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  1. J

    cocksize comparison site

    Anyone know of good site to compare cocks now that visualiser has closed? There is cockrival.com but it's not as good as the forme cocksizecontest or thevisualiser. Let's share guys and then compare
  2. Comparing with a tp roll

    Comparing with a tp roll

  3. Me vs Neijo - Side view

    Me vs Neijo - Side view

  4. Me vs Neijo - Soft

    Me vs Neijo - Soft

    Looks like that joke I made about him looking like a kid next to me is pretty accurate lmao
  5. dp88

    Comparing Cock With Your Phone Or Tablet

    Comparing cock with your phone or tablet
  6. A

    Comparing Cocks In London

    Hello all, I would like to upload more pics or my cock compared with others. Nothing sexual, straight, bi, gay, all age and sexy. The idea is to meet compare and take pics for this blog. I live in central London. Let me know
  7. R

    Snapchat Group: Dick Games / Goofing Off

    Starting a new SC Group in a similar vein to this one. Str8, gay, bi, curious - all welcome. This isn't a group jerk, it's just for a laugh. In short: "Think dares, jizz contests, taking leaks, goofy dick pics, nustack pics, snapchat editing to make the snaps even stupider/funnier, making fun...
  8. navywill83

    Initiating Idea To Jerk W/close Friend

    Best friend of mine from college plans to vacation together and prob share room. He was bi then straight in college and I’m gay. We talk sex to this day in detail. For every str8 bar I go to w/him, he goes to gay ones w/me...likes the attn of guys even. We’re in our 30s. How do I start the...
  9. 4

    Jack/frot/oral (ga, Al, Sc, Tn, Ms, Fl)

    Looking forward to meeting with fellow LPSG'ers that are into Bro Bonding with other guys. Jack, Frot and Oral. HMU for more details!
  10. Chris S.

    Compare In Person - Michigan

    looking for a bud who wants to meet up and compare dicks. I’m 29, straight, fit and hung. Down to compare in a friendly or competitive set-up. Message me to chat more details!
  11. A

    Ever compared your dick with a buddy in a non sexual environment?

    Have you ever compared your dick with the one of your buddys in the locker, shower, urinal, or any other setting which was not sexual? Just to see whos bigger, girther, or just out of curiosity?
  12. littlehain

    Dick size comparing / berlin

    Hey, i want to compare dicks, im looking for xxl dicks, i have a mini dick, i would love it, if you humiliate me :D in berlin
  13. WeekendNights

    How different would you feel about yourself if you had the cock of the person above you?

    If you spent your life having the cock above you instead of your own, do you think it would've shaped the way you think of yourself any differently? Would it change your level of confidence? Do you think you would've had the same sexual experiences? Does the idea turn you on/off/neutral...
  14. littleguyhugecock

    Atlanta. looking for jo and oral buds

    in the Atlanta area. You must be thin, twink like and have a good size cock on you, as well.. I do.!! I am 5'8" 138 lbs. 29 inch waist with a nice one. Looking for a all afternoon session. If your in North Fulton all the better. I can host or get out. Love comparing length, girth, cockheads...
  15. P

    Female progress/comparisons/transformations

    There are a couple threads on here that have specific comparisons or progressions, but how about we get one for everything that doesn't fit into those specific categories. There are a bunch for cock size, but it would be great to see comparisons about other stuff mostly centered on females...
  16. R

    Gayporn with two or more different sized dicks

    Hi guys, they already have a thread like this in the Straight section. Can we have the same here? Please post videos where there's a clear difference between small and a monster dick. Threesome, orgy, comparing, jack-off, etc. Big Matt fucks Anthony & Justin Antonin Devos shower threesome...
  17. P

    Beer bottle

    Hi everyone, I wonder whose dick is longer than a glass beer bottle? I would love to see some pictures
  18. H

    21yo hung german guy looking for other hung guys to compare with

    Kik : Koyahiro As title says I'm a well endowed, fit german guy who's looking for competition ;) Comparing +++ Trading & Sexting +++