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  1. GayGay21

    Photos & Videos Rosario Greco

    Rosario Greco Online Fitness Coach Stud Muffin Body Builder Aspiring Model Instagram: ross_greco TikTok: rosario_greco Hey guys! Thought I’d share this jock y’all are sleeping on. He’s cute, sexy, funny, and Hot. I didn’t find a thread for him, so I just started this one myself. Just...
  2. M

    Scott Smith

    So there used to be this extremely hot muscular guy who went by ‘’Scott Smith’’ on Livemuscleshow.com, themusclecorps.com, imlive.com, xvideos live, redtube live, dominants.co, muscleking7 on skype, muscleking07 on youtube and who had a yahoo group called musclekingseven. He performed between...
  3. C

    Muscle Master Kevin

    He is hot. Opinions about this Muscle Master? Regarding his OF, is it worth it?
  4. wetwetwet20

    Kirill Lysenko

    IG: ice_bunny ice_bunny Kirill Lysenko
  5. N

    Chris Nappi

    Anyone know anything/have anything on him?!? He’s super hot and funny and wanted to know if he has anything out there. His Instagram is https://instagram.com/thiccdaddinappi?utm_medium=copy_link His TikTok is Chris Nappi on TikTok
  6. J

    Jake Paul

    Recently I’ve found this man so attractive… I think it’s the tattoos and beard
  7. R

    Id This Verbal Cocky Muscle Hunk?

    Anybody know who this guy is? He's clearly making these vids for customers What is his name? flex vid
  8. B

    Girlfriend Going Abroad

    My first attempt a story. It will be one that builds but I hope there's enough in there to keep you coming back. Would love your feedback! -----Chapter 1------ So this is the story of Andy and Jess (among others). They've been dating pretty solidly since the first weeks of University. They...
  9. B

    Help Id Muscle Teen Cocky Bodybuilder

    hey guys, i've been trying to know who that is, ive seen some few photos of him pop up, never knew who he was, cant even find the photos back but i found this video.
  10. M

    Help Me Id

    Hey everyone! I've seen this video floats on the web and I was wondering if any of you guys had any idea who the OP might be? Let me know!
  11. K

    Photo Casual Huge Cocks/teasing

    This thread is for porn of guys who casually mention their giant cocks, or guys who like to tease their monster cocks, especially guys on twitter