corbin fisher

  1. D

    Guys cumming in condoms

    There are several scenes on Corbin Fisher where actors can´t hold it any longer and cum inside the condom; whilst inside the bottoms ass, or while trying to remove the condom. I´ll try to post some of those scenes later, but feel free to post if you have some.
  2. C

    Corbin fisher drake

    Any info on Drake from corbin fisher? He only had a few scenes
  3. P

    Corbin Fisher vs Sean Cody

    I used to like both sites equally but I now prefer Corbin Fisher. Admittedly, its been a while since I've been a member of either sites so this might be based on older videos but the reasons I prefer Corbin Fishers are: - The kissing. I only noticed this recently but the CF boys use a lot of...
  4. A

    Help finding a compilation of Aiden (CF) orgasms?

    Hi everyone, Title basically, I’ve seen mentions of two compilations “Multiorgasmic god Aiden” And one that I think was just “Aiden bottoming” with a duration of 4:48 I would love any help! ❤️
  5. D

    Help me find Dawson (corbin fisher) cum dump video

    Hi I'm looking for a video of dawson (Andrew rasmus) from corbin fisher, taking a dozen or so loads. I seen a post about it, but I can't view the video I had found.
  6. C

    Gay or bisexual actors in gayporn

    Does anyone know or have a list of actors from sean cody/ who are actually attracted to guys in real life? It seems like everytime i find someone that i find hot. They turned out to be straight! Idk why it just turns me off
  7. C

    Corbin fisher holden

    Anything on holden from corbin fisher?
  8. 1

    Looking for a randy blue/seancody video

    Hello! I'm looking for one of the first porn videos I've ever seen but unfortunately I can't remember much about it apart from the fact that it should be either a sean cody or a randy blue production,the year was around 2007 I guess. There was a pretty hairy, probably latino bottom and a taller...
  9. Rei Hino

    Corbin Fisher's Marco a.k.a. Kain Rage

    What happened to him?
  10. Crazyfictiony

    Teasing Daniel - Corbin Fisher

    "Teasing Daniel" - One of the hottest Corbin Fisher vids ever: Anyone have it? So I'm on a major Andrew Stark binge lately, thanks in no small part to some great vids featuring, uhh, firefighter roleplay and some baseball locker room shit on He got his start, though, in Corbin Fisher...
  11. DracoBean

    Photos & Videos Cf Beckham/???

    Only known as Beckham from Corbin Fisher. I'm sure someone might like this :relieved:
  12. M

    Best Gay Porn Scenes To Watch

    Hi People can anyone recommend any hot gay porn scenes to watch for...recently got back into watch porn with my guy and tbh 90% of scenes are boring and generic as fuck. I found the scene between Sawyer and Vander & Colt and Harper. Scenes where the chemistry is really high and the guys really...
  13. elusivehoney06

    Corbin Fisher: William

    Hi guys, I'm currently obsessed with William from Corbin Fisher. His cock is so sexy especially when it's inside a man's ass (love it when he's fucking someone from behind and his cock looks muscular) Is there anyone here able to share his compilation? Here's a link but only available to...
  14. D

    Kellan Corbinfisher

    I just miss gorgeous Kellan and his slutty ways!! He's the hot, All-American boy next door who grew up and became a cockhungry cumdumpster whore. A fantasy come true. He's always seemed super nice and upbeat too. I wonder why he deleted his twitter. I'd marry that hot cumslut in an instant and...
  15. M

    Tj (cf Model) Fans

    Who likes TJ? Let's have a thread to discuss what do you like about TJ. Let me start with some solo pics
  16. E

    Caleb Morgan - Trey Corbinfisher

    Has anyone subbed to his onlyfans?
  17. bzja2pcpt

    Vids Where Guy Spits Into Another Guy's Mouth

    Anyone have any mainstream videos where this happens? Example:
  18. JayceeReid

    Cf Travis Is Back!!!

    Guys!!! This is not a drill!!! I repeat this is not a drill!!! Travis aka "The Best CF performer of all time" is back!!! My prayers were answered.
  19. 1

    Corbin Fisher

    not sure if this is already a thread, but who is your favorite Corbin Fisher model(s)? Mine are Aiden and Chandler
  20. F

    Help find this vid? (cf aiden)

    Been trying to find the vid ever since tumblr went down. I’m pretty sure it’s Aiden from Corbin fisher but I’ve only seen a couple gifs - not full vids