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  1. G

    asian gay magazine cfnm

    II like to see men naked in front of womenaAIiIpAre there any more Asian magazines with women like in the picture? love #cfnm
  2. O

    Please who has the video? His account is Cwheuin.

  3. muscle worshipper_94


    There have been some videos of this Chinese webcam guy with giant pecs floating around MyMuscleVideo and Twitter… so I wanted to create a thread for him here. His Instagram is @spandexray and he’s just started his own Twitter account @muscularcow. He broadcasts on a Chinese site called Daxiang...
  4. Danter11

    He Yong

  5. Y

    Photos & Videos Yiyan Yang

    Just dropped an OF OnlyFans
  6. A


    Appreciation post for this Chinese hunk with an utterly ludicrous bubble butt, 撸铁五道杠.
  7. C

    The adorable Jeffrey Chang (@jeffreychang)

    I wish he was gay, he's so cute. www.instagram.com/jeffreychang/
  8. pepero200

    Can you help me id this handsome asian with big dick?

    I saw this photo on twitter. I wanna know if he has more videos out there. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  9. 9

    cheating porn source

    source of this video, looks to be chinese and I cant access with the website link
  10. I

    Photos & Videos TheRealYin / Yin Wang

    Anyone got some info or sexy vids of this guy? Hes on TikTok and Instagram as therealyin. He’s the perfect combo of sexy and cute, with a hot london accent. All the content I can find is just face and chest.
  11. K

    Please help ID

    Hi, can anyone please help me identify this guy? I think he is Chinese.
  12. C

    HELP ID! Adonisjing2020 model

    I want to know who this gorgeous man is. I know that in his bio for his photoshoot with Adonisjing his name is “Rick”. I don’t know if that’s his actual name considering he’s not American and I’ve tried searching online and on weibo. Please help me find any social media he might have I really...
  13. A

    Photos & Videos Help me find this chinese guy and his videos

    Hello! Does anyone have his social media and other videos? Aside from jerk off vids, does he also have sex vids?
  14. S1ssy_b01

    Photos & Videos Dylansexfun

    does anyone have this hunk onlyfans videos?
  15. D

    Frank Kauer

    Frank Kauer is a British actor most known for his portrayal in British Soap Opera, "Hollyoaks" as Chen-Williams. The actor is currently 21 years old and is of English and Chinese descent. One of my major crushes at the moment! ❤
  16. love4D

    Photo hiroshihiroshi1974 , hot muscle guy

    Anyone has anything on this hot guy? hiroshihiroshi1974 on instagram. https://www.instagram.com/hiroshihiroshi1974/
  17. P

    [HUNT] Chinese massage videos

    full length versions would be appreciated
  18. DracoBean

    Photos & Videos Amateur Asians!

    So I'm not really a huge fan of super popular OF creators or pornstars and I didn't see a thread like this yet. Anyways feel free to share your favorite pics and vids of smaller/unkown/regular people, I'll start!
  19. X

    Who Is this Taiwanese guy?

    I just want to know who is the guy in this AV?
  20. C

    Asian OnlyFans Performers

    Some of my recommendations for some lesser-known Asian Americans. Also, these guys are all monthly-subscription based, and don't do PPV content. I don't want to share their paid content, because I don't want to take away from the broke boys haha. I just want to help promote them, and hear more...
  21. melodysowner

    Photos & Videos Xianroubao / A_meat_bun / Rou Bau ?

    This is my first time making a thread here so i honestly don't know if i'm doing it right or not... I barely post here but i decided to make one for this guy because he is perfect to me and there is a LOT of content of him around (including +18, nudes, porn photoshoots, etc) but everything is...
  22. D


    Does anyone have anything from @tangyugeges on twitter/instagram? He recently did a private twt were he posts explicit content but I havent been able to find the username, anyone knows it that can share? Here's all I have on him, hoping someone has more to add or knows more about where to get more
  23. O

    Photos & Videos Xiaoya1988

    Is there anyone here follow @xiaoya1988 on twitter? His twitter account is private, and I can't browse his collection of photos and videos. I tried to follow him since 2020, but he just won't accept the follow request. I heard that his last post is from 2019. If someone here could just...
  24. BigBootyGlobalTrotter

    Id This Guy Please (big Dick Chinese)

    I know his twitter is topls111 But anybody know his instagram handle?
  25. T

    Herbert Jing

    Login • Instagram
  26. S

    Xiao Zhan (the Untamed)

  27. dickbiggerth

    Tang Hongyuan 唐鸿远

  28. X


    Nice body, cute face. Anyone have more info about him? I know his Twitter is @RobustTY. Too bad I can't read Mandarin...
  29. 3

    Photos & Videos East Asian Guys

    Please share East Asian (ethnically Chinese, Japanese or Korean) content here There's this hot twitter account I've found so if anyone speaks Chinese, it'd be great
  30. iamloved

    Photos & Videos Nude Thai/chinese Magazine Model

    Anyone know who is the guy in the video or where can I find the full video ? Thanks