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  1. S

    Who is this cosplayer?

  2. A

    Sheriff Slesh (popular cosplayer and Tom Hiddleston look-alike)

    That guy regullary posts hot boner videos on his TikTok, Insta and Twitter. Yesterday he started his Fansly. Anyone already subscribed? https://www.tiktok.com/@hometiddleston Login • Instagram https://twitter.com/sheriffslesh
  3. Q

    Anyone know who this is?

    I remember seeing the first picture somewhere before from a video and it was pretty hot, I’ve been searching for him for a while Photos are from these links Scorpion Mortal Kombat Webcam 2 - ThisVid.com Scorpion Mortal Kombat Webcam 1 - ThisVid.com (Videos are private sadly) thanks in advance
  4. W

    Hot Cosplayer - william_as91

    This guy is so hot...and his cosplay is awesome Login • Instagram
  5. S

    Louis Beltran @latinoloui cosplayer

    Login • Instagram Does anyone have anything on this guy? He cosplays as Bane and the Punisher.
  6. L


    this guy is so hot. I fancy him since 2020 if someone has more hot photos of him like this please share
  7. M

    Cosplay crush/Justjaredcos

    Would anyone care to share what’s behind the paywall? Free stuff but yk its still locked behind credit information
  8. A

    Photo Help me identify this dude?

    This is the only pic I have sadly, I tried to reverse Google image it but no luck:(
  9. danjackks.on

    Can Can anyone ID this TikTok/Reels guy?

    He appears in one of those "How much do you pay for rent" tiktoks. Some people say in the comments he's a cosplayer @tiktok but I'm not able to find him.
  10. L

    Theman_not_lorian ?

    This man has me down so damn bad, and if anyone has anything from his Patreon y'all gotta help a guy out He does cosplay and used to do very light bdsm stuff.
  11. B


    anything on him? https://twitter.com/heyveneno TikTok https://www.patreon.com/heyveneno
  12. B


    does anyone know if he does nudes now? wondering if he does nudes in his spicy tier Fansly - Start Interacting With Your Fans TikTok
  13. S

    Dead.spider_guy TikTok

    I found this guy on my tiktok fyp and jeez is he hot!! He does these deadpool and spiderman cosplay!! His Twitter is @spiderman_omg. Anyone jave any of his content???
  14. N

    Gabriel Chung

    A very hot tiktok cosplayer who's now 19yo
  15. T

    Classicalgreeklaserguns (Zac)?

    Anything from this cosplayer/tiktoker? he’s so hot I’d love to see more of him
  16. E

    Lorentz Iwood / Iwood Cosplay

    does anyone know anything about him? I'm interested if he does hottest content or just lewd photos, he's fucking as hot
  17. Y

    Oliver Drennan

    Anyone got anything on this cute cosplayer? He posts some nice pics on his ig, I wonder if he's got anything more... interesting. @Olliedreamer and @Olliecosplays on Instagram.
  18. starforce.rockman

    Cosplay Hot

  19. S


    Hi, anything from this cosplayer? Wish he could create an OF.
  20. A


    Kai is a cosplayer and tiktoker and used to have a premium Twitter @ kohlisbaby if anyone has any pics from that please share. Or if they have any onlyfans or anything share the link I’ll pay lol
  21. M

    Tiktok: Justjaredcos

    This dude is kinda cute especially when he grows his hair out
  22. hombre1

    Alter Ego Cosplayer

    Price is a bit much but I like him. OnlyFans OnlyFans
  23. D

    Tangtangmonster Cosplayer On Twitter

    Anyone got anything on him ?
  24. D

    Thames Malerose Cosplayer ?

    Does anyone have anything on him ? He was on Skiinmode
  25. A

    Yungseoul / Kylosgotcake

    Tall and has a cute butt
  26. H

    Ori Cosplay Nudes

    He goes by the name of Ori Cosplay (or @BNaumovski on Ig). He’s a Serbian cosplayer who’s well known for his Erwin Smith cosplays and ass shots (like these). He recently opened an OF for more explicit nudes of him and I wonder if anyone could that’s them.
  27. J


    Anyone have anything from this guy? I haven't seen much of his. He has an onlyfans.
  28. A

    Anything On This Beefy Dude?

    His name on Twitter is @clarkkentboy1 he’s muscular and has a nice face and was wondering if anyone is subbed to him?
  29. X


    He’s an incredibly sexy man and finally signed up for Onlyfans, thoughts?
  30. Shofixti

    Photo Superheroes, Comics And Erotic Cosplay

    LPSG has a few text related threads on this topic, and also some threads on specific cosplayers - but I don't see one that caters to a more general collection of images around superheroes, cosplay, movies, comics, and Marvel/DC erotica etc. I can't say how busy this will ever get. But deserves...