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college boy

  1. 2

    NYC Hung 20 yr old for other hung bros

    I’m in bushwick, looking for a hung bro hosting. Pls be at least 8 inches, and willing to exchange pics on snap. I can travel around bushwick and bedstuy. Looking to swap head and swallow each others loads
  2. AlexFinds

    Photos & Videos Murphy (littlemurph_34)

    Does anybody have anyone on @Littlemurph_34 on TikTok? (payton_murphy34 on Insta)
  3. Fellatiator

    The First Time(s)

    Preface As an incoming freshman after serving in the military, Mike is a few years older than the rest of the frogs class but lives in a dorm on campus. After graduating from a college a few hours away, I decided to relocate with my BFF who's starting the intense MBA program here. A food...
  4. J


    found this on a site. Do you guys know who he is?? He's kinda one of those college dudes jerking off in an apartment
  5. J

    Identify Please

    Plz someone find this swimmers pics or get them and post plz, over 18 Jbirdsimmon -snapchat Grahamsimmon8 -instagram
  6. B

    Photo Anyone knows who this Tyler is?

    Can anyone identify this model who was on the sites "straight fraternity" and "tickledhard"? He went by the name Tyler. I would love to know what his socials are and if he is still doing porn.
  7. R

    College Straight Guys Snap Group (UPDATED)

    Yo, have a straight college guys snap group that i’m trying to add some more people to. Add me on snapchat and i’ll verify your pics then add you. Add my snap @RyanJ236059 to be added. MUST BE BETWEEN 18-24
  8. F

    College Feet

    Hey Guy College student who recently got laid off from my job. Thought I’d try something new in the meantime. Do I have a future in selling feet pics? See more here - FlintstoneFoots - FeetFinder
  9. aaronthomas247

    Exhibitionist looking to show off

    21 year old guy really into showing off my dick and body to whoever wants to worship it. Always looking for new people to flaunt my college cock to, feel free to shoot me a message!
  10. Collegetwunk

    Nik Ball Onlyfans

    Pretty new model Nik Ball he says he’s a college soccer player, his onlyfans OnlyFans
  11. R

    bjagger1 from Chaturbate

    Kind of an old question, but did anyone catch a chaturbate cast from the handle bjagger1 a couple months ago? Wasn't a particularly good cast but he was v good looking. It looks like he never casted after the first one, but I was wondering if anyone knows an instagram or an OnlyFans for this guy.
  12. zazzo

    Kaden Russell (College Wrestler)

    Starting the chat for the freakishly thick former collegiate wrestler Kaden Russell
  13. J

    Very hung college guy

    Hey everyone, pretty chill college aged guy here. Looking to chat with other guys who have huge cocks. I’m on the slimmer and hairier side of things, and I’ve always been the biggest of my buddies. Hit me up on insta if you want to chat/compare: @jacobh0988
  14. J

    Horny uni student

    Hey, I’m 21 and currently studying. Kinda just realised I have a thing for guys. It’s dawn right now and my roommate is asleep but I’m horny af. Help me wank I wanna wank one out but nothing seems good these days . Might be selfish but was wondering if lpsg could provide good content to jerk...
  15. J

    BWC college guy, looking for other well hung guys

    Hey everyone, pretty chill college aged guy here. Looking to chat with other guys who have huge cocks. I’m on the slimmer and hairier side of things, and I’ve always been the biggest of my buddies. Hit me up on insta if you want to chat/compare: @jacobh0988
  16. Sagnusnutz

    Just bought a new dildo

    Just tried out a new dildo. It’s huge and I didn’t think I could fit the entire thing but I underestimated myself
  17. E

    Any British uni students with an OnlyFans?

    preferably well-endowed. Twitter links welcome.
  18. Thicc Shake

    His Hot Feet - (Foot fetish story)

    So, a bit of an odd story, appreciate it might not be for everyone, but this is how I discovered that I had a foot fetish. I'm in college at this point (maybe I'm a late bloomer in the fetish department) and it's been a couple of months now. It's the usual story - attending classes, making...
  19. D

    Grayson Allen NBA Player

    Anything on Grayson Allen, he plays with the Milwaukee Bucks and use to play at duke
  20. bigbroken

    Gaven Reasonover

    He is so fucking fine.
  21. C

    Kyle Ruggery (krugzzz1)

    He is very hot and posts a lot of shirtless things! Anything on him?
  22. J

    Dan Hearn Model

    WOW! Has anyone seen this hot new model?! He’s insane. Look at this pics!! PRETTY | DAN HEARN | PORTFOLIO I want to see more, a lot more
  23. Craig and Jack XXX

    Young College Couple

    Hey boys! We are a young college couple, Craig and Jack. Craig is the top and Jack is the bottom. We've been together for 2 years now and we are starting to experiment with others and share our sexual fun with others online. We're really enjoying it. Hope you guys enjoy what you see x
  24. Dream Big

    Curiouser And Curiouser

    Alex looked at the bottle before him with an incredulous look on his face. Drink me was printed in near script on the sticker on the bottle. The broad-shouldered, brown haired, brown eyed college freshman was American, but he was no fool, and when his professor had offered a berth on his...
  25. 2

    Alexpok16 Tiktok

    Hot college tiktok guy I guess made an onlyfans. Anyone subbed? His of is alexpok24
  26. F


    this guy is handsome and has great cock and body, dunno if he has other stuffs besides these ones from pornhub BigBoNut's Porn Videos | Pornhub
  27. SeanLBGL

    Zane Williams/zane Baldwin

    Anyone got anything hot to share on Zane Wiliams/Zane Baldwin? He does do porn. I find him really hot and I'd like to see more of him!
  28. Percival139383

    Extra Training

    So, I decided to try my hand at erotic writing and this was what transpired. I'm really enjoying it so there'll be more coming soon. I'd like to thank my amateur editor @Ferdi.LT for helping me. Enjoy!
  29. 2


    Does anyone subscribe to Landon Boswell on onlyfans? His content is great on pornhub but I can’t see his onlyfans videos. If anyone can help out this is the place to do it! Even him just talking would be great
  30. A

    Landon Boswell

    Anyone have anything on this stud? He’s straight, muscular, and hung! His PornHub page is pretty good too. Please share if you have anything else!