moment to collect himself before going back to join the other guys in the house. He felt bad for his opponent Hayden, Who he viewed in his statue form. He couldn’t imagine dealing with the non-stop tickling sensations Hayden was feeling in his state. Nate told...
  6. AjEdged

    Orgasm Denial Therapy

    The bartender looked at the door. His face sunk and he let out the most exhausted sigh. “Ahhh man. Here we go. Donny is back…again”. The patron he was speaking to turned to see who came through the door. A tatted up muscle bro. His crew cut, tap out tank, backwards cap, and gym shorts made...
  7. G

    [HUNT] Help me ID this chastity twink

    Cute locked twink from Twitter I saw a little while ago — cannot find him anywhere anymore. I seem to remember he's French and his Twitter handle/name was something like "sub-me-sive" Any help appreciated :)
  8. Conqueredmanhood

    Hello from Conquered Manhood

    Hello - i’m just Checking this site out. Very much don’t understand anything about it and can’t seem to figure out how to post anything or do anything. Everything I click seems to take me no where. Hopefully it just magically starts making sense. so I have a couple other blogs on other...
  9. D

    Video of muscular bottom in chastity?

    Any vids of this? Prefer short handsome bottom in chastity getting fucked by guy or dildo.
  10. V

    Mistress looking for loyal and submissive slaves

    I'm looking for a long term commitment with an aspiring BDSM sex slave, a submissive with no experience whatsoever or someone a lot more experienced, who is wanting to expand their horizons within BDSM lifestyle.kik - Viviangrace2018 ,, snap - mistressviv2121
  11. V

    Mistress looking for subs to serve and obey me

    I'm looking for a long term commitment with an aspiring BDSM sex slave, a submissive with no experience whatsoever or someone a lot more experienced, who is wanting to expand their horizons within BDSM lifestyle.kik ,, Viviangrace2018 and snap ,,mistressviv2121
  12. W

    Nath @BoundMuscleUK
  13. My New Chastity Contract

    My New Chastity Contract

    Please comment on my new Chastity contract between my wife and myself will take effect in a few weeks. ;) CHASTITY CONTRACT This agreement is strictly between _________________ and _________________. The agreement fully releases all rights of ownership of the penis that was once owned by...
  14. B

    Looking for gay (mm) chastity and cum denial videos/stories

    Hi all, I'm trying to find some hot videos or stories involving mm guys being edged and teased and then locked back up without being allowed to cum. Even better if there is bondage involved. Any suggestions would be awesome!
  15. V

    Snapchat group for chastity lovers, man only

    Creating a group for keyholders, locked guys and guys interested in teasing the caged boys. Reply with asl, role and username to be added (18+ only)
  16. V

    Caged top

    Hi everyone, 40 year old straight looking gay looking for an alpha or dom to put me in chastity for his amusement. Love dominant man that I can worship, all true I’m not looking to be a slave. On average not really submissive unless you manage to keep me caged and desperate until I’m ready to...
  17. S

    Small, smooth, submissive, chastity sissy seeks manly boyfriend.

    Hi all, I'm a 5ft5 (167cm) petite sissy, lasered completely smooth all over (laser hair removal on body, face and pubes completed) and small natural breasts from hormones which love being sucked. I'm bottom only and enjoy having my clitty caged so I orgasm exclusively through anal. Looking for...
  18. D

    Any Male Keyholders Want To Try Lock Up A Fit 25 Y/o?

    Hey guys. I'll be brief, I'm Aussie, 25, hard worker and looking for a down to earth dominant guy who wants to encourage me to cum less. If you're new to this, let me know and we can explore together. I'm interested in a caring yet sadistic guy. Maybe start introducing ruined orgasms as the...
  19. T

    Dominus Magyarok

    Anyone know where I can find more of this top? So hot... DominusMagyarok — Give yer stupid faggot gentle words of...
  20. K

    Who Is This Couple?

    hello guys! i would like to know if anyone knows who they are i know only this gif and video but there must be more right? anybody got a link to another video or picture would help. of course if you know...
  21. G

    Links [locking Up Game] Help To Get This Pup Locked This is pup is begging us to give him months of locked up pleasure.
  22. C

    Unfaithful (m/m)

    I started out wanting to write the real-life tale of how my cock first came to be caged. About five drafts later it's now largely fiction, with various embellishments that make me feel horny - though I'm still not entirely happy with it! But I've decided to publish anyway, or I never will. I...
  23. B

    Sexy Hung Bottom @sexymixedguy_

    Guys, Look at this bottom hung! He is hot! This guy is looking for an opportunity to grow his account by making his content more slutty. He is interested in making a video of him being locked in a chastity / cock cage and pounding his hole with a big dildo! However, he needs our support in...
  24. E

    Broken Up With For Being A Total Bottom, Chastity, Kink

    I've been seeing a Man for 5 months. He is Dom and the dynamic is laced with quite a bit of kink. Chastity was one of His requirements. At first it was very very sexual and we never really left the apartment together because these are COVID times and it's NYC, but recently I've begun to meet...
  25. prawn_toast

    Bull Wanted - London

    Hi guys, I have had a tough conversation from my boyfriend and explained I have had enough of pretending to enjoy his little dick so I have taken the step of locking it in a chastity cage. What this means is that I'm now looking for a talented bull with a big cock to satisfy me in all the ways...
  26. S

    Who Is This Guy?

    Hi guys, I'm obsessed with this man. I want more ;) He used to share videos with his former daddy on tumblr. Most of them got deleted. Do you have any hints? I could only find this video online.
  27. domina_with_camera

    Cock Art - My Domina Gaze

    Greetings! I have a new gallery up on my profile, of my ongoing work-in-progress erotic art photography project "MY DOMINA GAZE". I welcome you to go have a look, let me know what you think:
  28. J

    Muscle Jock Micro Cock (@musclejockmicrocock Or @bigjocktinycock On Twitter)

    This guy is beyond hot and he has a legit micro penis. He keeps it locked in a tiny chastity cage most of the time but he sometimes takes it out. It has to be less and an inch long. I’m wondering if anyone has subscribed to his OF and would be able to confirm if it’s worth it or not. Also just...
  29. D

    Links Anything On This Locked Hottie?

    Seems to have a fun twitter, not sure about his OF content. It looks pretty kinky, thinking of subbing. Anyone has anything? Instagram: Jonathan Ortiz (@ortizjona10) • Instagram photos and videos OF: OnlyFans
  30. D

    Pitt Bdsm Trans/queer Sub Looking 4 Big Dicks To Video / Ama Porn

    Hi all, I'm a kinky trans/nonbinary submissive in Pittsburgh seeking big dick tops to worship and possibly make vids with. My pictures on here are kinda old, but I have recent vids on my XTube under my username AnalPig88. You can check them out here: