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  1. Jackson_XL

    Honest Rates

    I’m bored. So giving out brutally honest rates. Post a pic or comment and I’ll rate your cock outta 10.
  2. lttle1

    Do Hung Guys Like a Fuss?

    Hubby and I went to a jack off party for the first time and will likely go to more. I'm hung only 4.5" x 4.5" and for me, a main attraction is stroking big ones. Since I enjoy the size contrast and some subtle sph, I'd like to tell a well-hung guy that I like how big his is, and how different...
  3. A

    Comparing Against A Pornstars Dildo

    Bf bought Colby Keller’s dildo and I immediately held it against my cock...needless to say the bf got a hard fucking
  4. B

    Hand/penis Size

    I want to get a sample size for curiosity sake. And I know that self reporting is typically useless but this is LPSG - most guys here post pictures of their dicks so I don't see why they'd lie. Please post your hand size (from wrist to middle finger.) And please post your dick length. I'll go...
  5. Passandre92

    Photo Show A Picture Of Your Dick With Your Feet

    Let's post pictures showing our dick and feet side by side. Dick is 7.5x6 inches Feet 11.5 US, 43 BR, 45 UK
  6. Johnbarrow8

    Thread Of Comparing To Objects. I'll Start..

    5575641 5372031
  7. thickcock82

    Willing To Admit Big Dick Superiority

    I’m a smaller guy interested in making friends with a bigger guy whose superior cock I can praise as we get to know each other more. I’m willing to acknowledge that bigger cocks are the ultimate trump cards. My opinions don’t matter as much as those of a real man and I’m willing - eager, even -...
  8. thickcock82

    New And Excited

    I’m a straight, married man living in California. I enjoy comparison and SPH (giving or receiving, depending on who I’m talking to). But I also just enjoy connecting with people. So if you want to talk about whatever, hit me up! In the meantime, here’s a picture of my cock. I hope you like it...
  9. TinyCock

    Post-lockdown Size Comparison London

    Hi Guys, I'm a smaller guy from just outside London looking to connect with VWE guys for some post-lockdown size comparison / teasing fun. The ideal person/people will be: Younger than me. Shorter / slighter than me - I'm 6'2" and 16 stone. Bigger soft than I am hard - not difficult!! Most...
  10. curiousfireman

    If The Cock Above You Is Smaller, Humiliate Him, If Bigger Compliment Him.

    Who's first ?
  11. G

    Photo Which One Is Better?

  12. 2

    Let's Everyone Post Comparison Photos

    Here my comparison photos. And you post yours 2767811 2777931
  13. E

    Compare Your Cock With A Monster Energy Drink Can

    Hey guys. I would like to ask you to compare your hard cocks to a monster energy drink can. No matter sizes or flavours. Here is mine!
  14. R

    Kik Comparison And Conversations

    If you have Kik, hit me up! I love comparing and trash talking. If you’re into SPH, either giving or receiving, I’m happy to oblige. Also, to be honest, I just enjoy talking with people. I can get pretty lonely sometimes, so just having somebody to chat with is a novelty. So if you want to...
  15. salopesud

    Comp With Hubby

    i have new pics of hubby shrimp* if you have a big cock and what to compare, fotoshop or just comment, pm me will be pleasure o share and show him
  16. Fallchild337

    The Cookie Comparison

    A couple guys have sent me their own versions of this shot to see how they compare. I won't post them without permission, but it got me thinking if this could be a good way to compare sizes without all the ruler shenanigans that cause such a problem with everybody. Lets see how everyone stacks...
  17. D

    Small penis humiliation (sph)

    Hi. Lesser endowed man looking for those bigger to skype and compare dicks with. I'm docile and like to be teased. I'll most likely agree with whatever you say to me. I love to be outsized! Hung guys, hmu: skype is andrewjailer
  18. D

    Female progress/comparisons/transformations

    There are a couple threads on here that have specific comparisons or progressions, but how about we get one for everything that doesn't fit into those specific categories. There are a bunch for cock size, but it would be great to see comparisons about other stuff mostly centered on females...
  19. salopesud

    Comparison games

    Looking for good photoshoper to mix pics and compare with hubby cock )
  20. S

    Girls in similar scenes with small and with big dick

    Hello, I want to start Thread where we collect comparisons of similar scenes where girls had sex with a small/average and with a big dick. Here my example (name: Dido Angel): Average: NubileFilms Dido Angel Cum Desires nubilef 13 09 17 dido angel cum desires Big: NubileFilms - Dido Angel Get...
  21. gsoler

    Have you voted for the biggest dick already?

    Not talking about the incoming midterm elections, but the guy sporting the biggest, juicy dick. Check out the contest for yourself. Its the Monstercockland/Hustlaball contest. Some LPSG large members are competing.... MonsterCockLand & Hustlaball Berlin – New Big Dick Superstar Contest
  22. salopesud

    Tributes and fun

    Sometimes in these games sometimes not These days yes... welcome for video tributes if you like me and/or hubby cock comparisons (pics) pm me or use my pics
  23. M

    Avenger actor's penis size

    Out of all the avenger actors who do you think has the biggest dick? Personally I think its a tie between Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans.
  24. R

    Gayporn with two or more different sized dicks

    Hi guys, they already have a thread like this in the Straight section. Can we have the same here? Please post videos where there's a clear difference between small and a monster dick. Threesome, orgy, comparing, jack-off, etc. Big Matt fucks Anthony & Justin Antonin Devos shower threesome...
  25. P

    Beer bottle

    Hi everyone, I wonder whose dick is longer than a glass beer bottle? I would love to see some pictures
  26. J

    New kik group - biggerthantherest

    Hi everyone, Me and another woman have created a KIK group called BiggerThanTheRest - a group for women who have boobs bigger than Ds and men who are longer than 9 inches. Before you rush to KIK to try and get added, there are some rules. To be able to stay in the group, you have to submit a...