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  1. Astx222

    Help me id these cammers

    Grabbed a couple of vids online but none were able to mention their cam handle/account
  2. jglt

    Young guy looking for a mmf threesome in London

    Hey there! I’m a 26 y/o guy from Spain and I’ve just moved to London. Recently I’ve become interested in threesomes / swinging— I’ve signed up on 3FUN and Feeld as I’ve heard these are good apps for people who are interested in exploring the liberal world. So essentially I would like to meet...
  3. jglt

    26 yo straight guy new to London. Looking for friends and buddies.

    Hey! I’m a 26 yo guy who’s just recently moved to London (raised in Spain). A friend of mine recently mentioned LPSG to me (he and his girlfriend are both on here). I thought it was a funny concept, I looked it up and decided to check it out. It’s a cool website and I’m eager to see what’s...
  4. papilon

    Video Chaturbate Couples

    andrewxtyler more 1 2 3 4
  5. Marco Tony

    Hot Gay Couples

    Lets share hot gay couples. millergregs and fitness_lleo1 ethanjames.ldn and jamest.uk brunobelowdeck2.0 and itsinkedalex
  6. jgjr2020

    You're New Here And Have Some Questions.

    Hey welcome to lpsg! We have been here almost a year and would love to answer any questions you may have if you're new. My husband and I are happy to help!
  7. John812

    Looking For Fwb

    Married man looking for discreet FWB in the fort worth area. Let me know if your interested!
  8. B

    Casual Nudity, Bate Buddies, Nipple Play

    Looking for buds who like to chill around and don't mind nudity. I like casual nudity, where one can jerk off or just be soft and naked while we chat together, basically being nudists like we're in a locker room or very close roommates. Also looking for bate buds to share and watch porn...
  9. 8inches4couple

    Nebraska Anyone?

    This site is confusing af to navigate, so I’m just sending up a beacon for anyone that’s near me and still active and in the mood for real work fun and interaction. I’m in south central nebraska, can sometimes travel and sometimes host, hmu and let’s get sexy
  10. D

    Ideas For New Photos And Videos

    I want to post new photos and videos. What type of photos or video would you like to see? Some content can be solo like the photos & videos I have up now. Other content will include Pet (a woman). She will not show her face so no suggestions that include that. Similarly we are both private...
  11. svendiff44

    Looking For Couples Uk

    Hi all. It's always been a fantasy of mine to get involed with a couple whether in a cuckolding situation or threesome type set up. Im bisexual so mf or mm couples are both good for me! If there are any interested couples from the UK who'd like to chat and possibly more let me know
  12. svendiff44

    Finding Couples Uk

    Hi all. Sorry if this is in the wrong place or if there is already a good thread for this. Im fairly newly single and with lockdown hopefully easing in the UK I'm looking to explore a few of my fantasies. One of these is to get involved with a couple whether mf or mm. I've seen a few couples...
  13. M

    Help Id This Muscle Couple?

    Anyone know their names? Their sex is so passionate and beautiful! after workout fuck
  14. M

    Help Id This Hot Muscle Couple!

    Anyone know their names? They're SO hot. after workout fuck
  15. pereda

    Straight Guys & Straight Couples - Onlyfans

    So I’ve recently gotten into onlyfans accounts because the people that I’ve followed on IG for years (non celebs) that I did not expect would ever start an OF, ended up creating ones. Specifically, I’m only interested in non-celeb straight males and straight couples that post great content on...
  16. B

    South Yorkshire Uk Submissive Female Slut

    hey I’ve a got a submissive slut that worships me and she’s asked me to go find some men or even women to help me use her.. she wants to fulfil her fantasy of getting dominated by 2 or 3 guys she likes it rough and hard.. u must be clean, disease free and straight and be in or able to visit...
  17. 1

    Chicago Looking For A Couple

    20 year old here looking to play with a couple in the Chicago area. 5'10" 170. 7 inches. Shoot me a message and maybe we can make something happen!
  18. Coastwatch1993

    26 M Looking For Matures To Kik With

    I'm 26, slim, and have a preference for men (and even some women!) Of a certain age, 50+. I'm looking for a few people to regularly kik with (at least every couple of days) and share, swap pics, stories, and even videos on .ore adventurous days. We can share and chat one on one or even as a...
  19. J

    Visiting New Jersey & Philadelphia

    Who is in NJ / Philadelphia area : looking for Dudes Milf Dilf Couples Chicks & Dudes . are there more active NJ Philly Groups on LPSG ?
  20. 9

    Help Us Make Better Homemade Videos

    Last night we recorded 7 videos while having sex and none of them are good. It’s hard to hold a phone in one hand while fucking and getting a good angle + not getting her face in the shot. We would love any suggestions or helpful tips.
  21. 9

    Looking A Remote Playmate To Make Her Cum

    We use the Lovense vibrator during play time. It can be controlled by others with an account. We are looking for someone to play with remotely. If you have experience with this let us know. 194281
  22. M

    Jacksonville-nc: Facesitting

    Clean guy looking to have a bushy or not bushy pussy sit on my face. Let me help you have multiple orgasms :) I'm ok getting together with a couple too. You can watch me have a cockfight with your man. so many possibilities. I just dont do anal.
  23. D

    New Pics And Vids

    Any recommendations on what sort of pics or vids i avid do next with me solo or with my gf
  24. 1

    Videos With Average Size Cocks?

    I know this seems silly on a site about big dicks. Does anyone know where some newer modern videos are with guys with average cocks? Examples like Jay Smooth... Now looking for shaming small cocks just real life average size dicks fucking women. Ernie
  25. C

    Photo Cut and uncut guys together

    Whether mates, lovers or porn actors, this thread is dedicated to photos showing both circumcised and intact guys in the same photo
  26. 1

    Would u have a 3way with ur gf & a male bi friend?

    My best friend is pretty hot and he has a beautiful girlfriend for 8 months now. We're late teens/early 20s. He knows I'm bi and doesn't care. I don't think he'd be opposed to a 3 way in theory. But he's always been with girls and presents as totally straight and I respect and have no reason to...
  27. G

    Hung fit for seattle couples

    Hung fit clean white jock here in Seattle area looking for couples in the area. Send me a message or respond in the thread. Please have Snapchat or kik.
  28. G

    Sexy lady or hot cuck couple in nj?

    Hung fit white jock here in NJ visiting for a few days. Would love to meet up with a lady or cuck couple and please with my thick cock. I’m 5’9 175 7.5x7 fit white clean jock. Hit me up and I can verify on kik
  29. Icarrus

    Looking for gay/bi couples to skype with

    30 gay uk here. Looking to skype with some sexy couples add me : wlondon14
  30. B

    Watford, nw london hung 4 ladies and couples

    I'll be back to Watford for a few months ready to play. Hit me up.