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  1. G

    Nico & Leo - Two sexy Italian gay stallions

    Hi everyone! After years of lurking and enjoying all the content I finally have a reason to create a thread. These two hotties are Nico and Leo, two hot Italian guys that I just discovered on X (ex Twitter). We briefely texted and they just are the sweetest boys ever!! So I took it upon myself...
  2. P

    Photo Karl Bowe karlbowe_ IG

    Karl Bowe. This guy is so sexy and handsome. Furry, muscles, dancer, HOT!!!! karlbowe_ IG
  3. N

    Aussie mates?

    Calling all aussies, Sydney based guy here. Any single blokes or couples around Sydney keen to organise some social outings? Drinking, dancing, partying, gyming etc? Have bit of fun, let loose, and see where the day takes us. Shoot through a message or try me on kik (ausbiboy) and maybe we...
  4. Y

    Snapchat Mindless Drones - Roleplay (details below) snap : ayeshamalik9020

    Hey! I am 21 years old guy and I have a mind control fetish. My requirements are to show face and eventually cooperate and be involved in the roleplay. You can choose the beginning, depending also on your job, costumes or preferences: personal trainer, military, cop, the dad or just the str8...
  5. D


    anyone keeping up with Karl McKenzie/KodyTwink? him and his boyfriend are so hot. Solo Onlyfans Couples Onlyfans
  6. N

    Cute twink boys. Harry12k | Help me find the source

    I came across 2 videos with two guys, signed Harry12k. Maybe someone knows how to find them by name/resource?
  7. M

    can anyone help identify this hot couple

    i’ve seen a couple vids of them and it’s driving me crazy. super hot beefy guy tops a well built jock. super rough at times and just insanely sexy
  8. S

    Hung Guys who Snapchat with Married couples?

    We have seen the large Snapchat lists here, but it's hard to find people that are actually legit. Is there a thread for couples that want to show off to hung guys? We are both straight. We take a ton of Snaps and we would like to mess around to Snaps people send us. We love the compliments...
  9. H

    Video Can anyone id this couple?

    Can anyone id this couple I found on xhamster? Any extra content from them works aswell:
  10. E

    Can anyone ID this couple?

    Can anyone ID this couple?
  11. E

    Video Can anyone ID this couple?

    Can anyone ID this couple. Think they are from chaturbate?
  12. mamphry

    Video Coconanacam

    Coconanacam is just super hot!! He has been doing lately chaturbate with other female and male models!!
  13. SashaF

    Who is this hot straight guy

    Apparently he was getting coffee from the kitchen - on a good morning day. Who is this hot guy? Husband material
  14. G

    Hi People! New Cpl here

    Hey, We are a couple from the UK, We have a private gloryhole which we love to play with and sometimes invite big cocks to join us! Looking to talk to people that enjoy the gloryhole scene and that might want to visit :)
  15. J

    Hot couple alert!! Please help identify them.

    Please help identify this hot couple
  16. J

    Anyone can identify this hot couple please???

    Anyone here know who this hot couple are? And where ti find them? Please
  17. L

    Please help identify!!!

    Could someone help identify this couple please?
  18. R

    alex499990 chaturbate

    They have done a few couple ticket shows on chaturbate, does anyone have seen this posted online? Thanks Pretty hot couple
  19. B

    Video Does someone have this full video?

    Hello guys, can someone send me the full video of this one? Or at least help me to id them? Thanks
  20. 2facedtwinks

    check out our twitter!

  21. G

    How to break with your NOT couple??

    (First of all my apologies if I misspell anything, English is not my first language) Have you ever been so attached to someone but you never passed the “friends” stage?? I met him a couple of years ago, we were studying abroad, at first I didn’t like him physically (even when he’s hot AF) or...
  22. D

    Rob_and_ethan on chaturbate

    Anyone got anything on these cuties? https://nl.xhamsterlive.com/Rob_and_Ethan
  23. VavassoriMarco3

    Anyone knows that this is a couple ?

  24. ikwooninfriesland

    best webcam couples on the internet

    Who do you think are the hottest webcam couples
  25. A

    ID these guys, please !

    Do you know who are these guys?
  26. H

    Hung4Hung Toronto

    Hey studs, hubby and I (both 32) are headed to Toronto in September. Hoping to make some connections here and hopefully line up some deep fucking. DM me if you’re interested.
  27. 9

    Couples that like to show off on Skype?

    Hi there! 30 male. I am a bit of a voyeur myself so I was just wondering if there are any couples that like to show off on cam/skype? If so, add me: 9ariari0
  28. B

    id help on this couple

    does anyone know who these guys are? they talk about OF it some other paid porn site so th et are performers
  29. Maruspero

    Video [HUNT] Who are these two?

    I'm sorry for the spam but I'm curious if these two have been named on this site before?
  30. R

    Couplegains (OF) / John_Brav0 (Reddit)

    Just found this massive muscled stud and his gf online. The onlyfans is free but they’re charging pretty high prices for like 30 second videos. Hoping to see more soon