1. thebussyinvader

    Good ways to bond with my boyfriends? We just started dating.

    I need to give some context. I have 2 partners, and we date long distance. That may change next week, because I'm moving to Nebraska (which is closer to their locations). So it might be easier to meet them in person. They're also both wealthy, and they don't judge my financial situation (I get...
  2. Petnax

    Who's On Twitter?

    Hey, I'm embarrassed to say I never really got into Twitter but I am now. Just set up a new account but I don't know anyone. I have a soft spot for LPSG and it's users, so I'd like to follow you all :p What's your handle? Mine's: @Petnaxxx (a dormant bastard already has "Petnax" lol FML)
  3. R

    Hi Long Island Ny Here

    Hoping to make some new local connections
  4. Snozzle

    Still Unable To Open Video Chat

    I'm still unable to open the webcam room. I enable Flash, it says "connecting" and then it says "connection error #0" This has been going on for a couple of weeks at least. It doesn't happen with other webcam sites I use. Is there something I need to upgrade?