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  1. Petnax

    Who's On Twitter?

    Hey, I'm embarrassed to say I never really got into Twitter but I am now. Just set up a new account but I don't know anyone. I have a soft spot for LPSG and it's users, so I'd like to follow you all :p What's your handle? Mine's: @Petnaxxx (a dormant bastard already has "Petnax" lol FML)
  2. R

    Hi Long Island Ny Here

    Hoping to make some new local connections
  3. Snozzle

    Still Unable To Open Video Chat

    I'm still unable to open the webcam room. I enable Flash, it says "connecting" and then it says "connection error #0" This has been going on for a couple of weeks at least. It doesn't happen with other webcam sites I use. Is there something I need to upgrade?