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  1. A

    fit guys into chubs hmu on snap!!

    hi everyone! i’m trying to find more fit guys that are into chubby guys. i have a small dick but a fat ass. hmu on snap!! ab.121204 ;)
  2. A

    fit guys into chubs hmu!

    hi everyone i’m looking for fit/muscular guys that are into chubby white guys. my penis isn’t very large but i have a very large ass. hmu if you’re interested my snap is ab.121204 ;)
  3. R

    Cub/Chub Snapchat

    Hey — looking to start a cub/bears group with anyone who is or appreciates cubs and bears! Drop your sc below and I’ll add you. :)
  4. D

    Spa or bathhouse in bay area for chubs

    Anyone know what are the best bathhouses or spa that have more chubs in the bay area?
  5. bigbuttpiggy

    Pig Btm seeks 55+ Older Perv Master for Roleplay

    I want older daddy types 55+ with webcam that can treat me like their little boy on Skype or kik! I will be masked but daddy can show his face or not while showing me his dripping penis. I love to be daddy’s special little boy! Send me your Skype add or kik. Or add me on Skype...
  6. J

    New Chub

    Just started a new onlyfans I’m a chunky fella. Check it out if your into that stuff. Thanks. OnlyFans
  7. K

    Photos & Videos @saulf6 @flor06

    Anyone have anything on https://twitter.com/sflor72?s=21&t=ikCt0N1hA1ZfIj-sYtrtNQ
  8. S

    Chubby brown uncut cock

    Hi all, i’m 29, chubby brown boy from Toronto, Canada with an uncut cock. Love fat bellies, uncut cocks, public play, bulges and hairy bodies
  9. S


    Anybody subbed to this guys of? His insta and of are the same handle, he’s soooo hot
  10. J


    Hey I’m 18 chubby and hairy looking for a daddy my snap is jakewales212
  11. K

    Anything on Hashira (@tamalesaftrdrk

    His twitter is @alt_hashira and his cock is so thick! And he is so cute!!
  12. BigDaveJr93

    Hi! 28 Gay Chub brand new here

    Hey, big guy (5'9" 410lbs) from Independence, MO here. Never been on these sites before so if I don't respond, I do apologize as I've not quite got things figured out yet. But I left some pictures for people to enjoy, hopefully this'll be a good step towards something good.
  13. M

    Matthew Franzee

    Hello everyone! I am on PornHub at: MatthewFranzee's Gay Porn Videos | Pornhub Add me and take a look at my videos if you’re into really big booties. And please be nice ❤️❤️❤️ More content will be posted soon. Waiting on scheduling with my scene partner. And yes, he will be topping me...
  14. A

    Shy chubby btm from the Philippines

    I'm 19. I've had this account for months now, i think. but i just realized how good the threads/posts here are so I just became active these past few days. I am a chubby virgin college boy from the Philippines. I have a small cock and I'm really shy sharing it. I am a bottom and I really love...
  15. J


    Anyone had videos from this big guy? OnlyFans
  16. C

    Columbia Sc

    Single white guy here. Mature and secure. Looking to make a new friend(s) and see what happens. Chub guy here, but I know how to take care of the guy in my life. Interested? Hit me up.
  17. K

    Video Roland Howard/the Phantom Trucker

    Hello LPSG users, a couple of years ago a youtuber called "roland howard the phantom trucker" posted videos of himself self-spanking, stripping and other naked videos, his new youtube channel (where he was tamer) recently got deleted, i was wondering if anyone has any of the old videos to share...
  18. warblaster414

    Fitness Group

    Are you looking for a place to talk fitness? Trying to ge in it but need help from friends?You have come ot the right place!I want to make a fitness group that basically turns into a community. Accepting anyone from the start of your fitness journey to those whohave achieved their dream body...
  19. Dublinlad7

    Skype Contacts Fit/chub Chase

    Hey, any FIT guys into normal average guys and enjoy being admired in a cam wank session. 38 Irish here. Love hard wanking heavy cum sessions. Skype - DAD77@OUTLOOK.IE
  20. F

    Sacramento Couple 4 Third

    32, chubby Latino 6.5 cock size 23, slim femboy think 6.5 clock size Pics available Snaps Frisco8836 Junebuxio21
  21. G

    Nyc Bears, Cubs, Chubs, And Daddies

    I'm finding a ton of hot bear guys to follow on Twitter but I'm especially interested in guys from NYC. Some of my favorites are Fatboybey Cigarpoppa Stachional Noboots1 Thickmusclecub (I think he is in nyc) Would love suggestions for other similar guys, especially men of color! Tia.
  22. Ylmzcvk

    Photo Please Tell Me Who Is He?

    if u guys know this gif come from, him or the video name anything about it let me know. cause i'm literally obsessed about it!
  23. J

    Chub - Austin, Tx

    Hi guys. Chub bottom in Austin looking for any fun, I’m open to anything (as long as I feel comfortable of course). Hit me up! Twitter: @andyasssss Kik: @posandres Skype: live:.cid.76583b645a1cb15e
  24. H

    Fat Guys Looking To Cam

    18 shy fatty from Aus, looking for older a(25+) guys for mic/cam over Skype. Can share vids/pics if wanted, just have to ask me! I'm pretty fat and mostly non-hairy, have 3" cock, uncut but my foreskin doesn't retract unfortunately aha. Can cam if you're down and we do it a couple times too...
  25. 2

    Twink/jock For Dads/grandads

    23 uk looking for older dads/grandads who like to play with younger on cam. Prefer dad bod/chub. Add me on skype: live:.cid.218b2df7c0ca6906
  26. 1

    Gay Bears, Cub And Chubby Photos

    Bears Cubs Chubby Hairy Guys
  27. Y

    Video Can Someone Help Identify This Video

    Not sure if this is the right Category for this. But anyone have any idea the source of this video? An Onlyfans or Twitter Perhaps? The poster just seemed to have stole it from the original source and slapped their watermark on it.. : unamused:343141
  28. D

    Photo Sph

    Give me your best shot :)
  29. O

    Photo Anyone Know The Name Of This Guy?

  30. K

    Do You Guys Know Where Aussiebeef84 Is?/ Have Any Videos?

    i remember he had accounts on porn websites in 2015 but deleted them all, one of his videos had 2 million views on manhub but he deleted that too this year, do you know where he is? have any of his videos saved?