1. p4scal16

    Rhys Darby

    Starting a thread for him! This is Rhys Montague Darby, a new zealand actor and comedian. He has 49 years old and was the protagonist of Our Flag Means Death, a queer show
  2. A

    Lucas Zelnick - TikTok comedian

    I think he is so hot. He is admittedly straight and has made some gay jokes but I’m wondering if anyone has anything from him? Pretty much shot in the dark because he is a comedian and doesn’t post anything remotely related to thirst traps or X rated content but I have the fattest crush on him...
  3. A

    Joeyparty San Diego comedian

    Does anyone have anything on joeyparty? Str8 comedian/improv bro out of SD. So fucking hot with a great ass and huge bulge. Such a hot tease
  4. mrFBD


    Didn't see anything about this guy here and I'd LOVE to see more. He's funny and really not bad to look at IMO. Looks like he's packing some mean meat, front and back! @iamsaucee on Instagram: "Lol well that took a turn , btw I love all my Mexican people out there this is just a skit ✊ ...
  5. ghostbobby

    Joey Dardano

    joey or joseph dardano is a web personality / comedian / goofy hunk. his voice and energy gives me charlie day vibes—another goofy dude who gives me a boner—and kinda shocked there isn’t anything here yet.
  6. I

    Josh Berry Comedian

    He’s a somewhat funny comedian that does skits and standup. His ass is fat asf though TikTok - Make Your Day
  7. M

    comedian yoo byung jae?

    anything on him? i found him cute and handsome. i think i first saw him in runningman and my mind immediately went something like "yum" lol (ig: dbqudwo333)
  8. rofmatt

    Photos & Videos Marcello Hernández (SNL Comedian)

    Marcello Hernandez (born August 19, 1997, age 26) is an American stand-up comedian and actor Cuban-Dominican descent. Hernandez joined the cast of the NBC series Saturday Night Live as a featured player before the start of the show's 48th season in 2022. Height is 5 feet 6 inches (170 cm), and...
  9. E

    demetrius fields

    Hey just wanted to see if he had anything out there!
  10. 1

    Cameron Logsdon, comedian

    Just an appreciation thread for this sexy boyfriend material man. Just gorgeous and hot.
  11. D

    Paul Williams (Taskmaster NZ)

    Anything on this sexy man? Paul in the pool
  12. T

    Pete Lee

    His dad bod and personality makes him so hot to me. And the bulge
  13. K

    Celeb Game - Would You Rather? Celeb Situ

    Hi. Thought this game could be quite fun. So rather than the normal this celeb or that celeb? it would be like two situations involving celebs of your choice. For example: would you rather have ….. spit in your mouth? or …. give you a golden shower? make it kinky, make it fun… the tougher...
  14. CokeZero380

    Zach Zucker (Jack Tucker, Viggo and Venn, Stamptown)

    I just think this guy is gorgeous. A US comedian who has done lots around the world. He’s cheeky and cute. He obviously doesn’t mind getting his clothes off, so please share anything better!
  15. T

    Andrew Schultz

    from flagrant & brilliant idiots. just imagine him giving green lights and just laying back to receive. sorry for the safari quality.
  16. Y

    Janik Rohac

    This is Janik Rohac, a Slovak comedian with great body and big bulge. His TikTok and Instagram: por.janek
  17. L

    Lee Peart (itsleepeart)

    Got a big crush on this guy- anyone seen him naked?
  18. M

    Jacob Kaplan - comedian/writer

    Anyone have anything on this cute guy? His videos are very funny and I find him very cute. He does videos with Kyle Gordon, who I also don’t see a page for on here yet.
  19. J

    Maxx Eddy

    Anyone got anything on Maxx Eddy? I think he’s from San Francisco..or from California at least. He’s a red-headed, bi comedian on TikTok and Instagram.
  20. heisenbergwhite1

    BG Kumbi / Kevin Stafford

    Surprised there wasn't already a thread on this cute 25 year old American youtuber/comedian
  21. L

    Andy Arthur Smith

    I can't believe this guy doesn't have a page yet! Maybe I'm alone in this, but I feel like he is one of the cutest "social media" people that have come out in the last ten years. He only really posts videos, so it's hard to get good pics of him. I've never seen him shirtless and would kill to...
  22. R

    Darius Dinkins

    Darius Dinkins Twitter Instagram Tik Tok
  23. F

    Nate Bargatze (Comedian)

    Surprised I haven't seen any comments about comedian, Nate Bargatze. His smooth southern voice, his salt and pepper hair and beard, and he's just funny. There's something about his eyes too. He's aged much better now that he's older. He had an IG story months ago at the beach and his hairy chest...
  24. L

    Greg Davies (UK Comedian)

  25. S

    Tom Houghton (HonourableTom)

    UK Comedian and contestant on Season 5 of the circle. I find him so dreamy. Physically attractive and an amazing personality.
  26. M

    Photos & Videos OfficialMinks (Marlin Minks)

  27. SmoothLatin1992


    anyone have any nudes or videos on this young hottie?!?!? been following him for a while noww and weve all been waiting for him to create onlyfans!!!! First came across him in that horror movie and on tiktok and ive be obsessed ever since drop his nudes if u hav any!! ive tried via dm
  28. A

    Chris Olivo

  29. C

    Michael Longfellow (SNL)

    Anything on him?
  30. thebussyinvader

    Gerbert Johnson | YouTuber

    What do we have on the hilarious and hot YouTuber, Gerbert Johnson?