1. 1

    Seal Beach - Long Beach - Orange County

    Verbal Daddy with a big mushroom head , looking for eager cocksuckers that can host weekdays between 12 and 3 ish and some Saturdays . I love feeding cocksuckers and watching straight porn while I talk dirty . Also looking for hung daddies that want to bate . I love cockrings, penis pumps ...
  2. HotBulge

    Show Us Your “power” Or “lucky” Undergear

    Hey Guys, What underwear or gear do you wear when you exude your confidence, your “level up” power? Show us what you wear for that hot date or that job interview ... that little secret as you walk with a little swagger thinking, “if only you knew what I was wearing underneath these...
  3. M

    Cockrings. Pa's What Is Your Opinion?

    I use y cock ring 24/7 is that good thing? I like it because it pulls by scrotum up tight and extends my cock. I started with about an 8 gauge now wear a 0 gauge. got to 00 but that was to F-ing heavy and to mush pressure on the head. i find most cocksuckers want it out, which i can understand...