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  1. Aetherarchon


    Anyone seen anything about him yet? Just started it
  2. H

    Chris from Spunkworthy

    Does anyone know if this guy has done work anywhere else? I feel like I’ve seen him do some other work.
  3. K

    Chris tallman (Thunderman)

    Anything on him I remember there being a whole thread about him but now I can’t findit there was even a video of him naked in a bathtub but I can’t seem to find it
  4. Ozwombat

    Photo "Gator Chris" Gillette

    Hot guy living in Florida, rescuing alligators and other animals that might otherwise be destroyed by the Animal Control people. Seems 100% straight, and doesn't show anything more than the occasional shirtless shot. But one can hope.
  5. S

    lost onlyfans - chrisnocturnal/nocturnalcb

    awesome dude who went by the name nocturnalcb on onlyfans - he had multiple videos but his account has been deleted and nothing of it is online. he also did cam shows. somebody must have his stuff downloaded! please help!!! some pics of him here -
  6. C

    Blondhair.dontcare CHRIS (Insta)

    Hey all, Is there anything more on this blond hottie called Chris (blondhair.dontcare) from Vienna? :)
  7. J

    Chris Montalvo - Tiktoker/influencer

    Hey hes a tiktoker and influencer, very hot and looks cut. anyone have anything on him, videos? he has a OnlyFans/OF - OnlyFans TikTok https://www.instagram.com/chrissmontalvo/?hl=en TikTok
  8. Marcus8581

    Christopher Buckner - Jersey Shore

    Deena's husband, Chris, caught my eye earlier. Gotta love some grey sweatpants! Link to Video Clip
  9. kinglovely

    Photos & Videos Chris (from @porfi Onlyfans)

    Hi! i would like to know if anyone knows any information about this man and how i could find his content on the internet. He made an appearance on @porfi's Onlyfans and I've been delighted with him ever since. The only things I found out about him is that his possible name is Chris (information...
  10. K

    Chris Moukarbel

    Anything on him? Has he posed shirtless ever?
  11. A

    Chris Vajanyi

    Anyone have anything on this insta model ? www.instagram.com/chrisvajanyi/
  12. A

    Chris Chann (youtuber/skateboarder)

    anything on him???
  13. rdavidley


    y’all got anything on ch, i got some stuff willing to trade
  14. T

    Chris Baber Hot Chef

    Chris deserves his own thread. He's a hot chef I've seen on Instagram. He used to be a model and I hear maybe even an underwear model... He got into a speedo when he did a segment with Tom Daley. Lucky Tom.
  15. 1

    Do you shave cock & balls?

    I hate pubic hair on my cock and balls and shave there regularly.. I leave that hair on my belly though, trimmed.. How do you display your wares?
  16. S

    Chris hemsworth vpl

    From the movie Rush- deleted scene Tune.pk Go to 18 seconds in.
  17. G

    Hairstylist chris appleton

    Anything on Chris Appleton ?