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  1. T


    Unfortunately it’s only a 7 second clip with no information uploaded to xhamster: Anyone know who he is? Does he have an OF/ @twitter info? One thing I do know is that boner is MESMERIZING
  2. natesols

    Kevin De Bruyne

  3. southlander

    Athens, Greece

    Feed for guys in and around Athens to connect and make contacts. New LPSG group: https://www.lpsg.com/groups/athens-lpsg.7861/group
  4. 5

    Pick A City.

    So the game is to pick a city with the next letter in the alphabet. Once you have picked a city you most post the city and country along with a picture of the city. Example: Antananarivo, Madagascar. *please make sure the photo you post is of the city*
  5. R

    Mexico City

    anybody live in Mexico City? trying to talk to someone, maybe even an expat. Thinking of potentially moving there
  6. 1

    26 - Nyc Looking For A Jo Bud / Muscle Worship

    In NYC around Labor Day weekend and want to jerk off with another guy and worship his muscular body. Pics will likely determine if I'm interested. Not bothered about race, just be muscular, hiv negative and std free. I'm mixed, 6'3", hiv-, free of std's, can send...
  7. 1

    J/o Bud In Nyc?

    I'll be there from the Thursday before Labor Day weekend for a few days. Looking for a jo bud, hung preferably but not required. Same goes if you're muscular/slim. Send me a message for pics and more.