1. P

    Photos & Videos ID This Chinese Hunk

    Anyone know this guy’s name or social accounts? Here’s him getting edged:
  2. A

    Fit asian bottoms

    Good looking asian guys are hard to find since there arent many asian guys in porn if you got any names please leave them here (East asians) Tall & muscle
  3. A

    Photo Anyone who know about this chinese guys video from??

    I watched this pre-video and very~~ want to view full of this.. If you know, please contact or share here.. thanks..
  4. S


  5. C

    This korean guy is super hot

    He's really hot kr guy
  6. P

    Help me find this chinese porn

  7. H

    Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean Only Fans creators?

    Any recommendations for, specifically, Chinese, Taiwanese or Koreans on Only Fans or similar platforms? Especially those who do gay content / collabs. No Thai, Malaysian, Japanese, Filipino guys, please -- got plenty of 'em bookmarked! ;)
  8. B

    Photos & Videos Need help ID chinese porn star

    Can someone find out who this guy is?
  9. B

    Chun Wai Chan (@Chunner) Fakes - NYCB Principal Ballet Dancer

    I had posted these fakes of Chun Wai in the thread dedicated to him, but being fakes I figure they're better suited to the AI section. Enjoy these face-swapped vids of Chunner in various positions, enjoying himself for us to watch ;) You can find Chun's real content, including lots of pics...
  10. C

    I do have old Branddkim cum vids also known as kijiro_bites now

    I want to trade with lancebynight OF and Stephanwaldt OF vids plz reply me. Thanks in advance!
  11. G

    DJ Feng (WenFeng)

    He’s si fucking hot
  12. E

    Blasian British guy on instagram

    There was this really tall curly hair British blasian instagram model — Somali Chinese I think — who has a thread here as well. I forgot his name though, does anyone know who I’m talking about? He had a Muslim sounding name though.
  13. C

    Tony/Bo Chen (@bochen_0802)

    He is so hot. Anything on him?
  14. G

    翱哥real @AoGe94

    This guy is insanely hot!!!!! Anything on him?
  15. Marco Tony

    Sexy Muscular East Asian Gay Men

    Theres already other threads about east asian men. But they include straight men, straight porn and twinks. What makes this thread distinct is that here its all about hot muscular east asian gay men and gay porn. Here you can post hot muscular japanese men, chinese men, taiwanese men, thai men...
  16. I

    Photos & Videos chinese wrestler xiaokui (小奎) on douyin

    Does anybody have stuff of this hottie?
  17. V

    Asian DILFS

    Post pics of sexy East Asian Daddy’s and DILFS!
  18. Z

    Video Can anyone identify the big bodybuilder in this video?

  19. S

    Cute SG Cam Boy

    Can anyone help ID him? Not sure if he cams on chaturbate but apparently he’s from SG
  20. R

    @Chcci on Instagram @hyykfpUØ on Twitter

    Does anyone have anything on him? He’s been in a bunch of different threads on here but I wanted to make him his own. He posts a link to his telegram in the captions on his tweets but I don’t know the accurate translation but I think it’s for a private telegram group. Does anyone know how to get in?
  21. A

    Anything on @dino_louis ?

    Greek God i must say
  22. H

    Male YouTuber "@mykungfulife182"

    Hi, I recently discovered this guy, and I've completely fallen in love with him. Does anyone have more content featuring him, particularly with less clothing? YouTube: Email:
  23. S


    Surprised theres no thread on this photographer yet
  24. A

    Corey Xiao; Anything on him?

    Been following him for a while and you won’t understand how much I’ve went through his profile‍
  25. J

    Photo Please help me ID this Asian model

    Saw these pics on Twitter. If anyone knows the name (preferrably Instagram username) of this model, please reply :( And if you know the source of these photos, I'd appreciate that, too. Thanks!
  26. chonkymonster

    Photos & Videos Hot Chinese DJ HuaY (花雨洛)

    He's so hot that it hurts to look at him
  27. G

    asian gay magazine cfnm

    II like to see men naked in front of womenaAIiIpAre there any more Asian magazines with women like in the picture? love #cfnm
  28. O

    Please who has the video? His account is Cwheuin.

  29. muscle worshipper_94


    There have been some videos of this Chinese webcam guy with giant pecs floating around MyMuscleVideo and Twitter… so I wanted to create a thread for him here. His Instagram is @spandexray and he’s just started his own Twitter account @muscularcow. He broadcasts on a Chinese site called Daxiang...
  30. Danter11

    He Yong