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  1. P


    This Thread is dedicated and For Men of all Races,Ethnicities and Nationalities. Black,White,Asian,etc everything and everybody.
  2. M

    Please ID this guy!

    Does anybody know who this is?
  3. S

    brownboynz of

    the last thread has been closed. and this guy need to be worshiped!! if any one have vids or pics of this handsome man to share show who got his best vid
  4. W

    stazzyfit - THE GYNO GOD

    This guy is so hot...love his nipples Login • Instagram Stazzyfit (@stazzyfit) | TikTok https://www.youtube.com/@stazzyfit
  5. M

    Best Chest/Arm/Ab Workouts

    My legs are doing pretty good, but I want my arms and exotically my chest. I want to be able to confidently take off my shirt without feeling somewhat embarrassed. Taking any recommendations!
  6. G

    Fabilechef / fabiderchef Insta-Model

    Hey Folks, Has Someone something about this Bump? Login • Instagram Damn he is so hot! I’d noticed that he did some nudes shoots with couple of photographers - but never find something more
  7. W

    Photos & Videos @thebuffboyy

    Anyone got anything on him? Hes got like 8 Twitter accounts and he is so hot. These are all photos from his twitters https://twitter.com/Candyboyxxx?s=20
  8. hamma82

    The one and only Mo

    Twitter legend in my opinion. Great looking man with a chest to die for. This fella seems like a real nice guy, social aware, trans right supporter and more importantly a serious gym bunny. Enjoy
  9. hamma82

    Twitter Crushes

    Hi Guys. Like most I have found a few guys on twitter over the years that seem to really turn me on. So I thought I would share one of my favourites ! Can you all post a pic of your favourite twitter crushes.
  10. J

    Karsonliftz on IG

    This sexy hunk should already have had a thread on here a LONG time ago. He's got a perfect body, beautiful abs, nice hair, symmetrical face, and probably a huge (allegedly) dark/brown colored penis that he keeps tucked away along with his big fat balls. He has large triceps, huge arms overall...
  11. Wassup1234

    Bulk guys

    Anyone into guys that have really big biceps and chest? Like a little chubby but still muscular guys
  12. 1

    Levi Conely

    Onlyfans: OnlyFans Cost to join: $15 per month $42.75 for 3 months $72 for 6 months New to the platform with15 Photos and 7 videos so far. Content: Most of the content includes outtakes and BTS from photoshoots or nsfw pictures that Instagram couldn’t handle. No photos contain full nudity...
  13. K

    Does anyone have the link of this video please help

  14. A

    Next Door Kyle (2007-2008)

    This guy is one of my all time favorites. He only did a few (maybe 3 or 4) videos for Next Door. Anybody have any info or if he's done other work besides from Next Door?
  15. W

    Victor - Armzbro97 - Muscle Worship OF

    This guy is so hot. Love how verbal he gets when teasing. Anything on his OF content? https://twitter.com/armzbro97 Login • Instagram
  16. JaykobTakeup

    Men's chests

    Share photos of hot men and their chests! Hairy or smooth, share what you like!
  17. Leanathleticdc

    Photo Who is this?

    I saw this short video of Twitter. I’m unable to locate the video again but here are a few screen captures. Anyone know who he is? Sexy hung built older exhibitionist man indeed.
  18. T

    Photos & Videos Mauroxandress

    He has a body from another world, beautiful pectorals Tw Mauroxandres Of Mauroxandress
  19. W


    Anything regarding AmonFlex? OnlyFans
  20. P

    Jerking From behind

    I found this position to be one of mi favorites to do on someone or on me because i can jerk the other guy and controling his orgasm and at the same time i can play with his armpits chest nipples and neck
  21. PauloLeiT3

    Photos & Videos Anderson Kayron Bahu

    Algo desse gostoso? Insta: @andersonkayron
  22. Muscle Collector

    Does anyone know the id of the busty twitter?

    Does anyone recognize this guy from Twitter. He is a Brazilian guy that makes nipple sucking fetich videos (@boyms29). I want to if he have Instagram
  23. M

    Colton Cowell - volleyball guy

    Came across this guy in another thread. He's gorgeous! Anyone got anything more on him?
  24. R

    Gavin McCoy (tiktoker)

    Thought I'd share:
  25. A

    Who is this black guy bounce chest, who look like " Gus Fring" from breaking bad

    Does anyone know who is this grandpa ???
  26. Gainerboy

    (M4M) South African looking for sponsor - grow my muscle

    (M4M) South African, normal everyday dude, honest and friendly. I don't party and I'm discreet. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa with a flexible work schedule and open to travel when required. Is there anyone who would sponsor, coach and commit to following my Skinny to muscle...
  27. W

    Jeans Ashitawat - Instagram Model

  28. N

    Juandjj Juan David Jaramillo

    Instagram hottie
  29. D

    Eric Champ (champcityatx)

    Anything on Eric Champ (champcityatx on instagram)?
  30. WowIggy154

    Cedric Dario insta:cedarbear210

    Anything on this guy? His chest is to die for