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  1. tanamon1111

    Nathan Fielder (Canadian comedian from Nathan for you and The Rehearsal)

    He so cute and hot more people need to know
  2. J

    YouTuber Sylas

    Found this channel today, looks like a cute and fun guy Sylas youTube does anyone know anymore about him? Ive seen the links to his social media but wondered if he had an Onlyfans or had appeared anywhere else (if you know what I mean?)
  3. I

    Morgan Rees - Comedian

    This guy has been on my radar recently. Welsh comedian, bisexual and a confirmed top! He's super hairy and seems like a lovely guy. Some of his stand up content was about his recent first male relationship and he's experience of anal and blowjobs
  4. S

    Nick Lutsko on YouTube

    I came across some silly song this guy had up on YouTube early in the pandemic and he's gotten quite a few laughs out of me in the time since. It looks like his recent live shows are a hell of a lot of fun, too! https://youtube.com/user/nicholasryanlutsko https://twitter.com/NickLutsko...
  5. Selvadorada


    Anything on him?
  6. G

    Billy Procida (Comedian)

    Thread for sexy cute comedian, podcaster and onlyfans creator Billy Procida. This DILF in the making said he would be so happy on his podcast if he could see his nudes and online work shared by his fans. @TheBillyProcida Callmebilly - OnlyFans Man Whore - podcast Body painting Nudes
  7. ItsMeGabriel

    Comedian (and stud) Matt McManus

    Matt McManus is comedian from California. If you're a watcher of Rupaul's Drag Race, then you should recognize him as one of the straight studs paired with Manila Luzon in Season 3. What else can I say about Matt? Oh, right! He's f***ing delicious to look at! His well-fit legs, nice ass and...
  8. J

    Brennan Lee Mulligan- Dropout/College Humor

    He is my partner’s number one celebrity fantasy. He deserves a thread.
  9. D

    Hitman Holla

    Anybody got anything on him from the close friend subscription? He switched it to Snapchat and hasn’t added me yet and I’ve emailed 3 times. This is all I’ve seen so far
  10. B

    Alexandre Santos (Portuguese Comedian)

    Assumidamente hétero e fora dos padrões corporais, mas às vezes dou por mim a pensar nele. Alguém tem algo dele? Insta: @alexandresantoscomedy Twitter: @BinhasOnte
  11. M

    Sexy comedian Max Manticof

    I guess he’s technically not a celebrity, but he’s so damn hot. Does anyone have any photos or stories about this guy? He seems like the type to send nudes. His Instagram is @maxmanticof_
  12. A

    Quinn comedian in london

    Anyone seen this guy in London he was doing a show in convent gardens. He was hilarious and very cute!
  13. E

    Comedian Bert Kreischer Naked

    Surprised there isn’t a thread of him yet. He’s a sexy bear and he gets naked a lot!
  14. D

    Donald Glover (Childish Gambino)

    Donald Glover also known by the stage name Childish Gambino, is an American actor, rapper, singer, writer, comedian, director, and producer. Love his smaller but toned frame and that smile is to die for when he was younger. He still looks incredible. Bisexual at the very least for sure!!!
  15. Krpt

    Joel Stern From Third Leg Studios

    Any takers for this amusing, Indian-origin, cute British comedian? :D
  16. M

    Doug Stanhope

    Anyone got any pics of this old cow?
  17. A

    Photos & Videos Ricky Velez (comedian, Actor, Writer)

  18. T

    Aurel Mertz

    Does anyone know him or has some hot stuff from him? he is a german comedian, pretty h if u aks me thx guys
  19. O

    James Acaster

    I find him so strangely attractive. Would love to see his body.
  20. fireice42

    Madtv - Michael Mcdonald

  21. O

    Photos & Videos Tommy Little

    Anything on the Australian comedian / tv host?
  22. shirtlesshunk

    Photo Comedian Actor Eric André Gets Naked

    Actor and comedian Eric André goes naked. This funny-man loves to show off his meat treat whenever he gets the chance.
  23. Sauerkraut

    Stevie Blue Eyes

    Does a well endowed, professional comedian, who has recently crossed over into straight porn along with his (pornstar) wife Nicole Aniston, still belong here?
  24. H

    Uk Comedians

    I know we have a few specific threads for people like Joel Dommett and Russel Howard but I find quite a lot of comedians quite attractive, iven if they arent conventionally so. So I thought a general thread would be good, considering a lot of them are always doing silly stuff and getting their...
  25. ichdeutscher

    Stevie Emerson

    Stevie Emerson (@stevie_emerson) • Instagram photos and videos He’s a comedian with a pretty decent following on Instagram and he’s actually pretty funny.
  26. 4

    Nish Kumar

    Noticed there was no thread on this cutie Nish Kumar, he’s close friends with Joel Dommett(you should know him ) & am absolutely in love with him. He’s a stand up comedian & there’s something so precious about him despite his hairyness!
  27. A

    Comedian Chris Distefano ♥♥♥

    anything on this massive puppy?
  28. P

    It's A Dick Measuring Contest

    I wanted to create something unique, because for some of us, watching two hot guys fight with one overpowering the other can be a massive turn on. This thread just like the ones is for the Ebony celebrities. This thread can be anywhere from debating who would win in a physical fight, who would...
  29. Z

    Ginger Billy

    Been seeing more and more comedy vids of this Ginger muscled stud pop up more and more in my feed. He's funny and likes to show off anyone have any hot stuff of him? He's big bodybuilder type.
  30. R

    Lachlan Fairbairn (fairbairn Films)

    Lachy is so fucking hot and cute, anyone got any other pics of him? He’s gotta have some nudes out there