1. Blissito

    Photo More content on @JOJOj1 on Twitter?

    First of all his bugle is immaculate, but he recently deleted or deactivated his tiwtter account after being on private and hiatus for a long time. His content was hot as hell especially the dildo riding. I found a few pictures but I was wondering if anyone had more content on him?
  2. D

    Finding Brandon (taken from blue collar male)

    Does anyone know who this Brandon is and where I can find his socials?
  3. D

    Photo Bdsm Themed Photos

    BDSM in all facets is a personal love of mine. Share BDSM themed photos that get your attention. Included: bondage, femdom, maledom, collars/leashes and whatever else fits this scene.
  4. RoxyRoyce

    Collar & Leash Significance {f4m}

    Hi guys, longtime member here with a question.. Can an experienced Gent in the dark arts please walk me thru the significance of the whole Collar and Leash fetish. I am fairly experienced in most other fetishes involving my sexuality however I have only a shallow understanding of this very...