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  1. F

    Dan + Shay

    In honor of their new album coming out this weekend (and a lack of a thread of these two beautiful men) I thought I'd start one. Dan Smyers + Shay Mooney. Personally, I am obsessed with Shay. That little cub with an incredible voice and beautiful beard. Mmmmf.
  2. D

    Kidd G (country Singer)

    He 18, hot af and gonna be country next big star
  3. Outpersonals

    Bro, Bounding, Straight But Curious.

    Hey bros. I'm in La Jolla, USA, I’m 27, slim/fit, good looking . Straight but curious. Missing some bro time. Looking for a Bro to connect with, mess around, chat, have fun, about manly life. Looking for someone around 20s ideally real straight but curious, first timers, you know someone to...
  4. S

    Anyone Know Who This Is/have More Of Him?

    Hello, does anyone know who this is and if there is more of him? I found this vid on twitter: https://twitter.com/eugenio_joker/status/1241258023991066626 And a bunch of videos of him were uploaded on PornHub under DrakeBland524: my-private-stash.com/index.php/2019/11/24/pornhub-drakebland524/...
  5. bater_dude

    Southern, Country, Masculine Bros

    Looking for other bros similar to me. Where’s all the other country boys at? Married to a woman if that matters. Drop your KIK or Snapchat. KIK: bater_dude Snapchat: Lcsnap27
  6. 5

    Pick A City.

    So the game is to pick a city with the next letter in the alphabet. Once you have picked a city you most post the city and country along with a picture of the city. Example: Antananarivo, Madagascar. *please make sure the photo you post is of the city*
  7. 1

    Kris Zizzo

    Why hasn't anyone made a thread. He's so fucking beefy i bet he has an amazing ass. Reminds me of Trace Trainer
  8. A

    Help Iding Hung Military Guy

    I’m obsessed with is guys nudes! Found them on tumblr years ago...I’m hoping someone has more nudes or has this guy’s profile
  9. happymess

    Photos & Videos Tate Sweatt

    Thread for rising TikTok star, Tate Sweatt. Instagram: Tate Sweatt️️️️️ (@tate_sweatt1) • Instagram photos and videos TikTok: Tate Sweatt (@tatesweatt1) TikTok | Watch Tate Sweatt's Newest TikTok Videos Twitter: Tate Sweatt (@tsweatt22) | Twitter
  10. 1

    Only Fans Twitter Guy

    Does anyone have anything or know what this guy is all about?
  11. L

    Micah Plath From Welcome To Plathville

    Anyone got his nudes?
  12. 1

    Being Naked In Law

    As I know being naked even in nonsexual situations is not legal in some countries. Could you write about legal regulations in countries that you know?
  13. N

    Taylor ray holbrook

    Anybody got anything on this cutie
  14. J

    Letterkenny tv show

    Canadian Sitcom on Crave TV