clone a willy

  1. DrJacoby

    Is the Clone-A-Willy DIY dildo kit worth it?

    The idea of using a molding kit to make a replica of my dong has tantalized and intimidated me for years. Online reviews emphasize the difficulty and necessity of having at least one additional set of hands to keep a stiff member and manage the complicated production process simultaneously. My...
  2. bands

    Watch me clone my hubby's willy

    We're wondering if anyone would be interested in watching me broadcast me cloning my husband's Willy. If there is interest we will arrange for the google broadcast. We have the benefit of the fact that he now has an implant and keeping his erection is not going to be a problem. Just curious how...
  3. T

    Any UK porn stars dildos? (replicas)

    There seems to be a lot of US porn stars with replica dildos and was wondering if there were any UK ones and if any one has any recommendations..?
  4. 7below

    Clone A Willy Plus Balls

    Has anyone done this before. A lil challenging but worth it. Just made my first one
  5. 1

    Would You Clone Your Willy?

    Would you clone your willy? If "someone" asked? If "someone" paid you? :imp:
  6. Dr Base

    Clone a willy

    So I have an ex who I recently reconnected with. She half jokingly half not asked if I would consider being a gigolo. I passed on using my gifts in ways like porn, escorts, gigolo, etc. for moral reasons. But it did remind me of a couple p exes and FWB that mentioned they'd be interested in a...
  7. M

    Clone a willy. would you for your gay friend

    Would you have you cloned? Can we see would be nice to get one from my str8 friend. Would love to see the sizes