1. J

    Prison Strip Search Video

    Love CMNM and prison strip search videos and situations. First video to get the ball rolling :) Let me know what you guys think:)
  2. W

    Soldier Recruits cmnm video?

    Do any of you guys know where this video is from, I've been looking for ages, you'll make a great favor to me, thank you so much:)
  3. B

    Nude health, yoga, exercise, lifestyle-oriented OF

    I’m a huge fan of OF accounts of this kind, where there is ample nudity and sensuality, but the focus is not pornographic. Some examples include the following. Any others to recommend? - The Wild Naked Man - The Powers of Man - The Nude Biohacker - Grant Foreman Fitness - John Paul Kingston...
  4. beaux cumslut

    Photos & Videos Ike Godsey (red hot straight boys)

    does anyone have his videos? he was 18 when he modeled for RHSB. he's so hot but I can't find his videos online. classic blonde boy twink by the books. anyone have his vids? i'll gratefully appreciate it :heart: Ike Godsey -
  5. M

    The Marvelous Cock of Brock, the Football Jock

    This is the story of Brock, a handsome football jock and his marvelous cock. It is set in the fictional town of Riverview. This is the first chapter of a much longer story by Mrs. Pollington. Chapter 1: The Drive Brock's heart was beating fast. It was getting dark in Riverview. He was seated...
  6. S

    New Exhibitionist / ENM enthusiast in chicago

    Hello! I’m a big Exhibitionist living in chicago. I’ve gotten very risky, not gonna lie. Being the only person naked around fully clothed people is especially hot to me (CMNM / CFNM fetish). One of the hottest things for me is being accidentally caught naked by a stranger and seeing their...
  7. L

    Naked Performances NYC

    so I recently attended a nude stand-up, charity comedy show where all the comics performed completely naked! It seems to be a recurring event and the performers are all successful full time comics (bravo, NY comedy club, Indian matchmaking, Netflix special - just to name a few gigs they are...
  8. Boy04


    Ciao a tutti gli italiani Se conoscete gruppi di italiani e non, dove poter essere aggiunti, magari per scambio foto Grazie mille a tutti
  9. J

    CNMN/Casual Nudity C2C

    Anyone looking for casual nudity or to be nude with others around leave your snap/Skype here and add one another Feel free to include NM/CM if you're looking for CMNM
  10. D

    Can someone help me ID this guy

    Who is the hot guy who drops his towel in this video? CMNM muscular actor exposing it all -
  11. Z

    Video Towel drop at the beach...

    I've always loved this clip of a cute, naked surfer getting his towel yanked off by his buddy at the beach. Does anyone know who these guys are?
  12. A

    The Complete Degradation of a Football Jock

    -- The Complete Degradation of a Football Jock -- ~~~ Chapter 1: The Gym ~~~ It was a sunny afternoon at Wakedown University and the diag was bustling with eager students heading to their classes. The band was practising for their next concert at the city hall. The football jocks were all...
  13. Jake1973

    CMNM (clothed-man, naked-man) thread for one-way nudity

    Since we lost our group, I wanted to start a thread specifically for the CM-NM scene. This is a form of exhibitionism where one guy is the naked focus of attention for other guy(s) who remain dressed. It can take a number of forms usually shaped by the NM's motivation for participating. Some...
  14. D

    New member. London 50 y/o NM sub

    Hi there, New member. London based sub NM here. 50 y/o hoping to connect with an understanding, patient dominant man, around my age or older for mutual exploration into a sub/DOM ongoing encounter.
  15. D

    The Naked Truth.

    Hi there, New to this site. Average 50 y/o gay man, Caucasian. Submissive/obedient. North London based. Seeking a dominant man (preferably around my age or older) who can accommodate. I have past experiences from when I was younger, where I find it a huge release to be able to speak openly...
  16. secretsleazebag

    ID This CMNM Arab God

    So I'm not really into CMNM stuff but I very nearly broke my dick jerking it to this absolute perfection of a man. Can someone ID him or share any other content with him in it? (The fun stuff starts at ~8:50) Arab, Latinos and brown guys: Str8 arab Talim…
  17. S


    Looking to be the NM in a CMNM scenario. Group of clothed guys even better. Located in Sydney Australia. Whilst happy with a Cam scene prefer face to face…
  18. A

    Looking for a series of gaytube videos

    They’re a bunch of videos of this hot latin house cleaner who’s caught masturbating, forced to strip and clean naked, gets told to wear a halloween costume thats just a collar and shirt wrist cuffs, there was also one where he was outside as a pool boy.
  19. Q

    Looking for a CMNM video of a naked guy locked out - Hotel Crystal?

    I saw this video a little bit ago and was instantly one of my favorites, but I can't find it anymore. Some screencaps can be found here: - Nick Stripped(2) - QueerClick It's a CMNM video of a naked guy locked out of his room and needs to go to the front desk. I last saw an upload of it...
  20. P

    CMNM experimentation

    I would like to discuss honestly about CMNM. (Clothed Male Naked Male) It would be interesting to know who prefers being the CM and who prefers being the NM. This should not be about domination, or submission, nothing painful, but just one guy being clothed and one guy being naked and the fun...
  21. Jake1973

    CM-NM Scene

    Wondering how much of a strange unicorn I am although we do have a small group on this site. How many of you guys have heard of or are into the CM-NM (clothed-man, naked man) form of exhibitionism/voyeurism? Basically this is a scene where only one guy is naked with other guy(s) who stay...
  22. Tallents

    Wank buddy Norwich UK

    Hi just looking to see if there are any miles in the Norwich area that are interested in being wank buddies CMNM Naturist’s et cetera
  23. S

    Anyone Know More About “guy” From Cmnm?

    Hi, does anyone know what porn star “Guy” from Cmnm/breeder fuckers etc is up to these days? Does he have any socials? He’s one of my favourites and haven’t seen anything he’s done recently. Thanks.
  24. Servo

    Photos & Videos Enm - Embarrassed Naked Men

    Here's a thread for all things ENM. CMNM, CFNM, Pantsing, Wardrobe Malfunctions, Accidental Nudity, Pranks, Embarrassing Situations, etc.
  25. O

    Complimentary Kinks: Exhibitionism And Voyeurism

    I never, ever thought of myself as a voyeur. The word never had the right sound to describe my tastes. It wasn't that the word was taboo, it just wasn't me. It had a non-consentual factor that never felt quite right. As soon as I heard the term "consentual voyeur" I immediately knew it was the...
  26. mrt19

    Links Cmnm Do Somebody Know Where To Find The Full Version?

    CMNM Bonus: Ambitious Freddie Sensually Strokes the Horny Sheik
  27. 7

    Older Men Who Love Younger Men

    (I've decided, going forward, to post my major articles as separate threads. This will hopefully give more people the opportunity to participate in the discussion. You can find a complete bibliography of my essays in "For the love of college boys" thread) --- This thread is primarily for...
  28. L

    Clothed Male With Nude Males Or Embarrassed Naked/in Underwear Men

    I think I found that I have a bit of a thing for guys in unfortunate, embarrassing situations...getting locked out naked, being the only guy naked (especially if they have a boner) you get the idea... I've searched and found some nice stuff - anyone have more like these?
  29. O

    Cmnm In Chicago

    Hey y'all. CM looking for a NM to meet and get to know. Also looking for other CMs would would like to be part of an audience while a NM friend of mine shows off for us. Pic is not of me, but my buddy.
  30. here4adam Videos?

    Hi, so I loved the boyspycam videos where they would fondle "sleeping" guys and there used to be a lot of those videos posted on but the person who posted them had his account deleted and all the videos were lost. I could find a couple of videos on other sites, but no where near as...