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  1. G

    Getting A Boner During A Wax

    I’m interested in getting a boyzilian wax - a male intimate wax that will remove all the hair from my cheeks, crack and sack. I would like to keep some around the base of my penis. I have found a good local male grooming salon. However, I’m worried about getting an erection. I know that if I’m...
  2. E

    Hairless Butt But Hairy Crack?

    I haven’t seen any posts about this. Nor can I find any Twitter page nor porn that shows more of this. I’m so into a pale hairless ass with a hairy crack when spread open! Anyone got any pics they can share thank you in advance!
  3. 1

    Show Arse In Underwear

    I love to show my arse in underwear.. Show us yours.. Let's see arse, cheeks, crack.. Fuck I am turned on by this..
  4. 1

    Do These Shorts Look Suitable?

    Bought these for holiday.. Are they OK?
  5. NautiRogue

    Minimal swimwear at the beach

    I like to push my limits at the beach. What sexy swimwear have you worn in public?