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clone a willy

  1. 7below

    Clone A Willy Plus Balls

    Has anyone done this before. A lil challenging but worth it. Just made my first one
  2. 1

    Would You Clone Your Willy?

    Would you clone your willy? If "someone" asked? If "someone" paid you? :imp:
  3. Dr Base

    Clone a willy

    So I have an ex who I recently reconnected with. She half jokingly half not asked if I would consider being a gigolo. I passed on using my gifts in ways like porn, escorts, gigolo, etc. for moral reasons. But it did remind me of a couple p exes and FWB that mentioned they'd be interested in a...
  4. M

    Clone a willy. would you for your gay friend

    Would you have you cloned? Can we see would be nice to get one from my str8 friend. Would love to see the sizes