1. N

    21 chicago college twink looking for dom to service

    as the title says, looking for a hung dom to service regularly. i'm able to travel, so please be able to host. i love toned guys, hard pecs, hairy bodies, pits, and BWC. shoot me a pm if you're in the city and need a twink to deepthroat you. I love the idea of long sessions where I slow suck...
  2. J

    Photos & Videos Help Find Vid of Chicago Guy Getting Fucked

    So i believe i seen this video come up on twitter i don’t remember but it was this white guy with i think blonde hair and he was getting fucked while being filmed pov style and the guy was asking him questions like where he’s from and if others can fuck him too i think? If anyone finds it please...
  3. T

    Luke Richardson

    Big Chicago Blackhawks fan here. And I have to do some bragging about our hot coach! Man the things I would do to him. He's so hot and perfect.
  4. S

    Any nudes of Hunter Diamond

    He’s a gogo dancer based in Chicago. He goes by huntersfullmoon on insta.
  5. MyTruePurpose

    Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago - I'll Worship Your C*ck

    Looking for some cock to suck. Ive never done this before. Im willing to get a hotel for us. I prefer a more intimate situation where I can really appreciate and worship your cock. I believe I have what it takes to give a man a pornstar blowjob! I want to give you a really sensual experience...
  6. glp372_

    chicago jerkbud

    Hey, 22 in the chicago area (near rogers park), looking for guys who are down to jerk sometime, or a fwb if we’re a match. Down for chill 1-1, or some casual group fun as long as it’s chill. Get at me
  7. B

    19y/o looking for cruising spots in Chicago

    Hey I just turned 19 and I’m looking for spots in Chicago that are good for cruising or can expect people already cruising there. I’m a big exhibitionist and also looming into going to banana video I’ve never been but u want some recommendations if I should? Also Loveeee public Sauna action
  8. WindyCity312

    Would like to know

    I'm a straight guy . I'm just curious about something that just crossed my mind. I've had plenty of bj's in my lifetime. I really appreciate the one's that swallowed my entire load everytime. I was wondering , to the people that give bj's . When you swallow a guys load what does it taste like...
  9. S

    New Exhibitionist / ENM enthusiast in chicago

    Hello! I’m a big Exhibitionist living in chicago. I’ve gotten very risky, not gonna lie. Being the only person naked around fully clothed people is especially hot to me (CMNM / CFNM fetish). One of the hottest things for me is being accidentally caught naked by a stranger and seeing their...
  10. D

    eager throat seeking a feeder to take me under his wing

    i've always fantasized about getting to suck and swallow hung dom men. i've had a few experiences with them, but as my fellow cocksuckers know, a "few" is nowhere near enough to satiate this craving!! i've always LOVED the connection I feel with a guy just by taking his cock in my mouth and...
  11. M

    Help me find video of guy changing in Millenium Park!

    Hi, I was hoping someone could repost a video here that’s already here on LPSG. It’s of this guy out in Millenium Park, Chicago (Lurie Garden to be more specific) during the summertime where the camerawoman is filming him change. The Jay Pritzker amphitheater is in the background of the whole...
  12. B

    Luke Siperly

    Shocked that this perfect specimen does not have a thread or any pictures on here. Does anyone have anything on this fine ass man?
  13. L

    Roommate search in chicago

    Hey there. I'm looking for a roommate to move in to an apartment. It's a big place, extremely affordable and in a great location. Message me and I can share more details
  14. B

    Chicago Compare (Oct. 2022)

    Sup bros. Will be in Chicago for a week or so in the middle of October. Competitive dom top here into comparing sizes in person, interested in sizing up with and breaking in other confident tops Hmu and let's compare at your own risk
  15. M

    Chicago Throuple - _reeces_piecess, zach_arias_, and christopher_james_l

    Does anybody have anything on these hotties? Seems like they've been a throuple for a while now.
  16. G

    Cruising spots in Chicago

    Hey y’all! New to Chi! What are the best cruising spots in the city? Gyms, bars, bathhouses…
  17. Mj11xxx

    Chicago area- kinksters. Edging, bdsm, cbt, cum control and more.

    Hey LPSG, I am 28 y.o. guy/ a professional who lives around Chicago. I am interested to get to know anyone nearby who share the common interest such as bdsm, edging, cum control, some cbt. I am very open and would like to meet anyone 18-30 yo. I am fun with multiple personalities. Love...
  18. Mj11xxx

    Chicago Kink/cum control, bdsm, and more.

    Hey LPSG, I am 28 y.o. guy/ a professional who lives around Chicago. I am interested to get to know anyone nearby who share the common interest such as bdsm, edging, cum control, some cbt. I am very open and would like to meet anyone 18-30 yo. I am fun with multiple personalities. Love...
  19. N

    Thick long BWC only looking for crossdressers/trans/cis women or hot wives, 20 year old throbbing white cock in south suburbs of chicago

    I have a veiny thick hard BWC very heavy cummer age 20 year old, looking for CD/trans women or a cuckold hot wife or single mother looking to fuck in the south suburbs, PM me or kik me at nicksant40 PS - I am a Top
  20. A

    Photos & Videos Lido Andoni

    anything on this slutty bodybuilder muscle bottom?
  21. Darpint_acknowledger

    Pzdowney (patrick Downey)

    Chicago doctor/model with an amazing body Any one have any thing on him?
  22. Darpint_acknowledger


    He apparently has a new alt after the last one(supmattjj) got deleted a while back… any one know it or have content from it? please keep content in direct messages! ❤️
  23. C

    Chicago Guy Seeks Show Offs

    Chicago gay guy here into J/O with straight show offs. Spent formative years jerking with straight buddy who must have realized pretty early how big his cock was and always was flashing it for me. Yes, it was a turn on (nothing physical ever happened). It wasn’t until my 20s when I realized my...
  24. bigboaster

    Fitphil92 (kentucky Bubble Butt)

    Can't believe he didn't have a thread yet. Please feel free to share what you have. OnlyFans @Fitphil92 | Linktree
  25. A

    Sbinskii Née Majortvjunkie

    Ex tumblr gay, think he’s in chicago, anyone seen anything?
  26. D

    2021 Illinois Snapchat/kik/skype List

    From Illinois and thought I'd start a thread to share Snap, kik, and/or Skype names. Or just say hi to us guys in Illinois from this year forward. Drop your info and ill send an invite :)
  27. kcdave

    Massage With A Happy Ending!

    I'm an Guy that used to travel some for work. When out of town and I find myself with some free time I enjoy a massage. Earlier this year in Chicago I found a good one in boys town Booked a guy off masseurfinder , but when I arrived Met the masseur a guy about my age, but with long hair. He had...
  28. BriefsandJockstraps

    Chicago Bators

    Hey guys anyone in Chicago want to be bate buds? Prefer guys that actually live in the city so that we could do it more often. I can usually host.
  29. D

    Chicago Suburbs Men

    Hey guys, Looking for bi/straight men/dads from Chicago suburbs. More so west suburbs like Naperville/Aurora area. Snapchat is tadad111. Hit me up and let's see what happens.
  30. S

    Milwaukee, Wi And Surrounding Area

    My gf and I are exploring my Bisexualityand have been for about a year and a half now. Weve had some great experience but up until recently lost contact with all of our single friends. So nowI can't stop thinking of my girlfriend and I sharing a big cock. I'm glad I stumbled on this site...